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Submission #1340: Gigafrost's GBA Mega Man Zero in 22:16.5

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Mega Man Zero
Game version: USA
ROM filename: MegaMan Zero (U) [b1].gba
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 22:16.5
FrameCount: 80190
Re-record count: 12028
Author's real name: Emmitt R. Kraft
Author's nickname: Gigafrost
Submitter: Gigafrost
Submitted at: 2006-11-15 14:10:09
Text last edited at: 2006-11-14 05:29:27
Text last edited by: Gigafrost
Download: Download (6369 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Finally, a TAS of the original Mega Man Zero!

Note on the ROM: GoodGBA says I have a bad dump, but this has apparently not been a problem in the past and hopefully it won't be a problem here.

To explain the "warp" concept (which might be new for a Mega Man game), Mega Man Zero (MMZ) is mission-based. If you fail one specific mission (where the army is building up in the desert) you will trigger the base invasion that marks the start of the final four stages. Cancelling a mission counts as failing, thus by cancelling only two missions (the Shuttle mission to unluck the other desert missions, the Army Massing mission) you can go straight to the final stages and skip all the other stages.

The warp run does provide some challenges a non-warp run wouldn't face, namely in weapon leveling. Because the run is so short, it is borderline impractical to even try leveling the Z-Sabre to acquire the "charge" skill since each Z-Sabre strike causes four frames of lag (translating into possibly half a minute of extra lag.) Instead, the buster is primarily focused on with the intention of making up for the lack of a charging Z-Sabre by simply using the Z-Buster.

Notes on glitches abused in this run:

Some non-glitch tricks:

Some notes on boss luck manipulation:

Manipulating luck for boss fights is really hard. The only way I've found to really change what the boss is going to do next is to manipulate how far from them you are and possibly also what direction you're facing.

Other notes:

Golem Battle

The Golem battle has a total of four ways to trigger the Z-Sabre sequence:

naturally, this run uses the fourth one.

Leviathan text

The Leviathan rematch arena contains a problematic setup. Basically, if you skip the text as usual, Leviathan launches her first attack higher than you can standing-slash her, but only by a little bit. So, by delaying the text, I purposely set her up in order to slash away. The only options were:

First X Battle

There is one pause during the "juggling" in the corner ; this is because X doesn't like being juggled and he does an air attack... unless he can land on the ground (although he can immediately be juggled back into the air.) He only has enough health for two of these opportunities, apparently. The second one I used to get Zero into the center of the room (which is good because dashing is much faster than walking.)

Going past credits

If you don't save after the credits you can't start a hard mode game. I kind of wanted to leave that option open in this run, although if that is really problematic I can just end it at 66630 instead which would drop the time from 22:16.5 to 18:30.5

Anyways, enjoy!

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