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TAS content at SGDQ 2019 and more

posted by dwangoAC at 2019-06-28 22:28:14

Bizhawk 2.3.2 released!

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2018 TAS of the Year voting!

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Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers][Has commentary]Windows Cave Story (JPN "best ending" in 50:10.3 by nitsuja.

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Cave Story (2004) is a famous freeware indie game notable for being made entirely by one person, Daisuke "Pixel" Amaya.

Watch as nitsuja completely destroys this difficult game with amazingly precise movement. This playthrough saves Curly and finishes with the best ending after beating Ballos.

The program used to make this run, Hourglass, was also developed... Read More

Latest Publications

Battle City: Zeng Ge Hack by Soig

2019‑07‑17NES Battle City: Zeng Ge Hack09:53.19Soig
2019‑07‑15NES Strider03:04.56 (Was 03:15.58)Baddap1
2019‑07‑12SNES The Incredible Hulk12:10.75 (Was 12:10.98)Dooty & EZGames69
2019‑07‑05NES Contra "pacifist"08:49.56 (Was 08:53.46)Mars608 & aiqiyou
2019‑07‑04SNES Super Mario World "game end glitch"00:41.68 (Was 00:41.81)Doomsday31415, BrunoVisnadi & Masterjun
2019‑07‑02NES Beetlejuice07:13.79 (Was 07:21.26)ktwo
2019‑07‑02C64 The Human Race09:08.27nymx
2019‑06‑29Saturn Castlevania: Symphony of the Night "Maria mode"06:53.03 (Was 06:45.72)EZGames69
2019‑06‑27NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan Project "2 players"27:20.93 (Was 29:39.64)Geesk & GJJJGJJJ
2019‑06‑26Saturn Clockwork Knight14:22.92 (Was 14:38.22)EZGames69


The Vault

Looney Tunes: Carrot Crazy by TheWinslinator

2019‑07‑13GBC Looney Tunes: Carrot Crazy25:22.68TheWinslinator
2019‑07‑08NES EarthBound Beginnings "warp glitch"22:59.91 (Was 23:07.85)chatterbox
2019‑07‑04A2600 Montezuma's Revenge "all items"05:36.12DrD2k9
2019‑07‑03C64 Pyjamarama10:45.96ktwo & DrD2k9
2019‑07‑01NES Castelian13:58.29 (Was 13:59.0)ktwo
2019‑06‑30NES Ikari Warriors25:39.33 (Was 25:46.32)ktwo
2019‑06‑29SNES The Great Waldo Search01:04.68Aran Jaeger & Le Hulk
2019‑06‑28C64 Punchy09:59.3DrD2k9 & Memory
2019‑06‑27A2600 Smurf: Rescue in Gargamel's Castle "all skills"03:29.1Lobsterzelda & ViGadeomes
2019‑06‑23Linux 1001 Spikes31:34.15keylie


Newest Submissions

2019‑07‑18NES Super Mario Bros. "Warps, No left+right"05:18.14 Maru, zdoroviy_antonyjudging underway
2019‑07‑18GG Mega Man13:22.83 Baddap1new
2019‑07‑16PSX Soul Blade03:07.19 Spikestuffjudging underway
2019‑07‑14Genesis Sunset Riders09:54.41 Juarezjudging underway
2019‑07‑12Linux Undertale "True Pacifist Ending"1:20:04.3 judging underway


Newest User Files/WIPs

2019-07-18 14:49:47Dimon12321ep1xp512.lmpDoom - Episode 1 UV-Pacifist TAS
2019-07-18 11:49:46zdoroviy_antonyNoL+R.fm2SMB NoL+R correct movie
2019-07-16 23:22:17noellekiqmari0_warps.ltmmari0 warps% improvement
2019-07-16 12:11:57wesenPinkPantherGBA.bk2Pink Panther GBA Level 1 to 7
2019-07-14 19:51:48noellekiqmari0_warps.ltmmari0 warps fixed annotations
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