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''Note: This page is a work in progress and is still subject to change. Feel free to provide feedback [=forum/t/22710|in this forum thread.]''


[=images/moon.png] The "Moons" [class] contains community-vetted movies with goal choices that are not [standard]. It includes movies of high technical quality and entertainment value.

*[Movies-Moons|Current Moon publications]
*[Movies-Moons-Obsonly|Obsoleted Moon publications]

!! Overview
* Aims to expand the site's library of unique, entertaining TASes.
* [MovieRules#Standard|Applicable Movie Rules].

!! Entertainment requirements
* The dominant criterion here is entertainment value to the users. This will be assessed via votes, comments, and views.
* These movies must be impressive, attempt to entertain the audience even when it does not save time.

!! Goal choice requirements
* Goal choice must be one that is easily understood and clear to the audience. 
* Goal choices must not be too esoteric. It must cater to the average user rather than the TAS experts of the given game.

!! Technical requirements
* Must beat all known records, including other TASes.
* Must show a proficient understanding of TAS techniques and be perceived as well optimized: It should not have obvious pauses, mistakes, or sloppy play.