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Submission #2422: AngerFist's Arcade Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001 in 18:48.4

Console: Arcade
Game name: Metal Slug X - Super Vehicle-001
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: mslugx
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 18:48.4
FrameCount: 67704
Re-record count: 13834
Author's real name: Yashar Nasirian
Author's nickname: AngerFist
Submitter: AngerFist
Submitted at: 2009-10-11 19:20:59
Text last edited at: 2009-11-08 10:02:05
Text last edited by: flygon
Download: Download (9821 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Movie features

  • Emulator used: Finalburn Alpha-RR v0.0.3.03 (alpha version).
  • Aims for fastest time.

About the run

Alright, another dear game to me has been TASed. I loved playing this game when I was younger but I never managed to finish it. But thats a different story today. At first I tried using two players but for some reason, my keyboard wouldnt co-operate with me. After error1 confirmed my thought that using two players causes the enemies to have more HP, I concluded that it would be faster and less lag involved by using one player. That being the case, I am quite satisfied with how this run ended. In my opinion, killing bosses certainly didnt take that awfully long to deal with as one player. Initially, I thought lag and eliminating enemies & bosses would take forever using one player but I am glad I was more or less wrong (I am sure there are some instances where using two players is faster).

An important information about the game is that it uses checkpoints in each area. These checkpoints are obviously the enemies. Therefore you might notice and wonder "why didn't he kill that enemy faster?" Its because I don't have to worry about that, because I've already dealt with the checkpoint and can meanwhile have a bit fun by shanking nazis :)

Maybe a less important information is about the weaponry. Shotgun and Super Grenade seem to be strongest weapons, though I don't know for sure which one of them is the strongest (doesnt really matter much as I never had the difficulty of chosing between them in a mission as they never bumped into each other).

Mission 1 Nothing much to say about this mission, everything went pretty well.

Mission 2 I am extremely satisfied with how very quick I managed to destroy the boss. Didnt have to jump once.

MIssion 3 I sacrified a few frames by getting fat. This mission is much longer and harder compared with mission 1 and 2.

Mission 4 Ironically, I anticipated that with each level, it would get tougher but mission 4 was quite possibly the easiest stage of them all. Got fat again though this time I barely lost frames.

Mission 5 The hardest mission of them all. Soooooooooooo many minibosses. Don't know what to say other than I really utilized every weapon I could collect.

Mission 6 Final mission! I sat almost half a day trying to manipulate the aliens to give me a Shotgun but they wouldnt :( They gave me everyhing (= a chicken, letter, pig, Dropshot, Heavy machine gun, Lasergun, Enemy Chaser, Rocket Launcher) besides Shotgun or Super Grenade.

If you encounter a desync, replay it until it plays to the end. Oh and the ROM and the bios should probably have these filesizes to be able to play my movie: The ROM should be 27 826 bytes and the neogeo bios 1316 bytes.

Hope you enjoy!

Baxter: Replaced the submission file by a input file that stops after the last hit, instead of after the credits.

Baxter: There were a lot of responses that better goals could have been chosen for a TAS of this game, mainly suggesting that the TAS should be done on the hardest difficulty, and that it should be a 2-player TAS. The people suggesting this however added that they were really entertained by this TAS. There are two options: reject this TAS and wait for a new TAS which has different goals (this could take a very long time), or accept it and have a very enjoyable Metal Slug TAS on the site in the mean-time. The opinions in the discussion thread seem to agree on this; publish this movie. A new TAS of this game which plays on the hardest difficulty and uses 2 players will very likely obsolete this movie for having better goals, but for now we can all enjoy this highly entertaining TAS. Accepting.

ShinyDoofy: Processing...

flygon: Encoding, since ShinyDoofy is taking so long.

flygon: Replaced the screenshot with a far more entertaining one.

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