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Submission #23: nifboy's Genesis Chuck Rock in 09:49.53

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Chuck Rock
Game version: USA [c]
ROM filename: Chuck Rock (U) [c][!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 09:49.53
FrameCount: 35372
Re-record count: 1083
Author's real name: Stephen Kalb
Author's nickname: nifboy
Submitter: nifboy
Submitted at: 2004-06-24 03:21:38
Text last edited at: 2012-06-09 17:04:12
Text last edited by: Guga
Download: Download (3392 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Yes, another submission! Mwahahaha!

This is a fairly straightforward game to speedrun, as jump-kicking enemies doesn't slow you down. I only take hits on the first boss, which makes the fight go roughly twice as fast as it would if I didn't (because I'd only hit him once per pass). All of Chuck's jumps are the same height, which can be rather frustrating at times.

This game has great music, especially levels 2 and 5. The sound effects can get a bit annoying, namely Chuck's jump, but I suppose that's just me. And any game that plays the final boss music through the credits (which repeats once before returning you to the title screen) is a cool game in my book.

The award for "most annoying enemy" is a tie between the mud-boogeymen in level 2 and the snowball throwing *****es in level 4. The former always killed me when I went through the game years ago, so I never saw levels 3-5 until I speedran them. The latter not only have invincible snowballs but also tend to be situated right where they're the most likely to hit you. Level 4 is a travesty because of them.

Normally, you get hit if you try to hit an enemy under you as you fall. With a bit of luck, though, it's possible to not take damage. Chuck's range is pathetic, too, making Simon Belmont look like a freaking sniper. Really, the hard part of most bosses (and in fact, most enemies) is getting close enough to hit them, but not so close as to get hit.

Possible improvements: Taking hits in certain areas (in level 1 and anywhere I wait a while), though I'm one of those people that tries to avoid hits even if it takes a little longer. Use of rocks. In level 1 I don't do nearly as well with this as I do later. Bosses. Some of them may be done slightly faster. The final boss is especially weird; it seems to be random whether he bites me or gets hit. Timing of jumps: Early on there are times it may be better to jump earliy and kick an enemy on the way down, since jumping later forces me to land on the edge of the platform, inside my jump range.

Mistakes in the first two levels: Level 1: Jumped off the big dinosaur too late; since I move faster than it I should jump as soon as I can. There's also a bit where I jump when I shouldn't (soon after riding the pterydactyl). Level 2: Snaaaake! The first snake I jump-kick could have been kicked a little earler, so I wouldn't have to wait as I land on the far edge. I do it right later in the level. The stairs leading up to the boss also could have been done faster.

nifboy: Cancelled. Dan_'s run is faster, though it takes more damage.

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