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Submission #2327: Mukki's GB Trip World in 06:59.75

Console: Game Boy
Game name: Trip World
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Trip World (J).gb
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 06:59.75
FrameCount: 25185
Re-record count: 11485
Author's real name: I. Masterson
Author's nickname: Mukki
Submitter: Mukki
Submitted at: 2009-07-14 01:46:55
Text last edited at: 2009-08-30 13:58:59
Text last edited by: Raiscan
Download: Download (2004 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Here is a run of Trip World that beats my previous canceled submission by 981 frames. The improvement mainly comes from better use of the B-Up transformation and this improvement can be seen mostly in levels 1 and 5. This game is not particularly hex-friendly so I needed to redo some sections from scratch and I also redid sections that I felt could be further improved and so frames have been shaved here and there, but I won't bore you with the details.

Trip World is a very underrated game for the Nintendo Game Boy, and is one of my personal favorites on the system. The game lends itself well to TASing; the gameplay can be seen as a mix between Little Samson and Gimmick! (which is hardly surprising as the game is from Sunsoft) and level layout is similar to Mega Man. The premise is an age-old video game cliché: your character (in this a puffy rabbit/pikachu kind of thing) must rescue his kidnapped girlfriend from an evil dude.

The character is originally armed with only jumping and a kick, but as you progress through the levels you can pick up fruit to transform and gain new powers for a limited time. The powers are as follows: Flower Power-Up, he grows a flower on his head and can fire seeds at enemies to immobilise them, never seen in this run; Shrink, he shrinks to small size, but other powers remain the same, never used; Grow, he grows in size, but kicking power is disabled, never used; Ball, he transforms into a ball and can bounce and travel at high speed, used extensively; Mouse, he turns into a mouse and can tail whip enemies from a greater distance, he must also be in this form to transform into his final form; Final, his legs grow long and he shoots energy bombs that kill all enemies in one hit. He can also transform into other things by pressing B-down depending on the level, although the only one useful in this run is his Fish transformation.

This really is great game, but it never received a US release so I highly recommend that you all play it if you enjoy this movie.

Level Notes

Just to answer some questions you may have...

  • Stage 1
    • The top of the screen is solid in places which means I have to clip the floating thing before falling in the water.
    • The transformation time for a fish is slower than simply jumping through the water.
    • Everything is now flown over.

  • Stage 2
    • The ball physics are quite complex and so sometimes it isn't always faster to rapid-fire B to gain speed and speed must be sacrificed to cross the screens optimally.

  • Stage 3
    • The fish swimming physics are surprisingly forgiving. The optimal pattern is A-Blank-A across three frames any more than that and the Y-position will increase too quickly. If this pattern is not over used X-Position can be maintained, though the Y-Position may vary.
    • You may notice that I use a longer jump before the wall jumping guys. This is luck manipulation.
    • For those of you that don't notice; the long, straight area at the top of the level is a windy area that slows my movement.

  • Stage 4
    • I waste a lot of time waiting to transform from the ball. This is because the ball can't do damage and therefore I can't defeat the mini-boss. The ball allows such fast movement that it is still worth getting it. Also, it would be faster waiting to transform in the boss chamber, rather than beside the fruit. The fruit, however lets me transform into the mouse, which in turn allows me to transform into the final form, which is ultimately faster.
    • When in the final form the ultimate attack is the energy bombs. These are so powerful that they rebound the main character backwards. These can be linked to together to boost him through the level.

  • Stage 5
    • I can get a Ball transformation early in this level, but I would arrive at the mini-boss way too early.
    • As above I pick up the mouse powerup to be able to transform into the final form.

mmbossman: Decent little platformer, with some nice quick sections mixed in. Accepting.
Raiscan: Processing...

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