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These are various stategies discovered for the opponent Don Flamenco 1.  While some of these strats maybe doable in real time, these demo movies are Tool-assisted and demonstrate the strat in a frame perfect manner.  These times present the fastest possible time that can be obtained with these particular strats.

! TAS Strat No CS


This is an extremely random strat that achieves a 58.00 without using the clock stopping glitch.  It involves numerous random (1/16) stars, 2 rare energy refills, random early counters against his punches, and the fastest timing variations of his punches.

! TAS Strat CS

! Console Strat - No Random Stars or Refills


! Console Strat - One Random Refill


! Console Strat - One Random Star + Random Refill


! Theoretical Console Strat - Two Random Stars + Random Refill

! Randomness

Don 2 is notoriously the most random opponent in the game.  He has random timing between his patterns, random chance of countering his punches faster, and of course, really random stars.  

*Countering his hooks & jabs always has a random chance of success except on every 5th punch where it is 100%.  On the random ones, success happens when the RNG (0x0018) ends in a 0 but is not 0 (10, 20, 30, 40, etc).  Thus the odds of getting a random star is 1/16 (assuming an equally likely outcome of all 256 possible RNG values)

Energy Refills%%%
Don gets back up with any of 3 possible energy refills for any phase except phase 3 of round 1 if Mac has not been damaged.  In a speedrun strat, Don can get back up with 80, 72, or 64 health for phase 2, and 80, 72, or 40 in phase 3 if he's been damaged.  This is why the select trick is used in TAS strategies.

The odds of getting the 80 refill are 1/2 on each phase, and happen when the RNG ends in a 0, 3, 5, 6, 8, B, D, or E.

The odds of getting a 72 refill are 3/8 on each phase, and happen when the RNG ends in a 1, 4, 7, 9, C, or F.

The odds of getting the lowest refill (64 or 40) are 1/8 and happen when the RNG ends on a 2 or A.

Delay between Jab+Hook Patterns%%%
*After a hook, the opponent timer (0x0039) will restart on a certain frame.  It seems, that if on that frame the RNG (0x0018) is less than 8 or ends in a 0, the timer will stay frozen.  So there is a 24/256 chance on that frame and any subsequent frame that the timer will not restart.  While impossible remote, there is a chance that Don 1 could just stand there after his first hook all the way until the 1:30 mark of round 1!