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Submission #1962: HappyLee's NES Super Mario Bros "warpless" in 18:49.65

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Super Mario Bros
Game version: JPN/USA
ROM filename: Super Mario Bros. (JU) [!].nes
Branch: warpless
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 18:49.65
FrameCount: 67779
Re-record count: 12766
Author's real name: Lee
Author's nickname: HappyLee
Submitter: HappyLee
Submitted at: 2008-05-02 13:20:14
Text last edited at: 2008-05-05 16:39:29
Text last edited by: adelikat
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This movie is a full run-through of Super Mario Bros., using no warps. Well,I think this movie is much better then the old one: http://tasvideos.org/275M.html

In 2-1,I can't do the pole trick,because if I do,then time goes "6",it will waste times,same in 8-3.And in 7-1's end,I step on a bullet to complete,it can't save times,but it can't waste times,so I did.Nothing else I can say about it,enjoy watching!!!

FCEU0.98.16 Aims for fastest time Uses no warps Abuses programming errors in the game

Xipo: You use a bug called “flag pole glitch” which can reduce 21 frame in almost stage.And you don’t use it only in 2-1,8-3 because program will congratulate you(time is 346 and 243).It will lost much time. In stage 4-4,you use a bug called ”pass the wall”. In stage 7-1,you wait a little,and you use a bug called “legendary flagpole-stuck glitch” The reason why you become big Mario(level up) is that you can beat BOSS with bullet instead of destroy bridge.Then you can reduce some time.

HappyLee: And some interisting pictures about this movie:

adelikat: Accepted and Processing.

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