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Submission #1729: ElectroSpecter's Genesis Disney's Aladdin in 13:15.2

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Disney's Aladdin
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Disney's Aladdin (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 13:15.2
FrameCount: 47712
Re-record count: 1253
Author's real name: M Sweeney
Author's nickname: ElectroSpecter
Submitter: electrospecter
Submitted at: 2007-10-11 01:43:21
Text last edited at: 2007-10-11 02:56:49
Text last edited by: electrospecter
Download: Download (5218 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:

About This Run

Disney's Aladdin is a semi-faithful adaptation of the movie, featuring most of the characters and the movie's original music. The story of Aladdin's adventure unfolds in between each level, usually with large colorful portraits of the characters as they speak.

  • Aims for fastest possible time.
  • Takes no damage.
  • Plays on highest difficulty.
  • Abuses programming errors in the game.
  • Genre: Platform.

This run is a 3872 frame improvement over the previous run (1 minute and 4.53 seconds).

The one main thing I tried to accomplish during this run was to not take damage. The only time in the game that I positively had to waste frames to avoid damage was during the last level when I'm falling down the long shaft with the rope. I cling to the rope momentarily to jump to the left to avoid the one fat dude below. It seemed like a shame to blow the whole "Takes no damage" thing for just one guy, and the frame loss is neglegible. Other than that, if you're wondering about stray sword swings, they are simply there to avoid damage, as Aladdin is invincible for a short period of time while swinging. You'll notice this mostly when I'm running past swinging ball and chains.

Oh also, I had fun with Aladdin by pressing A and B alternately to make him look like an idiot while running.

The Run

Most time between levels was saved due to either faster bonus game cancelling or skipping the entire bonus game entirely by not collecting any Genie heads during a level. In-level time saved was mostly due to more optimized movement with the following exceptions:

Level 2

You need to chase down the Scarab to complete the level. The second time you are required to touch it, you usually have to go up and over the cliff and head back to the left to the cave it's in. Aladdin's Up+B sword swing goes through the wall, however, allowing me to "touch" the Scarab while on the other side of the cave and negate the need to double back.

Level 3

I save time here primarily due to the Long Jump (see Glitches). I use it to sucessfully save time twice, jumping over poles that you are normally required to slide down, the second time saving a ton of frames. The boss fights are more optimized as well.

Level 4

Earlier jumping from moving bricks saves time.

Level 8

As with any other springy thing in this game, dropping onto a Genie head while holding C as opposed to jumping on one will bounce you higher. I chose some completely different routes through this level.


Frames saved
Level 1 49
Level 2 239
Level 3 739
Level 4 273
Level 5 406
Level 6 22
Level 7 0
Level 8 915
Level 9 218
Level 10 650
Misc. 361
Total 3872


The "Long Jump": While running, don't press anything for one frame, and then jump in the direction you want to go. I think this adds the X velocity of Aladdin's skidding-to-a-stop motion to the running motion, extending the jump. However, I could be completely wrong, as the trick doesn't always work in some areas.

Possible Improvements

I dunno. The Long Jump glitch might be usable other places (though it doesn't seem to work when I need it in level 8, Inside the Lamp).

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