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Submission #2077: Blaze's N64 Super Smash Bros. 64 in 08:19.67

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: Super Smash Bros. 64
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super Smash Bros. (U) [!].z64
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 08:19.67
FrameCount: 29980
Re-record count: 2483
Author's real name: Leonardo Bechara
Author's nickname: Blaze
Submitter: Blaze
Submitted at: 2008-08-27 18:55:47
Text last edited at: 2008-09-02 23:57:58
Text last edited by: Raiscan
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

This run focus on ENTERTAINMENT , speed is not a priority here. I tried to make a lot of variations of combos and never repeating the same strategy at any stage. I choose yoshi again, because it's one of my favorite characthers, has an excelent combo potential and is the funniest characther in game.

  • Stage 1 - Link: Every hit besides the egg is a combo, used the wall a lot to make it entertaining, the last hit was used for a more entertaining finish even notconnecting perfectly.

  • Stage 2 - Yoshi team : I tried to make this as entertaining as it could be, wasn't a fast completion but it sure was entertaining, a variation of items can be used here because i have the time required for them to appear.

  • Stage 3 - Fox : Average yoshi combo, although it doesn't look like, every hit conects, fox has already reached the ground at the DAIR so he cannot tech out, you can tell by his upwards spinning animation. Thinking of the perfect combo to kill him entertainingly is hard because of the lack of walls in the stage, the distance to the edge , and the fact that fox is a mid weight characther, being harder to combo with yoshi. Glad this turned out well. ( i didn't use airwing because they take about 15 seconds to appear and most times shoots at the wrong direction.)

  • Stage 4 : Mario Bros : A few hits in the beggining just to get everything in position, after the blomb explodes every hit connects on both brothers. IMO best looking combo.

  • Stage 5: Pikachu : Yoshi doesn't have much potential against medium - low weighted characthers, used venosaur to make the combo more entertaining and not having to finish it quicker, every hit connects.

  • Stage 6: DK : it's impossible to hit a 0 to death on giant DK using yoshi, so i decided to show the beastly damage per sec power yoshi has. Since DK is insanely heavy, the UAIR juggle can be repated very long while still connecting.

  • Stage 7: Kirby team : there aren't much ways of finishing off kirbys, the coolest way is to spike them to death, so i prefered using it. Added a shield breaker and manipulated link kirby suicide just for fun :P

  • Stage 8: Samus : This fight was already quite entertaining in my last TAS, did a few modifications at the beginning and spiked her to death , ping pong with lava was short but cool IMO.

  • Stage 9: Metal Mario : I prefered to keep the egg strategy. I could have also gotten him to 300% and then finishing him off as usual, but that was already done at giant DK, Metal Mario isn't much of a fun fight if u ask me, the eggs is the best way to kill him while still keeping some of entertainment IMO.

  • Stage 10: Polygon team: Made it less repetitive and used most items as i could. Pretty entertaining overall.

  • Final Stage: I used a diferent way of manipulating the Hand's move at the beggining which i couldn't get to work in the speedrun, that allowed me to parry the crush and keep going on with the hits. There really is no way more entertaining than that to kill the hand off, still it's a cool way.

  • Bonus Stages: Completed as everyone requested, since i'm not going to the fastest time there's no reason to skip them now.

I hope this run is better seen by the sight of the expectators than the last run, because it trully is more entertaining than pure speed.

mmbossman: This movie demonstates a good superplay of this game; it shows off funny and interesting fights while still maintaining a quick tempo. It is clear that this is a tool-assisted movie to a normal viewer, and viewer feedback has been extremely positive. As such, I am accepting this for publication as a "playaround" type movie. Future runs will be judged by the entertainment value and mastery of the game, rather than the final completion time.

Raiscan: Processing.

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