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This page is a compilation of various times and scores that I've achieved in various games.  All the times and scores on this page were achieved without save states and at normal speed, and all games except for Diddy Kong Racing were played without autofire unless specified otherwise.  Games that I don't mention an emulator and rom for were played on the original console.  I live in the United States, so my games are NTSC.  Feel free to contact me through AIM (mjf345) if you want to talk with me about any of these games.


!!! Console Games

!! Mario Kart 64 (N64)

This is the game I've spent by far the most time competing in.

Time trials competition site: http://mariokart64.com/

World records are indicated by *.

! Non-shortcut

World: 6th%%%
NTSC: 4th

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Luigi Raceway|1:38.74|31.41
|Moo Moo Farm|1:13.11|23.54
|Koopa Troopa Beach|1:20.20|25.89
|Kalamari Desert|1:45.18|32.70
|Toad's Turnpike|2:29.76|49.27
|Frappe Snowland|1:41.31|32.43
|Choco Mountain|1:37.50|31.99
|Mario Raceway|1:13.75|23.18
|Wario Stadium|3:40.80|1:12.66
|Sherbet Land|1:37.47|31.86
|Royal Raceway|2:24.11|46.65
|Bowser's Castle|1:51.30|36.26
|D.K.'s Jungle Parkway|1:52.14|35.65
|Yoshi Valley|1:26.05|26.18*
|Banshee Boardwalk|1:44.90|34.27
|Rainbow Road|4:57.33|1:38.13

! Shortcut

World: 9th%%%
NTSC: 6th

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Luigi Raceway|1:22.61|23.14
|Kalamari Desert|no time|32.03
|Toad's Turnpike|1:31.83|29.06
|Frappe Snowland|22.11|5.10
|Choco Mountain|1:10.66|21.99
|Mario Raceway|52.92|15.64
|Wario Stadium|15.03|2.74
|Royal Raceway|1:43.41|31.93
|D.K.'s Jungle Parkway|23.06|3.90
|Yoshi Valley|28.97|5.84
|Rainbow Road|3:19.65*|1:05.37

! Universal

This ranking is based on both non-shortcut and shortcut times into account, so you have to be good at both to have a good rank.

World: 3rd%%%
NTSC: 3rd

!! Mario Kart Double Dash (GCN)

Time trials competition site: http://www.mariokart64.com/mkdd/

! Non-shortcut

World: 76th%%%
60 hz: 37th

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Luigi Circuit|1:17.475|25.221
|Peach Beach|1:10.919|22.787
|Baby Park|1:06.596|8.854
|Dry Dry Desert|1:33.573|28.098
|Mushroom Bridge|1:21.585|26.667
|Mario Circuit|1:31.222|29.146
|Daisy Cruiser|1:40.786|32.753
|Waluigi Stadium|1:43.631|32.835
|Sherbet Land|1:17.088|24.838
|Mushroom City|1:38.755|32.413
|Yoshi Circuit|1:45.397|33.832
|DK Mountain|1:51.542|36.205
|Wario Colosseum|2:04.040|1:01.618
|Dino Dino Jungle|1:47.850|34.583
|Bowser's Castle|2:23.241|46.794
|Rainbow Road|3:03.443|1:00.456

! Shortcut

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Waluigi Stadium|1:38.183|30.666

!! Super Mario Kart (SNES)

Time trials competition site: http://www.geocities.com/smkplayerssite/

There's no combined NTSC/PAL ranking in this game due to minor differences between versions.

World records are indicated by *.

! Non-shortcut

This includes both NBT and non-NBT times.

NTSC: 26th

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Mario Circuit 1|59.24|11.59
|Donut Plains 1|1:14.98|14.72
|Ghost Valley 1|1:01.55|12.14
|Bowser's Castle 1|1:28.62|17.54
|Mario Circuit 2|1:13.55|13.86
|Choco Island 1|1:00.15|11.87
|Ghost Valley 2|1:02.25|12.05
|Donut Plains 2|1:27.44|17.25
|Bowser's Castle 2|1:43.26|20.20
|Mario Circuit 3|1:30.37|17.69
|Koopa Beach 1|53.21|10.21
|Choco Island 2|1:10.31|13.58
|Vanilla Lake 1|56.95|10.53
|Bowser's Castle 3|1:34.47|18.26
|Mario Circuit 4|1:36.31|19.05
|Donut Plains 3|1:21.17|15.82
|Koopa Beach 2|1:01.28|11.78
|Ghost Valley 3|1:15.29|14.79
|Vanilla Lake 2|55.65|10.47
|Rainbow Road|1:27.91|17.27

! Trick/Glitch

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Koopa Beach 1|no time|3.33*
|Vanilla Lake 2|no time|3.55

!! Ocarina of Time (N64)

|Obstacle Course|46
|Marathon Race|1:00

!! Diddy Kong Racing (N64)

Played on PJ64 or Mupen64 using autofire with the rom Diddy Kong Racing (U) (M2) (V1.0) [[!]].

The splits in this game often don't add up correctly, so if it's off by a few hundredths, it's the game's fault, not mine.

! Car

||Track||Course Time||Fastlap
|Ancient Lake|41.46 (14.76, 13.40, 13.30)|13.30
|Fossil Canyon|1:04.58 (22.51, 21.15, 20.91)|20.31
|Jungle Falls|38.46 (13.66, 12.35, 12.45)|11.90
|Crescent Island|1:06.43 (23.16, 21.98, 21.28)|20.68
|Treasure Caves|40.63 (14.26, 13.21, 13.15)|12.78
|Everfrost Peak|no time|21.53
|Walrus Cove|1:26.96 (30.66, 28.15, 28.15)|27.81
|Snowball Valley|45.43 (15.96, 14.80, 14.66)|14.40
|Frosty Village|1:05.60 (23.03, 21.23, 21.33)|20.66
|Greenwood Village|1:07.70 (23.76, 21.98, 21.95)|20.71
|Windmill Plains|no time|29.91
|Haunted Woods|no time|13.93
|Spacedust Alley|no time|28.85
|Star City|1:15.85 (25.91, 24.78, 25.15)|24.78
|Spaceport Alpha|1:37.51 (33.83, 32.01, 31.66|31.60

!! Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES/SNES)

The only differences between the U and J versions are the delays when the levels start and other minor things that don't affect time units.

! Individual level times

Played on Famtasia or FCEU with the rom Super Mario Bros 3 (J) or on Snes9x with the rom Super Mario All-Stars (U) [[!]].

All levels were started with Little Mario and no star unless specified by S for Super Mario, F for Fire Mario, R for Raccoon Mario, or St for Star.  W means that the level was completed by getting the whistle.  f=fortress, d=desert, p=pyramid, t=tower, h=hand level, c=castle.  The first times column is all done on the NES version, next 2 columns are done on the SNES version with or without the left+right glitch that makes you run backwards at full speed.  Note that in the SNES version the clock doesn't slow down when running at full speed.

||Level||Time||SMAS (L+R)||SMAS (no L+R)

! Coins collected in 7-f1's brick room before the P-switch runs out

Played on FCEU with the rom Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PRG1) [[!]].


!! Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

! Animal Bonus Games

Played on Snes9x or ZSNES with the rom Donkey Kong Country (U) (V1.0) [[!]].

||Animal Buddy||Score

! Time to reach the first Candy with 14%

Played on Snes9x with the rom Donkey Kong Country (U) (V1.0) [[!]].

3 minutes

!! Donkey Kong Country Competition Cartridge (SNES)

Played on Snes9x with the rom Donkey Kong Country - Competition Cartridge (U).


!! Donkey Kong Country (GBA)

! DK Attack

Played on VBA with the rom 1055 - Donkey Kong Country (U).

|Ropey Rampage|221380
|Coral Capers|149500
|Mine Cart Carnage|173800

! Animal Bonus Games

Played on VBA with the rom 1055 - Donkey Kong Country (U).

||Animal Buddy||Score

!! Donkey Kong Country 2 (GBA)

! Diddy's Dash

Played on VBA with the rom 1776 - Donkey Kong Country 2 (U).

The freedom code was used to unlock the levels, and it has no effect on the levels themselves.  The rockard code was not used.

|Pirate Panic|7.06
|Mainbrace Mayhem|7.18
|Lockjaw's Locker|38.94
|Topsail Trouble|30.10
|Hot Head Hop|34.87
|Kannon's Klaim|42.65
|Squack's Shaft|39.50
|Rattle Battle|33.52
|Krockhead Klamber|36.78
|Target Terror|1:23.47
|Rickety Race|1:18.15
|Ghostly Grove|39.40
|Haunted Hall|1:40.68

In Mainbrace Mayhem I also got 6.63 with autofire.

!! Donkey Kong Country 3 (SNES)

! Riverside Race

Played on Snes9x with the rom Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (U) [[!]].


Played on Snes9x with the rom Donkey Kong Country 3 - Dixie Kong's Double Trouble (E) [[!]].


!! Donkey Kong Country 3 (GBA)

! Riverside Race

Played on VBA with the rom 2220 - Donkey Kong Country 3 (U).

Unlike the SNES version, the timer doesn't instantly max out when you use the warp barrel over the first body of water.


I also got 10.52 with autofire.

!! Mario Party Advance (GBA)

Played on VBA with the rom 1952 - Mario Party (U).

|Cloud Climb|19.13
|Go-go Pogo|13.91
|See Monkey|18.50

!! Mario Bros. (NES)

! Time left after collecting all the coins in "test your skill"

Played on Famtasia with the rom Mario Bros. (JU) [[!]].

Game A and Game B seem to be identical for the test your skill phases.


!!! Online Games

!! Race 3D

Link to game: http://coffeebreakarcade.com/games/race3d/instructions.htm

|Old Road|34.77
|Old Pond|41.54
|Homestead Curve|1:00.98
|Big Island|1:15.71
|Island Express|1:02.88
|Big River|1:11.53
|Snow World|2:04.97

!! Gyroball

Link to game: http://www.ebaumsworld.com/gyroball.html

399 (splits - 53, 105, 157, 211, 254, 303, 358, 399)

!! Christopher Reeve-Lander

Link to game: http://www.funnyarchive.com/2004/11/04/reevelander.swf


!! Popoint

Link to game: http://www.bleacheatingfreaks.com/flash/games/popoint.html

||Method of playing||Time

!!! Computer Games

!! The Labyrinth Plus Edition

! Arcade

|Practice Makes Perfect|5.40|992
|Easy Does It|10.36|2433

! Race the Clock

|Speed Trap|9.35|5675
|Nick Of Time|22.03|1689
|Path Of Least Resistance|25.22|1395
|Inside And Out|27.25|1504
|Grilled Cheese|29.34|1713

!! Snood

All scores are non-cheesy.