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Submission #1708: adelikat's NES Track and Field in 08:40.52

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Track and Field
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Track & Field (U) [!].nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 08:40.52
FrameCount: 31231
Re-record count: 2995
Author's real name: adelikat
Author's nickname: adelikat
Submitter: adelikat
Submitted at: 2007-09-24 19:16:41
Text last edited at: 2010-01-02 22:54:45
Text last edited by: adelikat
Download: Download (1445 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is my Track and Field TAS, an attempt to improve upon the existing track and field movies. There are 3 published movies: Arc's, Phil's U Version, Phil's E version. The goals are a bit scattered between these movies and I felt a single movie could combine the best of these movies and leave us with 1 polished publication. In addition, 3 events were improved with new tricks and better optimization (100 Meter dash, 110 Hurdles, and Triple Jump)

Goals in this movie

1) Attempt to get the best score/time/length in each event at least once.

2) To show the major consequences of seemingly minor mistakes in play or strategy. Otherwise, simply showing off quirks/oddities and hidden bonuses in the game.

4) Aim for fastest time without interfering with 1 or 2. (This is essentially a "Doesn't WASTE time goal. Simply put, I do my actions effeciently and find the first frame possible for handling menus, transitions, pausing, etc.)

These goals are most similar to Arc' movie.

Event by event comparison

My primary goal was to get the highest score/length/time (whichever is measured) in each event in 1 of the attempts.

  • 100 Meter run

arc - 7.20 phil (U) - 7.20 phil (E) - 7.20 adelikat - 6.92 (ties Phil's WIP, posted in the track & field forum topic)

  • Long Jump

arc - 14:66 phil U - 14:66 phil E - 14:66 adelikat - 14:66

  • 110 Hurdles
arc- 9.59 phil U - 9.49 phil E - 9.48 adelikat - 9.25

  • Javeline Throw
All movies - 137.65

  • Skeet Shooting
arc - 26300 phil u - 26400 phil e - 28200 adelikat - 28200

  • Triple Jump

arc - 25.01

phil U - 25.39

phil E - 25.39

adelikat - 25.72

  • Archery:

arc - 4800 phil U - 5800 phil E - 5800 adelikat - 5800

High Jump: all 2.26

Event Details (improvement and explanations for each attempt)

  • 100 Dash

I used a pause trick discovered by Phil. By pausing at strategic moments, you can get an extra momentum boost and lower the clock time at the end. This results in a 6.92 time instead of 7.20

  • Long Jump
Attempt 1 - I get a 9.99 to uncover a hidden bonus Attempt 2 - I get a maximum distance with a 46 degree angle (1 off from perfect). To show the differences between small inaccuracies (14.13). Attempt 3 - Get the full maximum of 14.66

  • 110 Hurdles

I got a 9.25 times instead of 9.48 by using the same pause trick as in the 100 Meter dash.

  • Javelin Throw

Attempt 1: Get a bonus by hitting the top of the screen and having the javelin fall to the ground. I did so while getting the minimum distance of 8.9

Attempt 2: Get maximum distance, 137.65

Attempt 3: I repeated attempt 1. Mainly because doing a 44 or 46 degree angle would have only been a small distance, and such a throw is quite long and dull. Without something significant to show off, I felt it was best to wrap up this attempt quickly.

  • Skeet Shooting

Attempt 1 - Get maximum score

Attempt 2 - Hit every target at the last possible moment. I hit the UFO at the earliest frame which avoids the second bonus attempt. This avoids redundancy and show this difference between hitting it with the first or second position.

Attempt 3 - I miss every target by 1 frame. Showing how significant a small inaccuracy can be. (Spoiler alert: I do hit the last target to do something unexpected and to also end the attempt slightly earlier).

  • Triple Jump
Attempt 1 - I get a 18.88 in order to uncover a secret bonus Attempt 2 - I get a maximum of 25.72. This beats the previous TAS record of 25.39 Attempt 3 - I show a quirk in the game that allows you to make the 3rd jump from past the dirt as Arc did in his first attempt. Normally, if you land past the marker on before the final jump, the attempt is stopped immediately as a foul. But if you begin jumping at the last frame and get a 45 degree angle every time you can jump right past the dirt! It looks like the game didn't intend this to be possible, but I am not sure.

  • Archery

Attempt 1 - I make a perfect shot every time (600 pts). And get a seemingly high score.

Attempt 2 - Get a High score by doing sub-optimal shots (400) in order to get a bonus to appear (As did Phil in his movies).

Attempt 3 - I have fun by showing near misses and hits. Basically to goof around.

  • High Jump
Attempt 1 - get the high score of 2.26. Interestingly, any attempt that makes it over the bar results in a 2.26 regardless. I wonder if this is some bug. Especially when your time to beat is 2.36!

Attempt 2- After a great start the player seems to have lost it (perhaps from a little early celebration?) and makes a painful mistake.

Attempt 3 - Just keeps on gettin' worse for the poor boy :)


My intend is a first ever, triple obsoletion. So hear is the logic behind each one:

  • Arc's

Like Arc's movie, I attempt to get the maximum score/time/length in each event on at least 1 attempt. On the other attempts, I show off differences in playing strategy, and quirks. I feel I do this equal/better than Arc's movie. In addition, my movie improves the max score/time/length in 5 out of 8 events (compared to his only).

  • Phil's U version

Phil's U movie attempts to get a max score in each event only. He does sacrifice the final high score to show off other possibilities as do I.

My movies improves the single event scores on 3 events, 100 dash, 110 hurdles, triple jump.

Devil's advocate: Phil's U movie gets a higher final score than mine. Of course, if this is taken as the primary goal, it fails to Phil's E version.

  • Phil's E version

Again, mine improves 3 of the events. It fails to get a higher final score, but this was intentional in order to show off other aspects of the game.

This one did not obsolete either of the other two movies because at the time, E movies could not do this. The precedence has since changed however.

Enjoy, adelikat

adelikat: Canceling this submission. My primary goal was to achieve the best possible result in each event but I have failed in this (see Phil's submission.

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Here goes! Feel free to clean up the list.

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