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#638305713542812455 - Air 2 (SMB1 Hack)

In 06:11.41 (22321 frames), 4863 rerecords
Game: Super Mario Bros. (NES)
Uploaded 5 days ago by Αsumeh (34 files)
Air 2 is a Super Mario Bros. ROM hack created by U1 in 2003, and is the second of the Air series. In the series, Mario must save the angelic damsel who went to "-Air-".
Besides all hidden blocks being marked, Air 2 is much harder than the first Air because it removes the infinite jump cheat from the prequel, with the level design being changed in a few places to account for the former. Emulator tools and glitches are required to complete the trial-and-error platform puzzle hack.
While no longer publication-worthy because the original Air 2 publication was intended to be a showcase, my TAS beats periwinkle's "rough draft" by 50 frames.
Take your swing, the IPS patch to download awaits you.

I overlooked an improvement in Air 4-2, sorry!