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dea that TASing is [2380M|programming input] rather than playing
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e why I prefer the [2380M|previous movie] over this one. But
n] builds upon his [2380M|previous work at destroying Super Mario World] by programming some
game, featuring a [2380M|faster than fastest route]. This makes naming
same branch as the [2380M|fastest run]. !!Obsolete a di
ean obsoleting the [2380M|fastest run], which this is slow
SNES and verifies [2380M|Masterjun's SMW game end glitch]. ** 08-22: [user:dw
M] %%% [2379M] %%% [2380M] %%% [2381M] %%% [23
49M] **[1865M] **[2380M] **[1860M] **[2235
[user:Masterjun]'s [2380M|previous movie]. For more informati