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Submission #1917: Zowayix's NES Super Mario Bros. 3 "lost levels" in 07:37.95

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros. 3 "lost levels"
Game version: USA PRG1
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. 3 (U) (PRG1) [!].nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 07:37.95
FrameCount: 27477
Re-record count: 526
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Zowayix
Submitter: Zowayix
Submitted at: 2008-04-04 01:14:13
Text last edited at: 2012-06-12 18:26:31
Text last edited by: Nach
Download: Download (3024 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:


There are over a dozen levels in the SMB3 coding not found in the actual game. They can be accessed with a ROM hacking program. Someone at themushroomkingdom.net made an IPS patch that allows access to these "lost levels".

Patch to SMB3 PRG1: http://themushroomkingdom.net/smb3_lost.shtml

At the website, you can also find some level maps of these "lost levels".


Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.15

This is my first TAS. I made a few screw-ups on the overworld movements. Sorry about that.

Level comments

Level 1: I run to the right at the start to show what's at that part of the level. Then I run back to the beginning and take the pipe to the rest of the stage.

Level 2: Another intereresting level. At the end, there is a pipe attached to a wall. The pipe leads to a boring Coin Heaven. Flying over the big wall leads to the "real" goal. I tried to walljump over it, but I couldn't.

Level 3: I get a Kuribo's Shoe here. There is an interesting glitch involving jumping with the shoe. After falling (not jumping) off a platform, you can jump once again in midair because the game thinks you are on the ground.

Level 4: This is like a harder version of 1-5. This turned out pretty good, I think.
Interesting note: The angle of a "slope jump" exactly equals the angle of the ground that I slope jump at.

Level 5: This level just has a Tanooki Suit block. I get it and take the pipe to exit the level. Using a Walk-thru-walls Game Genie code, it is possible to go through the walls to see more Tanooki Suit rooms.

Level 6: Interesting level. I think this turned out well.

Level 7: World 7-4 redux. Autoscrollers are kind of boring, but I think this turned out pretty good.
A "lost" enemy appears here: Gold Cheep Cheeps swim faster than normal ones and swim in groups of three.

Level 8: A pretty interesting level. Getting the third of three matching panel cards here causes a graphics glitch: When the big "fireworks" powerup appears during the fanfare, there will be a bunch of scrambled letters in the background.

Level 9: A sky level! Another lost enemy here: Green Parabeetles are faster versions of Red ones.

Level 10: A "lost" Coin Heaven, maybe?

Level 11: A harder version of 1-6.

Level 12: Much shorter version of 1-6. No exit here, so I die in a pit to exit.

Level 13: Copy of Level 12, except Mario's starting position is lower.

Level 14: No enemies, pits, or exit here. The big jump I make about halfway through is to show some of the black glitchy background. I reset the game to get out.

Level 15: No enemies, pits, or exit here either. Some "lost" cloud platforms are here. The Bullet Bill cannon doesn't fire anything. I reset the game to get out.

...and that's it! Hope you liked it!

Other comments


  • Fix overworld mistakes.
  • Possibly some routes improvable, such as the water in Level 2 and/or Level 8.

EDIT: Run cancelled, re-doing with improvements.

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