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Submission #1460: ECCO's NES Code Name: Viper in 11:06.48

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Code Name: Viper
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Code Name: Viper.nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:06.48
FrameCount: 39989
Re-record count: 3519
Author's real name: 刘聪
Author's nickname: ECCO
Submitter: ECCO
Submitted at: 2007-02-21 05:06:46
Text last edited at: 2012-12-19 19:58:54
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (3073 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

   Jones: We have located 7 hideouts of the huge drug syndicate in south America.
          Your mission is to destroy them.
          You must find one of our commandos who was hurt and captured in one of the 7 hideouts.
          Get the grenades from him.
   Smith: Yes,commander Jones.
   Jones: GOOD BYE,Mr.Smith.
Then the adventure of our hero begins.What't waiting for him,a trial?a dangerous mission?

or just a trap!

This game was adapted from a movie with tha same name.

The movie was also named "Dead Fox:The Human Weapon" or "Ningen heiki - Dead fox "(Japan).

Fire while jumping. It's better than fire while standing on the ground.

Jumping has the same speed as walking,but it'll cause a small lag.

So I tried to have fewer jumps,especially the vertical jump.

If I do have to jump,I try to make them continuously. It help to save several frames' time.

There's a lag when walking to the door at the end of each mission.I always jump to avoid it.

In this game,a jump can lead to some changes.

Some enemies won't appear at certen places.

Sometimes you can see a jump without firing,it's not meaningless.

Every mission except the last stage I have to find a man to get a bomb.

I was very lucky to have all of them appear at most save time places.

It's the USA version of Ningen Heiki - Dead Fox.They are the same except the language.

I improved it by 4 seconds.Maybe I should cancel my movie of the Japanese version.

I ended this game a little earlier to be easily compared.

To watch the end of the movie you need to press the "A" button after game stopping.

Bisqwit: Submission file updated. Quote from author: I'm sorry,the movie I submitted "Code Name:Viper"needs some minor changes. According to the editer Truncated's opinion, I should end the movie a little later to get the end demo.

adelikat: The response to this movie has not been good and it is a rather "borderline" game in terms of TASing. The technical quality is good but the game choice is not. I am rejecting this movie. Better luck next time :)
turska: Unrejecting.
adelikat: Rejecting for not matching known records(at the time of this judgement)

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