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Submission #2087: Bloobiebla's N64 The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time "all quests" in 2:51:19.1

Console: Nintendo 64
Game name: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Game version: USA v1.0
ROM filename: Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time (U) (V1.0) [!].z64
Branch: all quests
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 2:51:19.1
FrameCount: 616746
Re-record count: 175425
Author's real name: N. Caldwell
Author's nickname: Bloobiebla
Submitter: bloobiebla
Submitted at: 2008-09-06 21:47:04
Text last edited at: 2008-11-20 08:05:05
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
Download: Download (102580 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Emulator: mupen64 re-recording edition V0.5.0

Graphics plugin: glN64 v0.4.1

Sound plugin: Jabo's DirectSound 1.6

Input plugin: TAS Input Plugin 0.6 (make sure mempack is turned on, or the movie will not synch)

RSP plugin: RSP emulation Plugin

Note: If the game does not look correct with the gln video plugin, use Direct64. Not all video cards work correctly with gln.

Note: Loading the run from a savestate will result in a desynch during the Twinrova battle. The cause of this is unknown.


This run aims to complete all dungeons/temples/Ganon trials as quickly as possible. I originally had the idea of TASing this run to see what kind of time could be achieved in an all temples/trials run which implements the recently discovered "TAS-only" tricks that wouldn't be seen in a modern any% run. One key element in this run is the use of sidehopping over backwalking, which has been proven faster in most cases. Supersliding is also one method of travel used over the current published run and is the fastest form of travel over long distances. The initial goal was to achieve sub-3:30, but with more tricks being discovered throughout the run I was able to achieve sub-3:00. A lot of hard work was put into this project, so overall, I'm very happy with the outcome of this run.

Common tricks and glitches used throughout the run


  • By shielding damage during a roll you can achieve a much longer distance with a precisely-timed backflip.


  • By rolling into a bomb and grabbing it/shielding the explosion, you can slide at a very fast speed. This is the fastest method of travel over long distances.

Infinite Sword Glitch

  • Interacting with an object while crouchstabbing will cause the sword to attack infinitely.

Bomb(chu) Hovering

  • If an explosive (or any damage) is shielded after a backflip/sidehop while the Infinite Sword Glitch is activated, you can gain distances in the air.

Note: Sidehopping as an adult is still fastest in most cases. Although the maximum speed of backwalking as an adult is faster than sidehopping, the slow acceleration of backwalking makes sidehopping faster in almost every case.

General Notes on the Run

Rupee Route

  • The main improvement over the previous rupee route is manipulating rupees from the plants outside of the sword maze. This allowed for a more direct path to the shop.

Inside the Deku Tree

  • A skulltulla boost through the vine wall made it possible to skip the first basement level and fall down to the room right before Queen Gohma. This trick skipped about half of the Deku Tree.

Spirit Temple as a Child

  • Superflips were used off of the enemies in the bridge room which skipped having to lower the bridge.

Dodongo's Cavern

  • Using bombchus allows for being able to complete Dodongo's Cavern without the Goron Bracelet. This has been proven faster than getting the Silver Gauntlets from the Spirit Temple in order to pick up bomb flowers.

  • A bombchu superflip was used instead of bombchu hovering to get the bombs early. This saved about 15 seconds.

  • Bomb hovering was used to skip to the block early and skip a large portion of the dungeon.

On the way to Hyrule Castle

  • A bottle is required for later in the game, and the cucco collecting is the fastest way to obtain one. Lots of manipulation was used on the cuccos to do this optimally.

  • A superslide was used to skip the owl outside of Kakariko instead of the standard slingshot/stick trick. This also allowed for a quick, straight path to the Market.

  • Zelda's Lullaby was learned at Hyrule Castle because it was required to complete most of the temples.

Pre- Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly

  • Picking up a cucco at Zora's River made it possible to skip playing Zelda's Lullaby at the waterfall.

  • By using a superflip off of a bombchu, it is possible to skip bomb hovering over King Zora. This trick saves about 20 seconds.

Note: A faster strategy was recently discovered in Zora's River that involved superflipping past the waterfall. This would save time by not needing to carry the cucco.

Inside Jabu Jabu's Belly

Note: The main path through the dungeon remained the same as the currently-published run, but a couple of tricks were used which resulted in it being much faster.

  • A superflip was used in the elevator room instead of using bombchus/bomb hovering. This saved a couple of seconds in the room, and also allowed for use of those explosives elsewhere.

  • In the room before Barinade, a bombchu was placed precisely to quickly activate the switch without having to climb the wall.

Pre- Temple of Time

  • After warping to the Desert Collosus, I plant the bean for use later in the game and use a deathwarp to return to Kokiri Forest.

Pre- Shadow Temple

  • The newly discovered superslide warp glitch was used to enter the Shadow Temple. With the infinite sword glitch activated, it was made possible to reach the graveyard boundaries and enter the temple.

Shadow Temple

  • The Dead Hand was quickly defeated. This had to do with what frame he was last hit on. Had it been any earlier or later, he would've began a second cycle.

  • Instead of equipping the Hover Boots to clear the void, a bomb damage boost was used, which saved pausing twice to equip/unequip the Hover Boots.

  • A jumpslash through the fence skipped the majority of the Shadow Temple. This method is faster than using a superslide because it avoided pausing twice.

Note: Implementing a superflip would have saved a second or two over the damage boost.

Forest Temple

  • Instead of using a damage boost to skip the block room, it was possible, with precise angling, to use only the Hover Boots. This was much faster than the previous method, as it skipped two pause screens and a bomb.

  • A recently-discovered method to skip the Boss Key was used to reach Phantom Ganon without entering the basement or defeating any Poes. A superflip was implemented here to enter the boss room's loading zone, instead of the original superslide hover, which overall, saved two pauses.

Pre- Fire Temple

  • A much faster method to climb Death Mountain was used, instead of the old method of climbing the wall or going around the back side of the mountain. This saved around 15 seconds.

  • The Fairy Fountain is visited before the Fire Temple, because it is faster than going out of the way as a child to get to it, and it was on the way to the Fire Temple, anyway.

  • A superflip was used to just barely clear the lava pit in Death Mountain Crater. This saved two pauses over the other method for skipping the Beloro of Fire, which involved either a rock boost or a superslide hover.

Fire Temple

  • An issue in the Fire Temple was being able to get enough hearts when/where to be able to complete each room successfully without the Fire Tunic. Manipulating a bat to drop hearts in the lobby allowed the following room to barely be completed.

  • In the boulder maze, bomb hovering was used to reach the level above. This trick allowed for skipping multiple keys and rooms.

  • After obtaining the megaton hammer, it was possible to jump down and hit the switch directly with a precise time/angle. This was faster than jumping across to hit the switch, and it also looks much cooler.

  • By shooting Volvagia with just enough arrows, it was possible to quickly defeat Volvagia without the time running out due to not having the Fire Tunic. After the fight, the last bit of health was lost 6 frames before the portal cut scene activated. This allowed for a very fast deathwarp after the Fire Temple, as all health was gone upon being teleported back to Death Mountain Crater.

Pre-Water Temple

  • A lot of methods were considered to enter the Water Temple without the Iron Boots. The original hookshot/ocarina method ended up being the fastest.

Water Temple

  • Even though it was assumed possible to bomb hover through the boss door, a method was never actually discovered. After a lot of testing, a method was found, which saved around 90% of the temple. The method was to use short enough bomb hovers with the hover boots on, to stay close enough to the door to be able to jumpslash through it.

Pre-Spirit Temple

  • Getting the Fire Arrows after the Water Temple was necessary for completing the Forest and Shadow Ganon Trials. This was a much faster route than getting Din's Fire, and also saved a lot of time in the trials.

  • The bean planted in Desert Collosus as a child was used to go straight to the mirror shield. With a specifically-angled superslide, and correct timing of removing the Hover Boots, it was possible to land right on the top of the last seam.

Spirit Temple

  • Intensive manipulation was used during the Koume/Kotake battle, which forced one of them to stay in position for the entire duration of the first part of the battle. This allowed for her to continue attacking at the fastest possible rate while the other one could continue being attacked.

  • During the boss fight, bombs were used to slowly drain health. A final bomb is used while entering the portal to lose the last bit of health and use a deathwarp, just like the one after the Fire Temple.

Ganon's Castle

Note: Although there are a lot of pauses in the trials, it is still the minimum number of required pauses.

  • A superslide hover from the Torch Slug on the far platform in the Fire Trial allowed me to get to the exit in a much faster time. This allowed me to skip having to get a fairy to survive without the Fire Tunic.

  • During the castle escape some areas are very laggy but the amount of lag was minimized by various inputs such as holding Z and/or standing still.

  • By supersliding into the Ganon cut scene, the Master Sword was still useable. With the Master Sword, the first cycle is completable in three hits.

With thanks to...

Swordless Link, for constantly watching WIPs and looking for improvements. Also, for being a huge inspiration to do this run in the first place.

Any glitch-finders that helped find glitches used throughout the run.

mmbossman: Despite it's length, this run has received some very positive feedback from the viewers, and looks to be well done. The goals seem to be a little arbitrary, but they were discussed beforehand in the Ocarina of Time discussion thread, and they are easy enough to define, so I believe they warrant a new category.

However, the main question that has popped up is whether this should obsolete Guanobowl's run. After reviewing the thread a couple of times, and asking for various opinions on IRC, I still cannot find a significantly convincing argument to promote obsoletion. This run has entirely different goals than an 'any%' completion, and while it does contain an amount of similar material to the published run, there are enough differences present to warrant publication alongside the current run. Many of the arguments have centered around excuses to try and circumvent our current rule that prevents movies from being "unpublished", which I do not support.

Perhaps this decision will provide motivation to make a true 'any%' run update sooner rather than later. As for this run, I'm accepting it as an new "All temples and trials" category, to be published alongside the current any% run.

Bisqwit: Encoding… (It will take several days.) I'm not hereby deciding the obsoletion matter, though.

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