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Submission #1991: AngerFist's NES Mega Man 1 & Mega Man 2 & Mega Man 3 & Mega Man 4 & Mega Man 5 & Mega Man 6 in 02:42.9

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Mega Man 1 & Mega Man 2 & Mega Man 3 & Mega Man 4 & Mega Man 5 & Mega Man 6
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: Mega Man (U).nes & Mega Man 2 (U).nes & Mega Man 3 (U) [!].nes, Mega Man 4 (U).nes, Mega Man 5 (U).nes, Mega Man 6 (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 02:42.9
FrameCount: 9774
Re-record count: 6022
Author's real name: Yashar Nasirian
Author's nickname: AngerFist
Submitter: AngerFist
Submitted at: 2008-05-25 20:58:24
Text last edited at: 2011-12-27 09:12:20
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (3271 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Movie features

  • Emulator used: FCE Ultra 0.98.25 (April 6, 2008 version).
  • Aims for fastest time.
  • Aims to finish all movies as close as possible at the same time.
  • Takes damage to save time.
  • Abuses programming errors in the game.
  • Uses no passwords.
  • Controls 6 Mega Mans through One input.

About the run

Well folks, here it is, TASVideos first Sextuple TAS :) After I had finished about a year ago the Quadruple TAS with my dear friend Baxter, I felt I needed to do this to satisfy my curiosity. I decided to finish only 1 stage in each game because obviously you cannot slide in Mega Man and Mega Man 2. Mega Man and Mega Man 2 are much shorter games compared to the others. Mega Man and Mega Man 2 are 15-20 minute runs while the others are around the 30-minute range. So by the time I've finished Mega Man 3-6, the viewers would see 2 blank screens for several minutes, which is in my opinion bad. Also, this run is meant to be demo run. My initial aim was to finish all 6 bosses at the same time/frame so that it looks entertaining. However, as I progressed I realized that that goal became more and more unrealistic. You could fool around a lot of time so that other Mega Mans can catch up but I felt wasting so many seconds to satisfy my initial goal was a bit too much if you ask me. So, I revised my goal and aimed to finish all games as close as possible at the same time. In order to fully understand what the heck is going on, do not focus your eyes on any game. Instead, try to watch the center of your monitor. When I did this, I somehow felt it was easier to follow the progress than the Quadruple run, you decide! Anyway, to replay this run, follow these steps:

  • Open 6 FCEU's (all versions from 0.98.16 to 0.98.27 should work), and align them.
  • Load the games and pause them all.
  • Enable Background Input (at config), if it was already enabled when FCEU started, disable it first, and enable it again (it will automatically enable Run In Background).
  • Load the same movie file at all FCEU's (note that it will only give a correct ROM checksum for one of the games so do not worry about it).
  • Unpause (with a hotkey... background input will make all games unpause at the same time) and enjoy!

Please visit the submission text of the quadruple run to get a lot useful information of how certain techniques were performed in this run. I would like to thank Baxter for helping me setting up this run and most importantly, I would to thank... Myself! ^_^ O_o :)

Truncated: This is an interesting display of TASing skills, let's leave it at that. It is not so interesting to watch, according to the viewers. It has suffered the same criticism as the quad run, but with less of the good stuff.

Therefore, rejecting.

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