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[TODO]: Move information about users elsewhere since this is now the "Staff" page.

!!! Staff

The primary administration contacts for this site are [user:Memory] and [user:feos].  

In addition, the site is maintained by many users. This page lists the staff of TASVideos as well as other contributors.

This list represent active staff members. Users are periodically removed from the list due to inactivity.

For more detailed information about user roles, see [Roles]. For detailed information about the associated permissions, see [Permissions].

If you're interested in helping out or joining staff, see [Contributions].
%%TAB Administrators%%

__Site administrators__%%%
(the admin role)%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Site Admin]

Administrators have access to many admin-level site operations. Our current administrators also have direct access to the [SiteTechnology|server] and have admin level access to the forums.

This site was originally created by [user:Bisqwit]. He was responsible for the original site vision and source code. The site continues to operate with objectives similar to those originally in-place.

__Site owner__%%%
(the site owner role)%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Site Owner]

The site owner owns the domain and is in charge of the site code's repository. They are also responsible for ensuring that the site is running, available, and that there are staff to maintain it.

__Admin assistants__%%%
(the adminassistant role)%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Admin Assistant]

A lesser administrative role, admin assistants are responsible for site tasks that don't directly relate to the submission process. Admin assistants typically assist the administrators with site source code and some day to day procedures that arise.

Collectively, the admin assistants can do many but not all admin-level operations, deleting submissions, assigning user roles, etc. As such, they must adhere to the [Admin Guidelines].

(the senior role)%%%

__Senior judges__%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Senior Judge]

__Senior publishers__%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Senior Publisher]

__Senior ambassadors__%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=Senior Ambassador]

This is a modifier for the Judge, Publisher, and Ambassador roles, and in conjunction with those is considered to be a lesser administrative role. When assigned, it grants the user various admin level privileges related to managing the queue. Senior judges, publishers, and ambassadors have the ability to assign new judges, publishers, and ambassadors respectively, as well as exceed size ratios for torrents. 

Also, a senior level user is expected to be the "go to" person for that group. They handle disputes/conflicts and have the final say when there are disagreements amongst other judge/publishers/ambassadors. Senior publishers would also be expected to help train potential new publishers.

%%TAB Staff%%

(the [Roles/Details/Judge|judge] role)%%%

The judges decide which movies will be published and which movies are rejected. They can replace submission files and also edit the pages of this site. 

Primary site administrators also have judging powers.

Judges follow the [Judge Guidelines] but also as editors, they must follow the [Editor Guidelines]. 

Activity of judges is tracked by their [Activity].

(the publisher user role)%%%

Publishers are responsible for new movie publications. They are appointed from [Encoders|people who have submitted approved high-quality encodes]. Publishers also have the Editor permissions.

Primary site administrators also have publication powers.

Publishers are thoroughly aware of both the [Publisher Guidelines] and the [Encoder Guidelines].

Activity of publishers is tracked by their [Activity].

(the moderator user role)%%%

Moderators are responsible for keeping up moderation on the [=forum|forums] and [LiveChat|live chats] - keeping order, settling disputes between users, making sure that the [SiteRules|site rules] are upheld, and penalizing users that are disruptive or otherwise fail to adhere to the rules.

Primary site administrators also have moderator powers.


Ambassadors take the burden on themselves to arrange various site related events and also visit game conferences and advertise the site. They handle various public relations issues and can edit most pages on the site.

__Site Developer__%%%
(the site developer user role)%%%
[module:WikiUsers|role=site developer]

Site developers help with site code maintenance and development, although not at the same level as admin assistants or administrators.

%%TAB Other contributors%%

(the reviewer role)%%%

Reviewers are a trusted panel of experienced members who work together with Judges. They provide early feedback on submissions in order to help streamline the judging process.

(the encoder role)%%%

In general, [encoders] are the people who do the hard work of creating the
best-quality media files from the submissions that have been marked as "accepted" by one of the judges. The "encoder" role allows encoders to add their encodes to movie publications, and will be assigned to users demonstrably capable of producing encodes up to [EncoderGuidelines|site standards].

Publishers are, by virtue of their duties, also encoders.

Encoders are the lifeblood of publications, as every movie needs an encode to be published in the first place. Encoding is a very time-consuming job, and having more encoders will make the job easier for everyone as a whole.

You do not need to ask permission to start encoding. However, you ''should'' read the [Encoder Guidelines]. All media files encoded for publication will be reviewed by a publisher, and rejected if they don't meet the requirements.

We're also on the lookout for encoders to make new encodes for older movies. More information can be found in [Forum/Topics/9331|this topic]. Remember that ''such encodes must also follow the [Encoder Guidelines] and [Publisher Guidelines]'' (apart from not being new movies, they can be treated as being new publications).

(the editor role)%%%

Editors are people who can edit the wiki, including pages such as this one and publication meta data such as flags, tags, and descriptions. They follow the [Editor Guidelines].


!!! Other users

! Players
While the staff run the site operations, the site wouldn't exist without the people who make tool-assisted movies!

People who have had their movies published are listed separately on the [Publications/Authors|authors page].

! Others

All other registered users are here, listed together with their contributions to this site. The list of these users is too long so it is no longer listed on this page.


__See also__%%%
* [Roles]
* [Permissions]
* [Most active editors]
* [Users/List|User List] (For viewing and editing users)
* [User maintenance log]