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Submission #2210: arukAdo's PSX Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis "Jill" in 1:07:25.52

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Resident Evil 3 - Nemesis
Game version: USA
ROM filename: SLUS00923.iso
Branch: Jill
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 1:07:25.52
FrameCount: 242731
Re-record count: 5695
Author's real name: GAD
Author's nickname: arukAdo
Submitter: arukAdo
Submitted at: 2009-03-31 06:48:40
Text last edited at: 2011-08-20 17:46:02
Text last edited by: arukAdo
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Status: published
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"Resident Evil 2/3 fix" hack enabled

Frames 9740, 10026, 12603, 12894, 13749, 14120, 14807, 15239, 15966, 16311, 31584, 31899, 35610, 36095, 36841, 37292, 42653, 43051, 43485, 43907, 46127, 46505, 48073, 48451, 52337, 52627, 53358, 53771, 54066, 54525, 55265, 55641, 57723, 58031, 62983, 63401, 69431, 69774, 70166, 70603, 71755, 72087, 73757, 74252, 74960, 75374, 79114, 79555, 80468, 80776, 85775, 86104, 89393, 89703, 89980, 90449, 94555, 94923, 95256, 95584, 95881, 96199, 97907, 98238, 102942, 103245, 103653, 103967, 105082, 105433, 105688, 106144, 110019, 110392, 111112, 111556, 113481, 113817, 114005, 114348, 115156, 115487, 121618, 121944, 123288, 123605, 125107, 125461, 131508, 131827, 133408, 133720, 136938, 137246, 138462, 138793, 141800, 142362, 147977, 148298, 148415, 148713, 149774, 150204, 150754, 151192, 155062, 155417, 160053, 160420, 160924, 161249, 161462, 161807, 164511, 164831, 165081, 165408, 166035, 166324, 167032, 167352, 168718, 169164, 169624, 169933, 170258, 170588, 174841, 175176, 175279, 175596, 176662, 177083, 178260, 178677, 179779, 180179, 184952, 185310, 190465, 190719, 195280, 195610, 197748, 198151, 201503, 202007, 207116, 207632, 210072, 210394, 214099, 214524, 224123, 224439, 227035, 227430, 227983, 228334, 229360 and 229965
Author's comments and explanations:
September 28th. Daylight. The monsters have overtaken the city. Somehow... Im still Alive...
Help Jill Valentine in her last escape from Raccoon City, a step before and after Resident Evil2 storyline.
S.T.A.R.S. are the target of Umbrella's newest bio-weapon... Nemesis!
Hordes of zombies, dogs and hunters are also on your way, find the best survival tactics and escape this nightmare.

Game objectives

  • Genre: Survival Horror
  • Emulator used: PCSX-RR 0.0.7
  • CD ID: SLUS00923
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Hard Mode / Best Ending / Rank A
  • Encode on Youtube (poor sound quality)

About this movie

This is my firt TAS submission :p
I picked up this game for few reasons, first i like it and buyed it when it was out, then its a somewhat in 3D (at least the caracter does), i was definitly looking to "try" new things, and to tas a psx game too
I did choosed it also because i wanted to use the dodge system, something that you cant realy use in real time, and always frustrated me

This game use a special hack, without it, the game loop infinitly between some rooms, not loading the next area
The special hotkey was used only in doors fmv, never "in-game"
Notice that using this does slowdown the game (50%) outside of door's fmvs, no "profits" would come from abusing it apparently
The only way to get less uses of this hack would be to cross less doors... but its already the shortest path possible

Some Details

  • Zombies killed: 8
  • Doors: 220
  • Doors with hack: 80
  • Rerecord count: 5695
  • Last frame: 242731
  • Movie Lenght: 1:07:25
  • Clear Time: 1:07:08
  • SDA Clear Time: 1:20:42
  • Zeno Clear Time: 1:12:42 (JAP version)

I want to point out that the doors fmv total is over 22min (6 seconds average per door)
Basicly 1/3 of the run is about watching a door openning...
Door opening simulator... great concept Capcom !
(To get Rank A you need to finish under 1:30, that still 1/4 of the game...)

I often saw (on gfaq ect...) that the clear time doesnt include storyline fmv or menu access
This is false, everything count toward the game "timer", including doors...!
The difference with movie lenght is just power on, start menu and first fmv (seem first one not counted in...)

Optimization notes

  • Taking damage (zombies) take more time than to use dodge system, also, dodge take more time than to avoid zombies
  • Dodge system:
Whenever you are going to get grab by a zombie you have a chance to trigger a repel (dodge) movement
(bosses and hunter give different dodge results... the kneel position are exclusive to them)
To trigger this movement, you need to hit aim button (R1) perfectly at the right frame
The other way is to use fire button (square) while you are aiming (actually this mean you are shooting, this only concern automatic weapons like the riffle, that you dont get while speedrunning)
If you are walking while the zombie grab you, you get about 4-8 frames oppertunity to trigger the dodge
If you are running, you get only 2 frames oppertunity, and the angle also impact on your capacity to dodge (often it just dont work if you are not perfectly positioned)
If you are using riffle, its nearly impossible to miss the dodge (lets imagine zombies are very close and approaching in a compact group)
I strongly think devs where on crack the day they coded that feature, theres no chances a average player can trigger this, except for riffle, anyway
  • Avoid Zombies:
Rather than dodging them, you can also lurk and avoid zombies;
Run up to a zombie on a given side, and at the very last possible moment, change angle and run on the other side of the zombie
When perfectly executed, zombie will try to get you on the wrong side, giving a small chance to run past him
Note that you need some space on both sides of the zombies, if hes close to a wall or obstacle, probly wont work
  • Jill run 5% faster while equiped of handguns or knife (nothing equiped have same speed boost, but remove dodge) rather than holding a bigger weapon (grenade launcher, shootguns ect...)
  • The shortcut in vapors room (take damage) save a lot of time, its worthy, but void no damage run... anyway... at this point it will not look cooler to remove this damage (and last boss ones), it will only waste time
  • I founded a bit too late (half run) the trick with menu questions (YES/NO), while you cant input X (for about 16 frames), you can move the cursor (4frames) and X will become usable that way (total 6 frames), this save around 10 frames in menus and a bit more ingame (item drop ect...), overall a few seconds should be saved that way
  • I didnt determined where the fix is exactly needed (in doors fmvs) and for how many frames (full fmv duration in this run), this might be a problem in term of competition, i did noticed some rooms are slow to load while using the fix it will speed it up, i guess the use of fix should be limited stricly where its needed (where game loop)
  • The jap psx version can skip completly fmv, boss got less HP and text display is shorter; for exemple, using & droping an item only takes 2 screen of text while it take 3 on usa version, i think the jap version can save between 30sec to 2min, not sure how much exactly tough (theres a lot of drop/menu activity in the game)
  • The PC (Gamcube/Dreamcast?) version can skip also door fmv, so if you find a better (human) timer than SDA or Zero one's its more likely played on one of those version (roughtly 20min can be saved that way)
  • The wurm boss was a bit picky, i dont have any evidences he can be faster with more nades, because that would imply to pick up more ammos, witch take times too, its the second "improvable" stuff along with YES/NO trick

mmbossman: Despite the large amount of doors, I enjoyed this. Some small parts looked a bit sloppy, but the controls probably have something to do with that, since the author seems to have done his homework. Accepting for publication, and I'm sorry for the delay!

ShinyDoofy: After yet another delay and nobody else willing to do it, I'm processing this.

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