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BizHawk 2.4.1 Released

posted by adelikat at 2020-05-02 20:29:52

TAS and TASer of the Decade 201X - Final round of voting!

posted by Mothrayas at 2020-02-29 00:19:39

Limited time to vote in round one for best of the decade!

posted by Nach at 2020-02-27 21:58:39

TAS and TASer of the Decade 201X voting started!

posted by Mothrayas at 2020-02-15 00:25:42


Featured Movie

[Recommended for newcomers][Notable improvement][Console-verified][Fastest Completion]N64 Super Mario 64 (JPN) "1 Key" in 04:21.3 by Tyler Kehne, MKDasher, sonicpacker, Snark, SilentSlayers, Gaehne D, Eru, ToT, Plush & sm64expert.

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At first there were 70 stars, because Bowser demanded it. Then there were 16 stars, because MIPS the Rabbit demanded it. Then there was 1 star, because Bowser's Sub demanded it. Then there were no stars, but 2 keys, because the door leading to the castle basement demanded it. Now there is 1 key because the viewers are impatient and demanded the game be quicker.

As with many other runs on this sit... Read More

Latest Publications

Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!! by McHazard

2020‑07‑05NES Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!17:37.84 (Was 17:39.45)McHazard
2020‑07‑02PSX Tomb Raider II: Starring Lara Croft44:11.36Woops
2020‑07‑01DS The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks3:57:26.32Karaage
2020‑06‑30GBA Digimon Sapphire30:23.93 (Was 31:59.4)Mothrayas
2020‑06‑27NES Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse "Grant path, warp glitch"14:29.42 (Was 15:22.01)scrimpeh
2020‑06‑24Genesis Disney's Aladdin09:30.42 (Was 10:04.86)Flip
2020‑06‑17PSX Tomb Raider52:19.45 (Was 57:02.81)Woops
2020‑06‑14NES Tetris "Mode B"00:36.89 (Was 00:38.85)Blazephlozard, Archanfel & Baxter
2020‑06‑13GBC Mickey's Dangerous Chase11:41.78 (Was 11:37.07)EZGames69 & Memory
2020‑06‑13NES Battletoads "warpless, 2 players"19:26.21 (Was 24:57.47)Lobsterzelda & feos


The Vault

Super Boy II by nitrogenesis

2020‑07‑07SMS Super Boy II05:50.6 (Was 05:51.47)nitrogenesis
2020‑06‑30GBA Digimon Ruby3:57:42.46Mothrayas
2020‑06‑29SNES Mortal Kombat08:20.13KusogeMan
2020‑06‑28NES Eggsplode02:38.07link_7777 & Blazephlozard
2020‑06‑28SNES Top Gear 2 "all tracks"2:15:59.96 (Was 2:19:48.15)Technickle
2020‑06‑26GBC Pokémon Trading Card Game "game end glitch"02:55.81 (Was 02:55.94)gifvex & Blazephlozard
2020‑06‑25NES Rambo16:38.52 (Was 18:38.59)Memory & dave_dfwm
2020‑06‑23GBC Harvest Moon 3 GBC "Boy mode"22:33.43ViGadeomes
2020‑06‑23GBC Harvest Moon 3 GBC "Girl mode"17:36.88ViGadeomes
2020‑06‑15NES Rollerblade Racer04:14.71link_7777 & Blazephlozard


Newest Submissions

2020‑07‑07NES Multidude05:08.43 klmz & aiqiyounew
2020‑07‑07PSX Crash Team Racing45:04.34 AleMastroiannijudging underway
2020‑07‑03NES Zelda II: The Adventure of Link "warp glitch"05:31.89 TASeditor, Arc, Inzult & EZGames69new
2020‑07‑01GB Pokémon: Red Version "save glitch"01:15.74 MrWint, Alyosha & CasualPokePlayernew
2020‑06‑30GBC Pokémon: Gold Version "Coin Case glitch"30:01.8 CasualPokePlayernew


Newest User Files/WIPs

2020-07-08 20:24:52feosNeutopia feos 1.bk2
2020-07-08 20:10:43AngerFistMega Man (U).bk2Further progress
2020-07-08 19:20:10TechnickleSuper Bowling (USA).bk2SNES Super Bowling Perfect Game In 1:57.014
2020-07-08 14:04:44janussov.bk2After Parma
2020-07-06 00:20:12illayayaDKL3.bk2Donkey Kong Land 3 wip
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