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Welcome! Are you new to the site? If you've ever wanted to see how a superhuman would beat your favorite video games, you've come to the right place. We have videos of all the popular franchises: from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog down to Pokémon and Final Fantasy. No matter what genre of game you prefer, be it adventure, platformer, puzzle, shooter or sports, we have them all. Please, visit our welcome page for an introduction, or check out our Newcomer Corner for some hand-picked recommended videos to watch.

TASVideos News

BizHawk 2.7 Released!

posted by Noxxa at 2021-11-12 21:57:51

New Demo Site URL

posted by Memory at 2021-10-08 17:55:36

New Standard Goal: Forgoes Major Skip Glitch

posted by Memory at 2021-10-02 12:17:36

Bizhawk 2.6.3 released!

posted by Memory at 2021-10-01 20:25:30


Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers][Notable improvement]GBC Pokémon: Yellow Version (USA/Europe) "arbitrary code execution" in 05:48.28 by MrWint.

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The current Pokémon: Yellow Version speed record uses heavy glitches that allow the player to catalog every Pokémon in slightly over a minute. Is there any way to get more ridiculous than that? Yes! In this run, using nothing but the Game Boy buttons and tool-assisted precision, the game is made to run an arbitrary program which... Read More

Latest Publications

Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding by Randil & Spikestuff

2021‑11‑28GBC Déjà Vu I & II: The Casebooks of Ace Harding18:55.39 (Was 10:05.0)Randil & Spikestuff
2021‑11‑26GBA Metroid Fusion "100%"1:34:43.23 (Was 1:35:19.3)Reseren
2021‑11‑18DS Professor Layton and the Last Specter1:29:06.6weils & Randomno
2021‑11‑14C64 Boulder Dash11:56.0NYMX
2021‑11‑14Saturn Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "Maria mode"07:08.22 (Was 06:49.47)EZGames69
2021‑11‑12PSX Dark Tales: From the Lost Soul1:26:11.57Spikestuff & Xindictive
2021‑11‑08NES Tetris 237:35.82NYMX
2021‑11‑06NES Hokuto no Ken 3: Shinseiki Souzou: Seiken Retsuden "game end glitch"01:15.26AmaizumiUni
2021‑11‑02GC Super Monkey Ball 2 "Story Mode, all levels"25:02.72Gonquai, Blendra, Silverbawxer & Taru
2021‑11‑01GB Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Fall of the Foot Clan11:50.56Alyosha


Newest Submissions

2021‑11‑29VBoy Virtual Boy Wario Land "best ending"20:23.61 EZGames69, Bloopiero & Cyorternew
2021‑11‑22PSX King's Field10:29.23 lapogne36judging underway
2021‑11‑22Wii Doc Louis's Punch-Out!!01:40.47 Awosomeandynew
2021‑11‑22PSX Pepsiman: The Running Hero18:32.61 N?Knew
2021‑11‑17DS Tetris Party Deluxe "sprint"00:43.56 Mars608new


Newest User Files/WIPs

2021-11-29 07:31:06Cyortervbwl tas 2021 ezgames69 bloopiero cyorter.mc2BizHawk to VBjin DOES sync! 3
2021-11-25 23:07:44yizhihongzhunan[TAS] NO L+R Super Mario Bros. warpless speedrun RTAtiming-18m 37s 576ms.fm2[NEW RECORD] Super Mario Bros. no L+R warpless speedrun use RTAtiming in 18:37.576
2021-11-24 22:44:38despoaBubble Bobble famtasia-Tarzanv2.fm3Bubble Bobble TAS by Tarzan (attempted Famtasia to FCEUX conversion)
2021-11-22 23:15:30DJ Incendrationold strats dlpo.dtmDLPO old strats TAS
2021-11-22 11:12:08DJ Incendrationdlpo.dtmDoc Louis's Punch-Out!! TAS
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