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Welcome! Are you new to the site? If you've ever wanted to see how a superhuman would beat your favorite video games, you've come to the right place. We have videos of all the popular franchises: from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog down to Pokémon and Final Fantasy. No matter what genre of game you prefer, be it adventure, platformer, puzzle, shooter or sports, we have them all. Please, visit our welcome page for an introduction, or check out our Newcomer Corner for some hand-picked recommended videos to watch.

TASVideos News

Bizhawk 2.3 Released and ZX Spectrum Support

posted by adelikat at 2018-06-24 15:27:58

BizHawk 1.13.2

posted by Nach at 2018-06-09 21:09:47

BizHawk 2.2.2 released!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-03-16 21:06:02

2017 TAS of the Year voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2018-01-15 00:41:34


Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers]SNES International Superstar Soccer Deluxe (USA) "playaround" in 15:24.38 by Marcokarty.

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When watching sports, you're usually prepared for the unexpected. But what happens when it verges into the outright impossible?

In this superplay, watch in awe as a team is forced to score on its own goal ("OH NO! OWN GOAL!?"), the scoreboard mysteriously records extra goals that were never scored (and even rolls backwards at one point), and the very laws of physics themselves seem to get compl... Read More

Latest Publications

The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt by link_7777

2018‑07‑22NES The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt08:37.6link_7777
2018‑07‑21GB Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins "game end glitch"00:46.08 (Was 00:41.55)MUGG, Masterjun & Alyosha
2018‑07‑21Genesis Sonic Spinball05:19.86 (Was 07:16.8)Flip
2018‑07‑20NES Little Samson "warps"08:12.79 (Was 10:13.27)klmz
2018‑07‑19Saturn Clockwork Knight14:38.22EZGames69
2018‑07‑16SNES Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse16:34.28EZGames69 & Sonikkustar
2018‑07‑15Saturn Magic Knight Rayearth13:22.0 (Was 27:20.1)Mitjitsu
2018‑07‑13DOS Duke Nukem II "Episode 2"06:27.46slamo
2018‑07‑12NES Beetlejuice07:21.26 (Was 07:23.17)ktwo
2018‑07‑11NES The Magic of Scheherazade50:04.27reBarbaloot


The Vault

Adventures of Lolo 2 by hanzou, Zugzwang, Nitrodon, Bag of Magic Food, AnS & Alyosha

2018‑07‑22NES Adventures of Lolo 223:15.47 (Was 23:31.52)hanzou, Zugzwang, Nitrodon, Bag of Magic Food, AnS & Alyosha
2018‑07‑14A2600 Private Eye "Case 5"14:53.28ViGadeomes
2018‑07‑13Arcade Samurai Shodown II11:36.43N?K
2018‑07‑10PSX Animorphs: Shattered Reality31:21.63Fizztastic
2018‑07‑10NES Kiteretsu Daihyakka10:15.0 (Was 10:17.88)Michinaga
2018‑06‑26NES Super Arabian01:47.86klmz
2018‑06‑17INTV Night Stalker03:09.62TheWinslinator & SuperMonkeypotato
2018‑06‑16NES Castelian14:49.72 (Was 14:51.63)DrD2k9
2018‑06‑10SNES Chester Cheetah: Too Cool to Fool11:05.85dekutony
2018‑06‑06GBC Wendy: Every Witch Way "Advance World!"04:41.5ThunderAxe31 & EZGames69


Newest Submissions

2018‑07‑22NES Dr. Mario00:22.96 poco_cppnew
2018‑07‑22N64 Doom 6423:54.9 Headshotnew
2018‑07‑21GG Sonic Labyrinth "Best Ending"15:15.91 Zurggriffjudging underway
2018‑07‑20PSX Tomb Raider Chronicles1:12:56.26 Woopsjudging underway
2018‑07‑20SNES EarthBound "Glitchless"3:10:11.57 tutelarfiber7new


Newest WIPs

2018-07-23 02:06:16FencypoMLSS Glitchless Autosave.bk2MLSS Glitchless WIP up to High Jump tutorial
2018-07-23 00:38:37ChallengerStage14 (v2).bk2Frame rule sucks but 16 frames saved
2018-07-22 03:27:05MorrisonStage14.bk2Stage13-14 edits
2018-07-21 23:24:23ZurggriffZurggriff-SonicLabyrinth-54884.bk2Sonic Labyrinth In 54884 Frames
2018-07-21 19:37:16MothrayascastleENGLISH.bk2Spectral Interlude - WIP 2
More WIPs...


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