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Submission #1193: Samhain-Grim's SNES Mortal Kombat II in 12:20.57

Console: Super NES
Game name: Mortal Kombat II
Game version: USA V1.0
ROM filename: Mortal_Kombat_II_(U)_(V1.0)_[!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 12:20.57
FrameCount: 44434
Re-record count: 5803
Author's real name: MSM
Author's nickname: Samhain-Grim
Submitter: VANDAL
Submitted at: 2006-09-09 14:37:11
Text last edited at: 2006-09-09 14:37:11
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Emulator Settings:

"All should be Automatic though."

This started out as a possibility and ended up becoming something for everyone to see. I hope you enjoy watching and I know that it could be faster but entertainment was the key. Shall I get started with the commentary.

Level One

Round One - I decided for a spoof to bicycle kick, with Liu Kang (I must mention his name or no one will be able to read), Baraka until he died, it doesn't happen ever again.

Round Two - With Kung Lao he is pretty versatile for combos, but not quite a 10 (maybe a 7 out of 10), and I was able to Kill Baraka pretty quickly while doing it in style (hopefully). I chose the the saw-down-the-middle fatality because it is like no other fatality and it was really conveniently convenient.

Level Two

Round One - Johnny Cage is part of the top who can overpower anyone. He has powerful, quick moves that make for good combos. Reptile went down pretty quickly, I have to say. The use of the Nutcracker/Ballbreaker was essential for a humorous combo.

Round Two - Reptile VS Reptile, who wins... REPTILE!. Reptile is probably close to the bottom of the list of powerful combinations but can still destroy, or eat, an enemy's head quite fast. I turned invisible so that it looks more appealing because who wouldn't want to see an invisible creature rip his victim a new one. The combos were pretty generic but I have to say I liked the ending more than what I had before.

Level Three

Round One - Using Sub-Zero is quite annoying because his moves are pretty generic; He easily ranks probably close to the bottom of the power list (Power List? :| ). I tried to do all of his moves so that everyone could see how boring he would be if I didn't (Is that plausible?). The ending of the first round is probably funny to some, I know I liked it.

Round Two - Probably among the top four most powerful fighters is Kitana. She can do some great combos (that I was unaware of) that deal some serious damage. That's all I have to say about that, you'll just have to see for yourself. I chose the Kiss-of-Death fatality because it also is like no other and redeems a hilarious sounding fatality, at least to me it does.

Level Four

Round One - Jax can deal out some pain too. I'd give him an 8 for power/style. I enjoyed doing the backbreaker so much I had to slip another one in. The beginning is pretty funny so check that out (also happens again later on in the round). I saved the "Gotcha" grab for later use so that it doesn't look cheap, besides my opponent wouldn't ever allow it unless I did it at the end of the round (they hit me after I drop him).

Round Two - Mileena is quite possibly the strongest in the game when it comes to wrecking combos. I had no idea she was that useful and with that in mind I surprised myself. I start off doing a "Five-Hit Combo" which leaves Rayden for maybe one more hit to finish the job. I chose the "Suck-You-In-Spit-You-Out" fatality because the stabbing sai one is stupid, to put simply.

Level Five

Round One - You want a decent fighter then Baraka can show you the way. He has a repertoire of moves that can leave his opponent in a daze (not as Mileena would but you get the picture). He was pretty fun to play around with as you will see.

Round Two - Back from Hell or wherever he is from Scorpion is close to the bottom of the list of power (there that phrase is again, damn't). If he had a slide I think he would be better but I feel that I made it entertaining enough to watch him fight. I did his glitch fatality and that is why I jump backwards, to prove a point. [Glitched Fatality: v , v , ^ , ^ , HP (you can hold block if you want and you probably didn't need for me to tell you THAT fatality as you could look it up or you may have already known, known that I can't seem to stop this damn rambling of mine and I do think it is worth wasting time to read this.)]

Level Six

Round One - Rayden (or as in the Arcade Raiden, if I remember correctly) is definately a competent fighter because of the list of moves he carries. I felt that smashing Liu Kang into the wall three times was a nice touch and the shock at the end surprised me slightly when it raised Liu Kang up further. Quick and simple that fight was.

Round Two - A good set of moves, an annoying voice, and you get Liu Kang. He can be the strongest (or second strongest if I remember correctly) if you kept on bicycle kicking but I didn't want that again. The straight forward kick was a nice touch to start off with and at the end it is necessary to do that aerial fireball otherwise I would have took damage. The dragon fatality is also part of the unique fatalities and was a must.

Level Seven

Round One - Back to Kung Lao (sounds like a place, chances are it is but I am fairly sure I am mistaken), I figured you all would expect something different this time around so I did relatively interesting moves on Sub-Zero and probably made up for it at the end of the round. There's really not much to say about him.

Round Two - Johnny Cage, (I wonder why its Cage and not Kage? Who cares.) again who I use a knee-pressed green crap ball this time around, was fun to waste Sub-Zero with and the cold slap of the groin at the end was a good omen that I can actually complete this run (not really though). I did his "glitched" fatality (although I don't really know if they are glitches just something the programmers put in for fun.) where he uppercuts not one, not two, but three heads off of Sub-Zero in order to keep him down, keep him doWN FOR GOOD! [Glitched Fatality: > , > , v , ^ then hold down v+LP+LK+BLOCK]

Level Eight

Round One - Again I use Reptile (get the pattern?) and I tried to exploit the faulty AI (I guess it wouldn't be any fun if it were any harder) by making Mileena walk right into an acid spit.

Round Two - Once again Mileena is too dumb think I would fall for that because of re-recording. Sub-Zero is used and I tried to make him look much like a jerk would. At the end of the round your mind might boggle as to the whereabouts of Sub-Zero's position, I know mine still does (don't worry it doesn't take long to get over it). His "Freeze-and-Uppercut" fatality is used because it is much cooler than that crappy Ice Grenade one, in my opinion.

Level Nine

Round One - Kitana is used but not in the same way but still dominating, besides Cage has an annoying AI that doesn't allow you to do much and workarounds take even longer. Kitana still manages to defeat him pretty quickly/entertainingly.

Round Two - The backbreaker may be excessive but it still looks cool. I use Jax again to stomp a mudhole in Cage for having a bad actor play him in the movie (the first one not the second one.). Timing was crucial for this fatality because Jax was going to turn back into Shang Tsung, so I did it on the first possible frame just like all the other fatalities. I chose the "Arm-Ripping" one over the combusting headache one because no one has ripped another person's arms off yet and it became an obvious chose when I was running out of Jax-Time.

Level Ten

Round One - Mileena is used again and makes short work of Kung Lao, Enough said, on to round 2.

Round Two - Baraka this time around wasn't as fun to play with because of Kung Lao's annoying flight control. I chose the "Stab-His-Victim" fatality because Johnny Cage already did enough head knocking for the lot of us.

Level Eleven

Round One - Another "Mirror Match ©" here with Scorpion. I basically do all of his moves, even the unpopular "Breakdancing-Leg-Take-Down" (he reminds me of a jerk).

Round Two - Raiden apparently is next and I did a couple cool things but if you notice I am holding HP down in order to do a very cool fatality. I chose that one over the "Electricuting-Rice-Eater" because is shows true power and great hilarity.

Level Twelve

Round One - Getting Closer to the end, I fight Shang Tsung as Shang Tsung and you'll see why I don't fight as Shang Tsung often, if truely ever (my mind's a little fuzzy). I really did all I could with him for entertainment's sake.

Round Two - As you can see I hold down LP before the round is even announced to set up what could be the most killer fatality and the last :( . I chose this fatality because of what I just said (or wrote for that matter, chances are I yelled this out. Just Kidding.).

Level Thirteen

Round One - Kintaro is who I fight and I tried to make it look like I had to beat him down in order to stop his reign of terror. I use Jax and Rayden Primarily (Shang Tsung deserves some credit too) and felt that they were a good two to use.

Round Two - This time I use Sub-Zero and Scorpion, a real unlikely tag-team. It went pretty well I have to say. Its too bad the programmers didn't allow you to kill Kintaro mercilessly.

Level Fourteen

Round One - Kitana was fun to do this fight with so I chose her. Nothing too spectacular but I have to say it was fun to see what I could make Shao Kahn run into.

Round Two - The final round/the last guy's demise. I used Liu Kang because it seemed quite fitting and he made the last command a very movie like one. Enjoy.

I had a lot of fun making this run even with all the desyncs. I'd like to thank Nitsuja for the absolutely helpful suggestion of putting "Fake Mute Desync Workaround" and "Sync Samples with Sound CPU" settings on, without them on this movie isn't possible. I'd like to thank MChinn, from GameFAQS, for his great FAQ/Move List. I'd like to thank everyone on the forums: atro city, Highness, minglw, spockybiemmichab, JXQ, sargon, moozooh, SpiDey, MrManNo1, hero of the day, Dark Fulgore, and anyone one else who wanted to say something suggestive but didn't, for their compliments and support.

No, I don't really like to type, I just thought you all liked to read, just kidding :) . Suggestive frames, I think, could be: 15179, 20667, 28674, 40990. I'm also sorry about the horrible sound but it could no be avoided, I suggest asking someone who can explain it. And with all this said and done, it's done.

adelikat: Accepting for publication.

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