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Submission #2193: ECCO's NES Metal Max in 26:09.55

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Metal Max
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Metal Max (J).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 26:09.55
FrameCount: 94173
Re-record count: 4700
Author's real name: 刘聪
Author's nickname: ECCO
Submitter: ECCO
Submitted at: 2009-03-01 15:47:33
Text last edited at: 2009-04-14 00:59:33
Text last edited by: ShinyDoofy
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

About the old submission

I have submitted a movie before,in which i didn't use any systerm errors.The introduction of the game and the movie is described in details in the last submision. http://tasvideos.org/2184S.html

The difference and the BUG used

The main difference between the two movies is the BOSS fight.A bug was used to change the protagonist into a SUPERMAN,who can beat anybody in one turn.Now is the principle of the bug:at least two persons,at least two tanks,then use a health-recovering capsule(in the movie I bought four at the beginning) at the bottom of the menu's right side.Then the protagonist's strength could be changed from 20 to 2000 or more.BUT this bug has a shortcomings:just after one battle the protagonist will come to normal.AND in the very last BOSS fight with Noah he will stop the war and talk a lot than start the war again.So I can't use the bug here,and the last part of this movie is almost the same to the old run.

Another bug I used is copying tank.Not all the tanks can be copied.The only available one is the first tank in the town where I get the first partner.The partner is an engineman.When I arrived in this town he saw my tank,then he run to me and wanted to join my adventure.Exactly when he got onto my tank I opened the memu and choosed "got on".And then there'll be two same tanks.I use this bug to save the time to rent the new partner a new tank.


Another thing I want to explain is about the high building in the middle of the sea.Someone say they can't understand this movie.I guess it's about this building.

The story in the game is that:The protagonist,a normal boy has an unnormal dream-he want to be a super hero,to do something big,to save the world.But his father does not agree with his thought,his father think that's stupid.One day the boy says he want to be a hero again,his father can't bear it and become very very angry.The father drive his son out of the house.The next day,the boy wakes up,but he does not go home and apologize to his father.Instead he goes to a cave and find a tank and goes to a new town and find a partner.Then they go on exploring to find who is the monster master.

There's a long way to go,but they manage to overcome them.Two big blue emplacements is in the road,they have to destroy them to go forward.They go on traveling.They find a high building and in front of the building there is no way to go.

Then they go into the building.They meet a little girl.At first the girl things they are bad persons so she runs away.But after several running away the girl is tired.Then the protagonist says they are not bad persons they are good persons and what they want is to go through the sand before but there's no way.The girl says"Oh,you are lucky!My farther wants to go through,too.He is now on the top of the building and he want to set a BOMB to destroy this building.If the building falls into the sea then there will be a new way to go."The protagonist then went to the top of the building to find her father.They talk,then they go down,and the father go to set the bomb.Then they run out and the building falls and they can go on travelling.

Then they arrive at a river.Only the big blackguard、a very very bad person named WaLu has a boat to go through the river.But he is a bad person and he does not give it to the protagonist so they defeat WaLu and his understrapper.Then they go through the river,go through the grassland and go through the desert and defeat a robot who guard the toll-gate there.

Then they go deep into the earth and find the moster master who is a super computer who want to deracinate the human beings(How terrible it is!!!).So the protagonist defeat the computer who named Noah and then save the world.After this the protagonist come back home and tell his father that he want to come back home now.His father and his sister are all very happy.The whole family now get together again.Then the whole story is over.

That's it.If you have any other questions please put forward it and I will explain.

world map of this game


!Special Thanks

Thanks to my good friend 布兰里特 who tell me the very useful BUG.Thanks to EFC and the Metal Max forum of STAGE 1.

adelikat: Congratulations! Accepting for publication.
ShinyDoofy: Processing...
adelikat: Replaced submission file. This is 4 minutes longer but sends the game to the final ending credits.

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