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Submission #1466: dezbeast's GB Mega Man II in 17:41.28

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Mega Man II
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Mega Man II (U) [!].gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 17:41.28
FrameCount: 63677
Re-record count: 19927
Author's real name: Desmond Meredith
Author's nickname: dezbeast
Submitter: dezbeast
Submitted at: 2007-03-01 00:13:13
Text last edited at: 2007-05-02 20:38:17
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

I used VBA-rerecording-19

This run of Mega Man II for Game Boy is about as close to the limit as I’m willing to take it. I tried earnestly to find any time saving glitches and also a couple that Nach pointed out, but to no avail.

The improvements are so minor since I put a lot of effort in the published run, but I’ll go over the biggest ones.

One thing I figured out about this game is luck manipulation. I found that by standing still, I change the random number generator that affects what item the next series of enemies will drop.

In the published run, at the beginning, I neglected turning the opposite direction before getting hit. By the time I learned of that trick, I was already in Hard Man’s stage.

It’s not always beneficial to use the slide to get rid of the damage animation, and sometimes its even costly. One thing I always kept in mind this time around is that the slide lasts about as long as the damage animation so sometimes it’s better to get damaged as early as possible. One example is the area where I take damage from the fire-breathing dog in Wood Man’s stage.

There are several places where I went out of my way to jump off of a ledge when falling to scroll down to the next screen verses sliding off of ledge to fall, because the higher Mega Man is, the quicker he falls.

Again, I give credit to “Bag of Magic Food” & “Hero of the Day” for some strategies I used in this game.

I thank Bisqwit for such a wonderful site.

I thank Nitsuja for putting rerecording and other tools on VBA.

And I thank Nach for publishing my last run.

adelikat: Accepting for publication.
adelikat: Processing

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