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Submission #2428: maTO's Genesis Shadow of the Beast 2 in 06:33.33

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Shadow of the Beast 2
Game version: any
ROM filename: Shadow of the Beast 2 (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 06:33.33
FrameCount: 23600
Re-record count: 1365
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: maTO
Submitter: maTO
Submitted at: 2009-10-22 17:16:36
Text last edited at: 2009-11-07 00:21:51
Text last edited by: flygon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Shadow of the Beast 2

In the first part of Shadow of the Beast you defeated Zelek and your human body was restored. Now Zelek kidnapped your sister and you have to rescue her and settle things with Zelek conclusively.

Movie features:

Difficulty: Ridiculous

  You take two times more damage than on normal, and on normal two times more than on easy.
Memory Addresses:
  00FF2239 - your health (128 max) - Potions heal 40/46 HP
  00FF2D7A - enemy HP 1
  00FF2D00 - enemy HP 2
  00FF2C86 - enemy HP 3 (last boss)
  00FF1F43 - coins (only needed at 5:32)
There are more enemy/object HP addresses but they are not essential for this run.

Game objectives: We need to go left to fetch a scroll. Before that we have to save two servants of the owner of the scroll. When we have the scroll we backtrack to starting point and go right. A ring has to be fetched from underground.

Timeline: (glitches are bolded)

  0:31 This man has to be saved that dragon Barloom at 2:31 let's us pass
  0:44 This monster can only be killed when it reaches a certain point
  0:55 One of the falling pillars doesn't appear due to jump attack done earlier, saves about 30 frames
  0:58 Imp has to be killed to get a key for door at 1:06
  1:02 This spikeblock cannot be damaged until it slides down the slope
  1:10 Jump attack saves 8 frames here
  1:23 Lower lever creates a bridge in lower screen at 1:40
  2:05 This man has to be saved that dragon Barloom at 2:31 let's us pass, the waiting here is intentional
  2:36 Six coins (6/16) and a 40HP potion
  2:41 Scroll is needed to get the best weapon
  3:22 There is a man in the tree so taking damage can not be avoided
  3:47 Killing a goblin wakes up the guard left of barrier and he starts to pull the bridge
  3:47 Just before you are about to fall down, start running and you can go through the barrier
  3:53 Spikes strangely refill your energy! Well, it makes my job easier...
  3:57 This switch puts the chain down (4:27)
  4:07 Kill goblins so you don't have to wait them to run off screen
  4:26 The key that flew from guard is for celldoor in upper floor if you wanted to "save" another prisoner
  4:32 Ring is needed to get the last weapon, the spell
  4:40 Normally you need the other prisoner from the upper cell to "help" with spikes
  4:50 Twelve coins (18/16)
  5:05 There's also a upper route which requires killing the behemoth head
  5:13 This skips the giant on top of a bridge sequence
  5:24 Horn is needed at 6:06
  5:32 16 coins is needed here
  5:35 Ring and scroll are traded for spell, the only weapon that can harm the last boss, Zelek
Closing comments: This run wasn't particularly hard to create, took few days just like the first part of the trilogy. Health management was the most crucial aspect in both games, but this game had glitches which saved some time.
  The game doesn't automatically proceed to credits after the final text without input.

adelikat: Decent movie, seems to have good technical quality someone is going to improve this by 3 minutes and quote me on this, I just know it. The viewer response is good. Accepting for publication.

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