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!!! RAM Addresses

|0xCA61|Y sector|
|0xCA62|Y position within sector|
|0xCA63|X sector|
|0xCA64|X position within sector|
|0xCA87|Y relative to screen edge|
|0xCA88|X relative to screen edge|
|0xCD00-0xCDFF|Storage of tile property table. Each tile property is 2 bytes. Tile ID of 0x00 is at 0xCD00, ID of 0x01 is at 0xCD02, etc. After IDs of 0x7F it just starts wrapping around.|

!!! Tile Properties

A list of tile properties courtesy of [|Drenn's WL3 editor]. The list is fairly complete but there may be some missing. Anything far outside of this range is probably glitched.

|0x4032|Solid block|
|0x41C8-0x41F8|Water currents|
|0x423F|Underwater platform|
|0x4262|Enemy-only platform|
|0x42C3|Ladder body|
|0x42E5|Ladder top (can stand on)|
|0x42FE|Ladder warp|
|0x442A-0x4461|Up-facing pipe|
|0x44FC-0x4533|Down-facing pipe|
|0x45CB|Regular door|
|0x45FA|Golf door|
|0x46F9|Underwater door|
|0x477E|Level exit door|
|0x47DE|Underwater warp|
|0x48BA|Impassable by enemies|
|0x4997|Slippery block|
|0x49AE|Slippery platform|
|0x49FB-0x4A17|Breakable (coin appears)|
|0x4AA6-0x4C7C|Breakable by snowball|
|0x4D60-0x4D7C|Hard breakable|
|0x4E2A-0x500F|2x2 breakable|
|0x50E8-0x5330|2x2 hard breakable|
|0x53FB-0x5417|Breakable by throwing|
|0x544B-0x5467|Breakable by fire|
|0x5497-0x54B3|Breakable by fat|
|0x5520-0x55D7|Breakable by string|

More stuff coming soon™