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Submission #1804: parrot14green's SNES Rockman & Forte "100 CDs" in 42:19.82

Console: Super NES
Game name: Rockman & Forte
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Rockman & Forte (J) [!].smc
Branch: 100 CDs
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 42:19.82
FrameCount: 152389
Re-record count: 50182
Author's real name: 哲賢
Author's nickname: parrot14green
Submitter: parrot14gree
Submitted at: 2007-12-17 19:51:19
Text last edited at: 2011-01-22 21:50:58
Text last edited by: mmarks
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This is an improvement over the previous published by 6 minutes

Author Comment

This run must be done when I had found some glitches in several months ago,But it seems not perfect to force the character into the walls in the past. I had found how to enter the corner more efficient before Tas the run,so I did this run and played as Rockman.

Time save & Boss order

Intro, Cold, Astro, Dynamo, Shop, Tengu, Burner, Astro, Tengu, Ice, Pirate, Dynamo, Shop,Ground, Intro, Magic, Crystal, King

Level Published My Frames saved Time saved
Intro 5639+4416 5602+4196 +257 ~+4s
Cold 6086+5812 6079+5139 +680 ~+11s
Burner 5598+7598 6962 +6234 ~+104s
Pirate 8139 7663 +476 ~+8s
Ground 7583+7339 8920 +6002 ~+100s
Tengu 8167+4143 8508+4052 -250 ~-4s
Magic 9309 8585 +724 ~+12s
Astro 10002 6521+5584 -2103 ~-35s
Dynamo 10526 6753+6746 -2973 ~-49.5s
Crystal 3376 3239 +137 ~+2s
King1-Monkey 5372 4731 +641 ~+10.5s
King2-Tank 2997 2534 +463 ~+7.5s
King3-Plane 4452 3329 +1123 ~+18.5s
King4-King 10066 3228 +6838 ~+114s
Wily 18311 14425 +3886 ~+64.5s

I bought "Lice Search", "Exit", "Shock Guard" in the first time.
The second times I bought "Counter Attack", Energy Saver", "Shock Guard",I didn't buy "H.speed charge" because of bolts wasn't enough.


Ice wall is the most important weapon than others,there's no doubt. I only point out some unobvious tricks.

In general,when you jumped directly and used ice on the left-side block,it was impossible to touch the top ladder and grabbed.
But now we still can do it since I had found the block has a bad cllsion code.

  • The first closed to left wall.
  • The second dashed to right side.
  • The third you will find Rockman had risen a bit.
  • The fourth used ice after jumped.

Used ice to reach the next platform.

Avoided damage by rush.

Avoiding damage by someone it's something like in RM7(Rockman taken damage then Rush was safe in Iceman level).

After watched the WIP,I thought you might know the weapon of L.bolt could control up/down/left/right.
The place where had acicula and CD,in my originally project I planned usage Shock Guard at it,but I found usage L.bolt twice could pass-through the acicula without wasting Shock Guard and I could keep zip going on.

By the way,I had found a glitch to mess up the graph and shoot from erroneous position.

You need press button like follow

  2→+B+Y (burner"s weapon)
  14→+R (Tengu"s weapon)
  16→+R+Y (Astro"s weapon)
Note:The glitch doesn"t work when you had gotten M.card.


I copied and improved vsmk3's intro stage.

FractalFusion discovered how to pass-through the gate.

Enjoy it

NesVideoAgent: Hi! I am a robot. I took a few screenshots of this movie and placed them here. Oh! I also corrected the ROM name.
  • You indicated Rockman & Forte (J) [!]
  • I updated it to Rockman & Forte (J) [!].smc

DeHackEd: Oh yeah! AVI coming.

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