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Submission #2134: Aglar's NES Duck Tales in 07:14.48

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Duck Tales
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Duck Tales (U).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 07:14.48
FrameCount: 26069
Re-record count: 4963
Author's real name: Mikael Johansson
Author's nickname: Aglar
Submitter: Aglar
Submitted at: 2008-11-07 09:42:06
Text last edited at: 2008-11-08 17:57:52
Text last edited by: ShinyDoofy
Download: Download (2409 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Did you mayhaps wake up this morning thinking: "It would be nice with a submitted Duck Tales run today"? I bet you didn't, but here's one anyway - 265 frames faster than adelikat's current published one.

Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.28 Aims for fastest time Takes damage to save time Manipulates luck Abuses programming errors

I initially had no intensions of tasing this game. However - since this game lies close to my heart (it was the first game I ever beated) I occasionally play it just for fun from time to time. And while I was doing "unassisted" speedruns on the African Mines stage I accidentally found a quicker way to defeat the boss, and this was the reason why I started it. First I had the feeling that this timesaver would be the only one I could find but in the end I had been able to cut some frames here an there and had also found another two quite major timesavers so I'm pleased with the outcome.


11 frames gained in The Amazon by slightly better precision and lag reduction.

11 frames gained in Transylvania mostly because of better boss manipulation.

6 frames gained by better grabbing of the key in Transylvania revisiting stage.

49 frames gained in African Mines much because I found a better way to take on the boss. The trick is to hit him just before he transforms, otherwise the transformation will be slower.

11 frames gained in The Himalayas by some smaller adjustments.

118 frames gained on The Moon mostly by better glitch abusing and better boss fight.

62 frames gained in Dracula Duck's castle or last visit in Transylvania - whatever you want to call it. Spot this yourself:)

Elsewhere: some frames where won/lost between levels for some reason. I finished African Mines and The Moon with a higher in-game clock value and lost 2 frames from countdown on each.

Thanks to

I'd like to thank the autors and contributors to the previous runs. I especially thank HHS for finding the glitch in the moon level and adelikat for the previous run.


mmbossman: Nice work. Accepting as an improvement to the published movie.

ShinyDoofy: Processing...

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