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Welcome! Are you new to the site? If you've ever wanted to see how a superhuman would beat your favorite video games, you've come to the right place. We have videos of all the popular franchises: from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog down to Pokémon and Final Fantasy. No matter what genre of game you prefer, be it adventure, platformer, puzzle, shooter or sports, we have them all. Please, visit our welcome page for an introduction.

TASVideos News

Announcing a speed TAS race at SGDQ 2015!

posted by Mothrayas at 2015-07-27 14:55:15

A normal TAS is like a grand master in an untimed chess match playing perfectly. A speed TAS is like the same grand master playing speed chess slightly less perfectly. At the end of the SGDQ 2015 TASBot block on Saturday Aug. 1 an NES game and a ~4 hour time limit will be announced during which participants will be able to submit a BizHawk or FCEUX movie file, with the winning submission played back directly following Super Metroid. More details can be found in the competition announcement.

BizHawk 1.11.1 Released!

posted by adelikat at 2015-07-25 13:09:05

BizHawk 1.11.1 has been released! For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk.html.

Upcoming changes to PSX emulator support

posted by adelikat at 2015-07-15 22:37:13

We are going to be phasing out support for PCSX-based emulators. So if you creating or are thinking about creating PSX runs, please read our important announcement.

BizHawk 1.11.0 Released!

posted by adelikat at 2015-07-15 21:08:54

BizHawk 1.11.0 has been released! Now with official PSX support For more details, see http://tasvideos.org/BizHawk.html.


Featured Movie

GC Ikaruga (USA) "maximum score" in 21:29.4 by keylie.

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Ikaruga (2001) is a vertical shoot 'em up published and developed by Treasure as a spiritual successor to its earlier title, Radiant Silvergun (1998). It was first released on arcade machines, then eventually ported to Dreamcast, GameCube, XBLA, Android, and even Steam, thanks to the loyal following among the Western shoot 'em up fans. GameCube version was chosen for creation of this TAS a... Read More

Latest Publications

Final Fantasy II by pirohiko

2015‑07‑27NES Final Fantasy II07:32.37pirohiko
2015‑07‑26Windows Syobon Action "World 2"02:10.7Happy_mario & Tehh_083
2015‑07‑26NES The Quest of Ki "warps"02:28.69fsvgm777
2015‑07‑25NES Super Pitfall04:42.04 (Was 06:20.22)Alyosha, Arc
2015‑07‑22GB Mega Man IV35:53.26Tremane & willwc
2015‑07‑22SMS Ys: The Vanished Omens "game end glitch"00:17.11 (Was 00:17.46)JohnUK89
2015‑07‑19DOOM The Ultimate Doom "Episode 4"02:35.76Akse
2015‑07‑16GBA Golden Sun3:12:47.59kien
2015‑07‑14DS Pokémon: Pearl Version53:01.39MKDasher
2015‑07‑13SNES Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals "game end glitch"00:57.36 (Was 02:48.97)Genisto


The Vault

Men in Black: The Series by TehBerral

2015‑07‑26GBC Men in Black: The Series05:26.82TehBerral
2015‑07‑25A7800 Ninja Golf11:29.67adelikat
2015‑07‑25A2600 Airlock01:51.68Gay
2015‑07‑14DS You Have to Burn the Rope DS00:25.88 (Was 00:26.28)nitrogenesis
2015‑07‑09SMS ALF05:23.97 (Was 05:35.17)nitrogenesis
2015‑07‑08AppleII The Oregon Trail08:24.63adelikat
2015‑07‑08SNES Final Fantasy V3:25:57.13 (Was 3:34:41.07)samurai goroh
2015‑06‑18DS Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force: Herbert's Revenge27:40.1 (Was 28:08.71)dekutony & solarplex
2015‑06‑18SNES Little Magic50:49.16phamthanhphung
2015‑06‑14NES Fist of the North Star07:21.76 (Was 07:47.22)Alyosha, Kyman


Newest Submissions

2015‑07‑26NES Nobunaga's Ambition "17 Fiefs"33:18.38 CogneatoSwitchnew
2015‑07‑26DS Touch! Gostop DS "100%"17:15.72 perfectaclenew
2015‑07‑26AppleII Apple Cider Spider01:44.2 TASeditorjudging underway
2015‑07‑25Arcade Final Fight15:45.4 CReTiNonew
2015‑07‑24Arcade Samurai Shodown IV: Amakusa's Revenge "playaround"08:47.08 mamuuuutnew

more submissions…

Newest WIPs

2015-07-27 09:40:16turbofaImproved.bk2Improved
2015-07-27 05:50:31TehBerralX-Men - The Official Game (USA).bk2X-men - GoodEmu% 2
2015-07-27 03:49:24SamsaraRunSaberv3.bk2Run Saber V3
2015-07-27 03:45:54CReTiNoThe Second Samurai(USA).gmvThe Second Samurai(USA)
2015-07-27 03:23:48CReTiNoBram Stoker's Dracula(USA).gmvBram Stoker's Dracula(USA)
More WIPs...


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