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Submission #1665: Wyster's N64 The World is Not Enough in 31:29.53

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: The World is Not Enough
Game version: USA
ROM filename: 007 - The World is Not Enough (U) [!].z64
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 31:29.53
FrameCount: 113372
Re-record count: 27452
Author's real name: Henrik Norgren
Author's nickname: Wyster
Submitter: wyster
Submitted at: 2007-08-17 17:18:47
Text last edited at: 2007-10-02 11:01:34
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Here's explanations and comments on all tricks and levels in this run:

Courier: I abuse a pretty severe glitch here which allows me to skip almost the entire level, what i do is that i fail the mission by stunning a civilian which prevents the game from giving me any more objectives, So when i've completed my only objective which is opening the box the game will think the level was actually completed. The end time 0:09 ties the current wr and cannot be beaten.

King's Ransom: I skip 2 objectives here by shooting the second guard in the basement and the guard in the vault. This saves alot of time since otherwise i would have to reach another sprinkler switch and escort the Doctor to the vault. I found another timesaver only a day before i finished this run which would make M run faster by shooting close to her. However, it's a pretty minor loss and the end time of 1:53 is still 15 seconds faster than the wr.

Thames Chase: Pretty straightforward level, save the hostages and get to the end. End time of 0:56 is 34(!) seconds faster than the wr, alot of time is gained by skipping the body armour.

Underground Uprising: The tricky part in this level is the bomb which needs to be diffused. Doing it too quickly will make the bomb explode. I simply used the frames on which the blue meter was reduced the most, not sure if it's the fastest way to do it. After about halfway through the diffusing process i just hold the Z button, this will cause the bomb to diffuse quickly by at the same time make the timer to down to 3 seconds. I finish the bomb just before it explodes. End time of 1:28 beats the world record by 21 seconds and is pretty much as good as it gets unless a faster bomb method is found.

Cold Reception: Speed is gained on this level by pressing C-up as fast as possible, which in this case was every other frame. I had some major problems with this level because of the difficulty of killing guards. I overcame this by using autoaim on the guard and then wait for a frame on which the shot hits him, This is the reason why i hesitate some shots. Considering the only way to save time on this level is by C-up fast and using good strafes in turns, the end time of 2:15 is pretty good even if it only beats the wr by 2 seconds.

Nightwatch: Was lucky with the luck manipulation(:p) because i got a good Gabor position immideadly. After that all i had to do was finish the level, which i don't think requires any more explanation, except the cameras, you can run past all cameras without shooting them except the last 3, those has to be shot or avoided, So me shooting the camera just before the locked door was unnecessary but added for entertainment. End time of 1:01 was good and possibly maxed, beats wr by 6 seconds.

Midnight Departure: Avoiding alarm here is essential. That's why i had to kill all guards running towards radios(could've destroyed the radios too but that would've been harder). I do some speech skipping at the air traffic controller and plane by running outside of their "talking range". Considering the wr on this level is very good(2:20) beating it by only 3 seconds was still more than i expected.

Masquerade: I used speech skip on both the military guy and christmas by showing the transport documents at a certain frame. I had to wait at the military guy for the documents to be useable. The rest of the level is easy enough, had to kill some time after talking to christmas, after cinema underground, and in the very end(flames has to reach the elevator). End time of 2:05 was good and beats wr by 15 seconds.

City of Walkways: Not much explanation needed. I avoided using the ladder in the end by facing the opposite direction. End time was alot better than i thought it would be, it even beats the wr on the agent difficulty by 5 seconds.

City of Walkways 2: A major glitch is used in the beginning by jumping over some boxes. This also avoids the loading point for the next area so there's no guards or choppers there. Note: This glitch can only be used in the NTSC version of the game. The attack helicopter was pretty hard to do because you need to wait a certain amount of time between each missile. I only made a breif guess in this run and it may not be optimal. Also i didn't know how many shots it would require to destroy the chopper so i probably loose some time by not going for more ammo at 2nd reload. End time of 2:05 is still very good, i gain some time on the wr by using the closest ramp in the second large area, it's not used on console because you need to be very fast so that you can make it over before the ramp falls down.

Turncoat: Run to end, Release hostages. Don't really need to explain any more than that. End time beats the humanly maxed agent wr by 2 seconds which is alot better than i was expecting. It even beats the 00 agent world record by 27 seconds!

Fallen Angel: I take bullions fingerprint from the upper section of the level. The rest doesn't need much explanation. Added a funny glitch in the end where i actually die but the game ignores that since the level ends a second later.

Sinking Feeling: I had to wait some in the cinema here for Christmas to be in an optimal position later. In the beginning i kill all guards near alarms in order to reach the submarine instead of swimming to the sub and avoid them, this probably saves a fair bit of time. After entering sub i fall a long distance which in normal cases would kill bond but by pressing C-up in the middle of the fall i survive anyways. I also use the time saver that i never used in King's Ransom by shooting close to Christmas so that she runs faster, Possibly saving a second. End time was alot better than expected.

Meltdown: Press button, finish level. Nothing special here. End time 1:17 beats wr by 13 seconds.

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