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Submission #2248: pirohiko's NES EarthBound Zero in 25:41.67

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: EarthBound Zero
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Mother (J).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 25:41.67
FrameCount: 92500
Re-record count: 7777
Author's real name: K.N
Author's nickname: pirohiko
Submitter: pirohiko
Submitted at: 2009-05-15 23:57:25
Text last edited at: 2009-06-17 01:50:24
Text last edited by: adelikat
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This submittion is my third run.
Possibly I may like broken RPGs.
I cannot write so many sentences, because I'm very weak in English.
If there is some wrong point, please show me it.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FCEU 0.98.28
  • Abuses programming errors
  • Uses Warp
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Manipulates luck
  • Uses Japanese version

About this version

The thing which there is only in this version.

A map as the item, bread crumb glitch.

The thing which there is not in this version.

B-Dash, instant map, button setting, mysterious cave to the last battle.

Luck manipulation

You can evade a battle by showing a menu right before an enemy appears. When a level advances, you can control the increase of the value by a timing to push the A button. Five values are decided at the same time, and the increase of HP and PP are decided in an individual timing.

BreadCrumbs glitch

There is not this glitch on prototype version and GBA version. Individual cannot have many bread crumbs, and cannot too give it, because it records a using bread position to character information. However, the bread crumb which Pippi made is returned to boy after she withdrew in Pippi's house. You can warp to zero-zero position if boy has never used bread. The unused area has a tileset upset. You can restore a right position and tileset by using bread in the broken world. Unfortunately you can't restore right data by using map.
Addition: There is not this glitch in GBA and prototype version.

About the run

In my home

First two fight's RNG was not good. But it was not shortened even if I manipulate luck more than it. I get a plastic bat for a sale purpose. There is the map in the my home's basement, but there is not the bread.

Helps Pippi

I rescue Pippi and answer her question in order of "NO" and "YES" to get a Franklin Badge. I drop in at the department store before going to the mayor's office. I sell off a plastic bat for $40 and withdraw $50. I purchase three loaves of bread for $30x3 in the fourth floor, and Pippi uses one loaf. You will lose 16 frames if you stayed having stopped when you repeat the opening and shutting of the menu. I get $100 from the mayor and say goodbye to Pippi and meet her again in her house and have a boy return her bread crumb. You can go to the broken world by using this bread crumb.

Meets the girl

You can meet Giegue by using bread in front position of the Giegue's cave. You must increase levels to defeat Giegue, but must increase levels in the outside because this version does not have a mysterious cave. I increase friends to perform the both. I warp from the broken world to the clifftop near girl's house, and use bread again there. I go to Reindeer Station to get her hat. I purchase three loaves of bread again in the middle. I return by the bread crumb after get a hat. I use bread again on the cliff and return after add her to a party member. In the case of other tile sets, the outside is filled up with tree and cliff, but can walk in Snowman outside endlessly.

Go to the Mt. Itoi.

The boy gives a girl bread and a Franklin Badge in the middle toward the Giegue's cave. Each of him and her uses bread and makes a bread crumb. I warp in the suitable place and fight the LastStarmen. The girl reflects PK Beam Gamma by Franklin Badge's effect and wins for this battle, but the boy dies. I manipulate luck so that fight values do not increase to shorten it. I reduce the opportunity when HP and PP increase and aim at huge increase. Finally she learns only PSI Shield Alpha and gets a PSI stone. I restore HP in Life-Up Beta, and PP is restored with three times of PSI Stones, too. And I warp to the front of the cave and, with the bread crumb which I prepared, fight against Giegue.

The Final battle

I manipulate luck and take the precedence and use PSI Shield Alpha. I use guard and Life-Up Beta till I get possible to sing. I manipulate luck and reduce damage and use sing and Life-Up Beta in turn and I sing nine times and defeat Giegue.

To Be Continued

I had to push the A button last to witness To Be Continued.

Special Thanks

MON: He devised the model of the method to meet with Giegue directly.
And thank you for reading this submission, enjoy the run!

adelikat: Accepting for publication alongside the USA version. For now, it will be called the glitched-any% unless someone has a better suggestion.

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