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Submission #1986: Mister's SNES Super Mario World in 10:26.65

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Mario World
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super Mario World (U) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 10:26.65
FrameCount: 37599
Re-record count: 32156
Author's real name: Y. T.
Author's nickname: Mister
Submitter: Mister
Submitted at: 2008-05-24 06:05:51
Text last edited at: 2008-05-24 12:51:48
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This run satisfies the following criteria:

Hello, this is my first submission and here is an improvement of 123 frames to the previous movie (and 65 frames to the cancelled one). This run will look somewhat different from the existing movies. This is because including corner-boosts causes a change of fadeout lag and the previous score route then fails to be the best. I give a level-by-level comparison to the previous movie as follows:

Yoshi's Island 2
1 frame faster by corner-boosting.
Yoshi's Island 3
1 frame faster by corner-boosting.
Yoshi's Island 4
1 frame faster by using -1 trick and corner-boosting. 3 frames gained from reducing lag around shell-jumping.
#1 Iggy's Castle
4 frames gained from a better way of jumping off the P-switch. 4 frames faster on the boss fight due to a different beginning strategy.
Donut Plains 1
2 frames gained from a better way of grabbing the feather. 1 frame faster by dropping and regrabbing the key before getting to the keyhole.
Donut Secret 1
11 frames faster by using 1/1 swimming. 5 frames gained from a different strategy to grab the shell. 2 frames gained from a better way to drop and regrab the shell when mario swims upwards.
Donut Secret House
20 frames gained from a better way of passing through the stairs. 1 frame gained by corner boosting and 5 frames gained from turning around faster after grabbing the P-swicth. 2 frames gained by reducing lag at the end of the Big boo fight.
Star World 1
2 frames faster by using -1 trick near the key.
Star World 2
10 frames gained by using 1/1 swimming.
Star World 3
1 frame faster by using Left+Right when changing flight direction. 1 more frame gained by dropping and regrabbing the key before getting to the keyhole.
Front Door
5 frames gained in total by using -1 trick. 10 frames gained by reducing lag in the dark room.
19 frames "faster" by using a different strategy that hits Bowser on the same frame, but allows the input to be stopped earlier.
Also gained 12 more frames in different map transition and level transition frame amounts.

-1 trick is, roughly speaking, a way to run to sprinting speed slightly faster.

Thanks to inichi and ISM for their suggestive advice and demos, and thanks to ITK for the discovery of corner-boosting on land though it'd been forgotten for a long time. I'm also much grateful to skamastaG for his continuous support and giving me a chance to TAS this game.

Bisqwit: Nice entertainment, nice improvement and nice submission text. Accepting for publication, and taking for processing.

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