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Submission #2332: GTimeKiller's SNES Hagane in 15:47.73

Console: Super NES
Game name: Hagane
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Hagane (U)
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 15:47.73
FrameCount: 56864
Re-record count: 5069
Author's real name: G. Saya
Author's nickname: GTimeKiller
Submitter: GTimeKiller
Submitted at: 2009-07-16 03:39:43
Text last edited at: 2009-07-25 04:38:39
Text last edited by: mmbossman
Download: Download (6713 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hagane Its a Hudson game, nice graphycs, a big Command list, exellent game play, artistic characters, and backgrounds... Ooooh, Sublime. Poor History=).


  • First of all, I use Backflip in the entire game (exept for the stages of automatic run or the stages of sky surfers), The backflip is the faster way to advance and give you invencibility from the second frame till the last (you can´t avoid damage forever), other usefull move is the cannonball, it can be performed when you are doins a jump and touch the B buttom again (when tha mecha is rising in the jump).

  • The other thing I use is the second level of the normal flip, the move whit the B buttom (a jump with invencibility and too much power, kill bosses of 2 hits, rarely they take more damage than that).

  • Some times I used other moves (I use all the mecha repertory in all the game).

  • The bombs, give you a short time of invencibility to, but, slow down the game, so, i don´t abuse of theme, plus don´t do several damage like the level 2 vertical kick. I use the Level 2 Y attack, The Mecha of Hagane slash the ground and unleash a dragon with 2 pilars of fire that advance in the 2 ways, Effective sometimes.

  • Stage 1-1
Just Backflip and kill the mid-boss.

  • Stage 1-2
Backflip and wall bouncing, after that I rush the mid-boss. 1 H.Kick and 1 "Dragon flame"

  • Stage 1-3
The Mecha can move after the worm-like thing get back to the earth (exept you drop a bomb, but the slow of the bomb don´t deserve it in this case), backflip adn frontal flip to perform the jump horizontal kick in order to advance and kill the worms, bounce into a turtle or whatever it is, advance and drop a bomb to save time. I reach the other plataform and make my way into backflips and jumps.

  • Stage 1-4
Nothing Out the ordinary, the mecha Run in a auto-scrolling stage. It´s nice to see the ninja Run faster than the usual and avoiding the explotion in his back.

  • Boss: Musha-Mukuro
the first frame that Musha can be hited its when he it´s on fire. 2 H.Kicks and a simple attack and he get a better life (I hope he belived in Buda or something XD)..
Note: Maipulation Its VERY HARD in this game, i mean, to the 2 character are in the correct position to the best gameplay.. ´Cause its determiated by the last imput you do in the last secuence of the enemy.. Its hard to explain... If you play you will see (in the second boss i will show a better case of probability maipulation)

  • Stage 2-1
The Ninja who its you rival in the game appears for 1st time, he summons another creature.. The first frame that can be hited is when start to move. 2 H. Kicks and go to sleep.. (Alter the probability of the enemy descend to get hited in the low part of the sceen its hard, but save me a lot of time, cause the stage don´t end until the enemy lie down on the ground).

  • Stage 2-2
Backflip like ever, I take damage to save time with the machine and go my way, I drop off and I press down to perform a Rocket Kick (The mecha Bounce when reach the hit And you bounce highly if in the fist fame of the kick if you press and hold the B buttom and cancel with a another jump with 1 frame tap. Then I make my way like a Ninja, jumping into the rocks.. I pass through all the obstacles and I perform a R.K into the Lava (when you get hited doing the R.K or Ducking you are free to move unlike if get hited standing or advancing). Withe lasers, BF with the first and with the secon a trick, you can perform a Slide like Rockman pressing Down + B, if you cancel the first frames you can advence without the animation of the dash move, if you do rapidly, you can advance as well. Well I do that whit the first laser and take damage to get invencibility and don´t rest me time.

  • Stage 2-3

A normal stage at all, BF, Jump, Wall jumping, avoid bullets.. All that a common ninja do until the mid-Boss. It take seconds to get the best position to attack, specially in a TAS, the first frame that can be hited, is when the core its open, H.Kick and pass through. BF forward and Jump to reach the top.

  • Boss: En-Mikoshi
This boss it´s HARDLY to manipulate his attacks and, you can only damage him when he release his core. So, a Dragon Flame remove a nice part of his life then, bombs into the face. He fly away, and you can´t do anything to manipulate the next attack (I think you can alter this whit the last hit of you do in his last action...) He go down and Shot 4 ectoplasm (1 attack), and I Kick the 1st two nad touch the floor in order to kick the other two. The fact is, I do this in this way (and is nice to see) for alter the next attack, that will be release the core in the right part of the screen. after that, SLASH rapidly and he die.

  • Stage 3-1
A common Stage, just I do the basic. In the part of the enemy rush I use a nice move, the normal Flip and press Y buttom to perform a Stocking Dragon Flame move, that is strong...

  • Stage 3-2
BF and take damage of with the first enemy to get in the correct position to advance (the other way is BF till the enemy then walk back and BF again, and repeat the proces, trust me it takes more time in this part), normal flip and J.H.Kick. All the way like this, and jump and bounce betwen elevators and flamethrowers.. Advance and a bomb to clean the way, after that, a normal walkthrough. Mid-Boss, 1 H.Kick to each part its enough..

  • Stage 3-3
Well well, the Sky surfer stages. Auto-scrolling, the thing I do just for entertainment its, after kill a few enemies, jump and bounce in all of them, ignoring the SS, exept when I have no enemies or missiles to jump into.

  • Stage 3-4
Auto-scrolling stage. I leave the SS and bounce into all the enmies of the stage, like the other one, more funny. Note: the hit box of the hagane-mecha its rare, cause some projectils don´t hit very well.. You will see.

  • Boss: Jasei-Jyu
well, Slash like crazy and throw Kunais. Slash again and presto, the Oni is back when he came.

  • Stage 4-1
Normal stage, the Mid-boss is your Rival (namless), bah... a friendly fight.. Just see the synchro after his defeat ;)

  • Stage 4-2
A cave, uuuuuuuuuuuuhhh... Bf, slide and drop off intothe rock and bounce, cancel, chain in the top, you know, ninja things.. Mid-Boss: H.Kick like the others. 1 hit, dead.

  • Stage 4-5
this stage I do a lot of things to save time, I choose the the down way. Jump to the lava and Bf, Jump Cannonball and repeate. Bf Bf Bf... this part is hard, be cause if you aren´t fast enough the lava pilars will hit you, sow jump and cannonball, repeat avoiding enemies and kill the one who fire missiles. In the top, this is important, I Save 10 or more seconds, bouncing in the first enemy of the missiles and let him to shoot you, I bounce in the missiles and use the chain to reach the top, then bounce again in the enemy and do the same in other random enemy. Note: This is a hell of hard to do, like I say before, to maipulate the positions of enemies and attacks its hard, VERY HARD.

  • Boss: Jyuso-Dama
this boss take heavy damage, 1 H.Kick hit to the first form, take off all the placs and H.Kick, last form 2 H.Kicks will kill him, but i do 1 one and slash to dead (its faster in my gameplay)

  • Stage 5-1
Kill all, that easy. Mid-boss a ship with fox face (a japanese demon), I let you guess, yaah, H.Kick and I perform the R.K to take the damge from it, in that way I will kill it faster in the same jump, second mid-boss, its a Train like with a face. H.Kick and 1 bounce and you go for the real showndown.. The Nameless Guy, take more damge than before, and has new moves, the same formula.

  • Stage 5-2
Well, using the enemey like a step I go my way up saving to much time, well avoid the saws and other stage.

  • Stage 5-3
  its a boss. Like the others 1 kick in his face and it is a lot of crap.
  • Stage 5-4
the spikes will be down all the time, I just jump and all the nija things (sorry for be boring, but its boring to explain, its funny to see it)

  • Stage 5-5
Jump into the walls, then R.k to the bottom (here is a glitch, I pass through the panels, normally, you jump in, and in 1 sec the one you are standing flip) , a normal way.. I take damage with the spike to perform BF and save time. Destroy the last barrier and Final Boss.

  • Boss: Shura-Oh
the only part that can be damaged its the tiny thing that came off after 3 attacks, Its easy to manipulate this boss, just to H.Kicks and He will R.I.P.

  • Fianl Boss: Amano-Ikazuchi
Its like a Nuclear bomb , I jump destroy all the heads, final i do a bit of damge to the last heads and drop a bomb. Indeed Dead.

  • The final its Sad, the Hagane-Mecha Complete his mission, Kill all the Japanese mecha/demons creatures so he will turn off, and the time pass, and the rust cover his body (like cover my english, sorry, a lot of time talking and writting in spanish)

Sorry for the others TAS, (the firsts I made) of Gens, they begin from a save but Its the Zero frame, iy you don´t trust me count it with the normal rom, and I end the movies at the end of credits =/

I hope you enjoy this one like me. I expend a lot of days in it. Enjoy it =)..

mmbossman: The general consensus seems that this could be improved by quite a bit. Excellent game for TASing though, I look forward to an optimized version.

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