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TAS content at SGDQ 2019 and more

posted by dwangoAC at 2019-06-28 22:28:14

Bizhawk 2.3.2 released!

posted by Nach at 2019-06-18 18:12:33

Scheduled Maintenance - Site down time

posted by adelikat at 2019-04-30 23:35:24

2018 TAS of the Year voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2019-01-15 00:35:27


Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers]SNES Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island (USA v1.0) "100%" in 1:59:35.12 by Baxter, Carl Sagan & NxCy.

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Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island is a vibrant, colorful and fun game that stars the popular Yoshi. From a technical standpoint, the game is very exceptional on the SNES due to its use of the SuperFX² coprocessor. The chip allows for many cool special effects that are otherwise impossible on the SNES.

This is a 100% completion of the game. It plays through all the levels and collects every... Read More

Latest Publications

X-COM: UFO Defense by willbobsled

2019‑12‑10PSX X-COM: UFO Defense14:44.04willbobsled
2019‑12‑09NES Rescue: The Embassy Mission01:13.25 (Was 01:31.45)xipo
2019‑12‑08GC Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door2:00:58.23 (Was 2:16:52.63)Malleoz
2019‑12‑03GBA LEGO Bionicle07:07.16 (Was 08:15.42)Memory
2019‑11‑30NES Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles15:44.93 (Was 16:26.89)mamuuuut, lapogne36 & adelikat
2019‑11‑30Genesis Splatterhouse 214:22.24 (Was 14:25.03)EZGames69 & zallard1
2019‑11‑29GC Resident Evil 4 "The Mercenaries: Village"07:12.37Ubercapitalist
2019‑11‑27DS Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story4:49:49.35vince1919
2019‑11‑27GBC Spirou: The Robot Invasion17:34.46ViGadeomes & zoboner
2019‑11‑21Genesis Monster World IV1:05:10.64CoolHandMike


The Vault

Skate or Die! by simillarian

2019‑12‑06NES Skate or Die!02:19.37simillarian
2019‑11‑18Genesis Junction13:57.09AndyDick
2019‑11‑01Saturn Super Tempo48:25.6adelikat
2019‑11‑01SNES Top Gear 2 "all tracks"2:23:40.99Technickle
2019‑10‑30GC NFL Street "NFL Challenge"1:14:20.35 (Was 1:23:53.28)Lobsterzelda
2019‑10‑23GC Super Monkey Ball Adventure "Story Mode"43:39.95Gonquai
2019‑10‑16NES The California Raisins: The Grape Escape04:15.83 (Was 04:51.5)MESHUGGAH & AIVV73
2019‑09‑28NES Rush'n Attack09:35.3 (Was 09:35.63)Randil, MESHUGGAH & aiqiyou
2019‑09‑27NES Labyrinth18:33.96ninespaces
2019‑09‑22SMS Phantasy Star1:55:56.04 (Was 2:17:37.97)ninespaces


Newest Submissions

2019‑12‑11C64 Decathlon "maximum score"09:35.02 DrD2k9new
2019‑12‑11Linux You Have to Win the Game04:46.58 letcreate123new
2019‑12‑11SNES S.O.S "Bad Ending "04:40.75 Glink_TeamPocketnew
2019‑12‑11SNES S.O.S "Bad Ending "04:44.13 Glink_TeamPocketnew
2019‑12‑11PSX Spyro: Year of the Dragon22:35.17 Nitrofski & lapogne36judging underway


Newest User Files/WIPs

2019-12-09 17:04:44TaechukNaruto Ninja Council 3 D Rank Missions.dsmNaruto Ninja Council 3 D Rank Missions TAS
2019-12-08 07:47:08FortranmBattle Kid.luaBattle Kid series lua for Bizhawk
2019-12-08 04:44:44InfamousKnightSuperman - Man Of Steel.bk2Superman - Man of Steel WIP C64 first mission
2019-12-07 18:50:25Ninja-kunsamsho-of.fbm[NeoGeo] Samurai Shodown WanFu
2019-12-07 17:02:43InfamousKnightSuperman - Man Of Steel.bk2Superman - Man of Steel WIP C64
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