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Welcome! Are you new to the site? If you've ever wanted to see how a superhuman would beat your favorite video games, you've come to the right place. We have videos of all the popular franchises: from Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog down to Pokémon and Final Fantasy. No matter what genre of game you prefer, be it adventure, platformer, puzzle, shooter or sports, we have them all. Please, visit our welcome page for an introduction, or check out our Newcomer Corner for some hand-picked recommended videos to watch.

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2018 TAS of the Year voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2019-01-15 00:35:27

2018 Awards voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2019-01-08 00:48:56

BizHawk 2.3.1 released!

posted by Mothrayas at 2019-01-06 15:40:53

2018 Awards nominations!

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Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers]NES Gimmick! (JPN) "100%" in 07:44.45 by Aglar & Hotarubi.

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A short Japanese game about a small green toy who can summon stars to help him defeat monsters and to use them as platforms to reach high places and travel fast.

In this movie, the authors collect all of the items to enter the secret 7th level after the boss at the end of the 6th level, and do so 2 minutes and 15 seconds faster than the previous movie.

The game cartridge of Gimmick! c... Read More

Latest Publications

DecapAttack by Sonikkustar & EZGames69

2019‑03‑24Genesis DecapAttack19:36.5 (Was 19:35.88)Sonikkustar & EZGames69
2019‑03‑23Linux INK "all coins"09:20.1noahkiq
2019‑03‑23NES Donkey Kong Jr.01:03.84 (Was 01:12.81)Aglar, Aqfaq, Ferret Warlord & Jigwally
2019‑03‑23Linux INK08:52.57noahkiq
2019‑03‑16NES Super Mario Bros. 3 "warps"10:24.34 (Was 10:24.94)Lord Tom, Maru & Tompa
2019‑03‑15NES Nim & Nom "2 players"05:19.92kaizoman666
2019‑03‑15SNES Disney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald "2 players"24:30.49grassini
2019‑03‑10SNES Super Mario All-Stars: Super Mario Bros. 3 "warps"10:23.51 (Was 10:23.77)Maru
2019‑03‑07Genesis The Lion King 207:54.96EZGames69
2019‑03‑07NES Contra "pacifist"08:55.47 (Was 09:01.84)Mars608 & aiqiyou


The Vault

Snoopy by EZGames69

2019‑03‑24C64 Snoopy08:45.91EZGames69
2019‑03‑22PSX Animorphs: Shattered Reality30:48.79 (Was 31:21.63)Fizztastic
2019‑03‑21NES The Immortal09:25.37 (Was 10:19.2)DrD2k9
2019‑03‑12C64 The Rat04:30.82DrD2k9
2019‑03‑03GBA Riviera: The Promised Land3:13:02.05Flameberger
2019‑02‑24C64 Batman: The Caped Crusader "The Joker: A Fete Worse than Death"07:06.62Dimon12321
2019‑02‑24PSX Turnabout41:23.44HandsomeRudy
2019‑02‑17GBA Golden Sun2:58:12.83 (Was 3:12:47.59)Fx
2019‑02‑11GBC Shrek: Fairy Tale Freakdown02:52.18Strife
2019‑01‑26NES Little Red Hood05:34.17Dimon12321


Newest Submissions

2019‑03‑26GBA Ty the Tasmanian Tiger 2: Bush Rescue14:58.43 Mittenz & The8bitbeastnew
2019‑03‑25NES Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (UBI Soft)08:09.73 XTREMAL93new
2019‑03‑24GBA Kuru Kuru Kururin "any% w/ training"06:22.34 mohoc & E-Sh4rkjudging underway
2019‑03‑24GBA Kuru Kuru Kururin05:35.15 mohoc & E-Sh4rkjudging underway
2019‑03‑24N64 Shadow Man30:15.82 WMJjudging underway


Newest User Files/WIPs

2019-03-26 11:01:44XTREMAL93Code Name Viper wtf237.bk2code name viper
2019-03-26 10:31:26DarkdevilSuperDeluxeTetrisParty.dsmDS Tetris Party Deluxe Test
2019-03-25 23:34:32feosbis_any_sample.dsm6124S with sample included
2019-03-24 21:02:36Darkdevil2PCoQ_1stLvl-270IGT.bk2SNES SMW: 2 Player Coop Quest Level 1, 7 sec IGT improvement
2019-03-24 18:40:43mohocBest_Ending_Normal_v0.bk2Best Ending Normal v0
More WIPs...


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