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DOOM TASes now supported for publication

posted by adelikat at 2015-04-19 14:42:14

BizHawk 1.9.4 Released!

posted by FractalFusion at 2015-04-06 19:02:35

BizHawk 1.9.2 Released!

posted by adelikat at 2015-03-04 02:07:42

lsnes rr2-β22 released!

posted by Nach at 2015-01-24 21:37:39


Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers]N64 The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (USA) in 1:29:32.02 by MrGrunz.

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In the direct sequel to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Link is back to being a lone boy without a fairy. One day, he is attacked by Skull Kid and his two fairies, Tatl and Tael, and they steal his ocarina. After pursuing Skull Kid, he is transformed into a Deku Scrub. Link continues pursuing Skull Kid all the way to the Clock Town (now with the help of Tatl the fairy, a more 'in yo face... Read More

Latest Publications

Batman Returns by mamuuuut

2015‑05‑02SMS Batman Returns01:38.24mamuuuut
2015‑05‑02SNES Brandish38:42.41FatRatKnight
2015‑05‑01GBA Super Monkey Ball Jr. "Master"01:52.11Silverbawxer
2015‑04‑26NES Little Nemo: The Dream Master21:53.29 (Was 22:06.95)Randil & Alyosha
2015‑04‑24SNES Super Mario World "warps"09:59.85 (Was 09:57.82)bahamete, Masterjun & PangaeaPanga
2015‑04‑21GBA The Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night25:57.76arandomgameTASer
2015‑04‑19DOOM The Ultimate Doom "Episode 2"03:22.01Akse
2015‑04‑15SNES Umihara Kawase "Sightseeing"11:44.77 (Was 13:15.12)Alyosha, ars4326, Samsara
2015‑04‑14SNES Mega Man X29:12.91 (Was 29:57.88)Hetfield90
2015‑04‑10N64 Super Mario 74 "151 stars"1:49:44.52homerfunky


The Vault

Wally Bear and the NO! Gang by Yep2yel

2015‑04‑28NES Wally Bear and the NO! Gang06:23.25Yep2yel
2015‑04‑26GBC Donkey Kong 5: The Journey of Over Time and Space04:48.54Heplooner
2015‑04‑25DS Over the Hedge "100%"22:09.47jlun2
2015‑04‑15DS Over the Hedge17:45.64jlun2
2015‑04‑13A2600 River Raid1:22:47.9 (Was 08:10.65)Lord Tom
2015‑03‑25GBC Lucky Luke24:12.61 (Was 24:19.08)TheKDX7
2015‑03‑25NES Final Fantasy "stairs glitch"06:58.25TheAxeMan, Inzult & Gyre
2015‑03‑24SNES The Blues Brothers "1 player"15:51.25Asdrien
2015‑03‑20NES Spelunker II: Yūsha e no Chōsen15:12.05ventuz
2015‑03‑12NES Orb-3D21:10.86AndyDick


Newest Submissions

2015‑05‑03GC Resident Evil 2 "Leon A"48:21.53 Gfxnew
2015‑05‑02NES Rockman 4 Burst Chaser × Air Sliding21:37.66 magmapeachnew
2015‑05‑01Genesis Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse20:33.81 emu & Archanfelnew
2015‑04‑30GBA Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 203:03.47 TaylorTotFTWjudging underway
2015‑04‑30NES RoboCop09:49.81 Dimon12321new

more submissions…

Newest WIPs

2015-05-03 13:13:56TruncatedLandstalker.luaLandstalker HUD
2015-05-03 09:03:44Tounet01Kingdom Hearts - Chain of Memories (U).vbmKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories - Twilight Town
2015-05-02 21:10:32KurabupenginCPWIPX2.dsmClub Penguin: Herbert's Revenge WIP2 Version 2 - DAT improvement.
2015-05-02 14:46:37Alyosharad_gravity.fm2Rad Gravity WIP 3
2015-05-01 23:09:30sack_botpsychowaluigiC.wtfPsycho Waluigi 1-5 (World complete milestone)
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