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Submission #1674: nfq's N64 Turok: Dinosaur Hunter in 38:47.37

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Turok - Dinosaur Hunter (U) (V1.2) [!].z64
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 38:47.37
FrameCount: 139642
Re-record count: 8201
Author's real name: Miikka
Author's nickname: nfq
Submitter: nfq
Submitted at: 2007-08-23 15:50:39
Text last edited at: 2012-08-21 22:20:29
Text last edited by: Guga
Download: Download (83441 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

Turok: Dinosaur Hunter is a first-person shooter with big guns where you have to collect keys to get to the next levels. It's based on the Acclaim Comics comic book series of the same name.

I did this TAS about a year ago but I didn't submit it back then because I thought I would improve it. But I guess I might as well submit it.

General tricks

Strafe: By holding forward and strafe button it allows me to run much faster.

If you push the strafe button fast several times, you do a fast side "jump". If you would do this repeatedly, it might be even faster than just holding forward and strafe.

Wall-jump: If you jump on some walls you can get stuck on them and jump up

Knife: Most humanoid enemies die with only one knife slash if attacked from behind

Jump on water: By jumping carefully right before falling under water, you can jump across it. I do this because it's faster than swimming.

Some comments

I take damage on level 3 (which I do before level 2) because I do a death-warp later. When you die you return to the last check point. Save points are also counted as check points.

On level 6 when I go to the big tree with an elevator, there's a glitch which I use to change the level music to the underwater music.

I think the last level is the only level where I take damage to save time (when I jump across the lava). I also take 1 HP damage on T-rex by mistake, I didn't notice that when I was there.

After I did this run I found some improvements which together would save 1-2 minutes (like skipping a purlin, check the Turok topic on the N64 section). Better "execution", mostly on bosses, should also save 1-2 minutes.

It's a little hard to do comments so long afterwards, but who cares, just watch the run to see all the details.

adelikat: This is an entertaining movie that got nice voting results. However, it is has too many improvements to justify publication. You have stated that 1-2 minutes could be saved and mmbossman seems to be confirming it. However, I do "accept" the game as suitable for TASing. I look forward to an improved version.

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