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Submission #1036: SuperHappy's GBA Astro Boy: The Omega Factor in 31:01.17

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 1569 - Astro Boy - Omega Factor (U).gba
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 31:01.17
FrameCount: 111670
Re-record count: 4751
Author's real name: Josh L.
Author's nickname: SuperHappy
Submitter: josh l.
Submitted at: 2006-03-31 19:40:55
Text last edited at: 2012-07-26 16:47:05
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (13372 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Astro Boy is the one ray of light in a sea of terrible GBA license games. Developed by Treasure, it is the definitive game for Tezuka fans, with fast action, nice animation, a decent story, and lots of cameos of various Tezuka characters.

The game follows Astro Boy, recently activated by Dr. Tenma, as he helps fight for peace and all that, meeting various Tezuka characters along the way, and fighting various Tezuka villains. He builds strength using the "Omega Factor"... which simply means the more people he meets, the stronger he gets.

The game actually has 9 total stages (each divided into various sections) and a "Second Quest", and this video features seven of them. I'll get to that later.

Astro Boy has five basic moves, and three special moves in this game. Two of the special moves are pretty useless in a time attack, so you'll only be seeing the "EX Cannon" (the move where he fires a giant laser). Most of the enemies are done away with using punching combos. Kicks send enemies flying across the screen, damaging the enemies they collide into, and is handy for bunching up enemies together to knock out all at once. The Finger Laser is good in theory for attacking spread-out groups of enemies, but it's a slow move, and one laser (usually) has the attack power of one punch. Then there's the dash, which makes creating a video for this game REALLY Complicated. In short, it lets Astro get around fast, and makes him "invincible" for a short time. How often it can be used in sequence depends on how much it's upgraded. I spend most of the game with Boosters at level 2, allowing two dashes in a row.

As always, speed is an important factor. For the most part, I try to do the game as fast as possible. But making the game look good was equally as important, and the range of moves Astro has gives plenty of opportunities for that. If there was a way to get rid of a group of enemies with a really cool punch/kick/dash combo that was 10 frames slower than just hammering the EX Cannon and killing them all, that's what I'd do. If the EX Cannon was 100 frames faster, I'd go with that instead.

Omega Factor upgrades consume about 450 frames. At first, I agonized over whether going after certain optional upgrades would be worth it... if the powerups would really save 450 frames in the long run... then ultimately I decided this was irrelevent. A stronger Astro Boy makes the parts of the game with actual gameplay faster and more fun to watch. All in all, I acquired 7 optional upgrades, resulting in a fully-powered punch and laser by the final stage. Being powered-up like that helps take out all the bosses in that stage faster than one might think!

This game was played on Normal mode. Hard mode has a few differences, the most significant being that the enemies take more hits to kill, and Astro's use of super moves is more limited. Basically, it just slows the game down more. It would have made the game more boring to watch, especially in the final set of boss fights.

tl;dr: I tried to make the game a nice balance of "fast as possible" and "entertaining as possible".

Notes about the stages:

After defeating Pluto, the movie stops. The game is actually only about 1/2 done, so why does the movie stop? Well, the final half of the game is the "Rebirth" game, and here's what it involves:

Astro Boy is kind of a weird game to time attack, but I hope you enjoy it.

adelikat: good votes, good comments, good run, good game. Accepting for publication.
Nach: Encoding!
Nach: And rejected, see discussion.
SuperHappy: I will guess that I'll have a fixed version of the movie done sometime in February. 'Till then!

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