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Submission #2463: Bestiajerules's Genesis Streets of Rage 2 in 27:55.53

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Streets of Rage 2
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Streets of Rage 2 (U) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 27:55.53
FrameCount: 100532
Re-record count: 39281
Author's real name: Luis Saez
Author's nickname: Bestiajerules
Submitter: Bestiajerules
Submitted at: 2009-11-23 01:54:50
Text last edited at: 2009-11-26 07:19:42
Text last edited by: flygon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

Max Move List:

Regular combo - B repeatedly Hammer punch - Hold B and release Slide - Forward, Forward, B Mule kick - Hold B and press C (repeatedly if desired) Knuckle bomb - A Thunder tackle - Toward+A Jumping hammer punch - C, then B Drop kick - Left+C or Right+C, then B Elbow drop - C or Left+C or Right+C, then Down+B Flurry - Hold From front, Toward+B Bear punch - Hold From front, B Brain buster - Hold From front, Away+B Jumping throw - Hold From front, C or C+Left or C+Right, then B German suplex - Hold From behind, B Atomic drop - Hold From behind, C or C+Left or C+Right, then B



1.1.Powerful Moves:

-Atomic drop (a.k.a Backbreaker): It removes 3/4 of bar. I used it a lot in this speedrun, and always tried to hit the highest number of enemies at the same time. Very convenient to use.

-Regular combo+Thunder tackle: Useful with groups and convenient to use with Abadede.

-Extended Combo: To me, the best attack in the game, very useful to remove bars quickly. To perform this you need a Galsia or a Donovan hit you by the back. Some enemies you can use it against are Electras, Knifers, Fat Guys, Shirtless Ninjas, Jets and Donovans. With this, you can defeat two three-bars Fat guys in 5 seconds or so, with other tactics out of this it would take around 10 seconds.

-Block Glitch: Only can be used against Barbons or Zamzas, you just must do the Thunder Tackle (forward + A) and prey to the enemy blocks the attack, if he does, you can take a lot of damage (up to 2 bars). The enemy can be knocked down or can remain standing. Sometimes, dealing a hit before the tackle seems useful.

1.2.Clever moves

-Backwards jump: This is an useful move which is followed with an Elbow drop, a Grab and a Atomic Drop on the enemy. Sometimes, when backbreaking, the enemy or enemies can move towards an undesired desition, with this trick you can move the enemies to the desired side. I used it a lot in stage 3 in the segment with the Knifer and the 2 Electras, also in stage 6 at the beginning of the road. This move cannot be performed on Donovans, they repel you with an uppercut.

-Jumping throw: It is the best finishing move, it can save time if used with the last enemy alive in the segment.


That is, try to avoid innecessary hits, for instance, if you can kill an enemy con 1 punch and a Thunder Tackle, don't deliver 2 punches and Tackle him. In some situations this is not a waster.


Try always grouping enemies to hit them at the same time with one attack, especially the Combo+Melé attack. There is also another kind of grouping strategy in long areas, it is shown for instance in Stage 1 in segment 2 and just at the beginning of the road (Stage 6), I walk along luring the first enemies, in order to kill them massively along with other enemies located in a further distance. To me, this is much faster than killing them as you encounter them.


Depending on your path, some enemies can appear soon or late. When speedrunning the most convenient is to make them appear the soonest possible to kill them quickly. This recurs throughout the speedrun. Some exemples: In the first segment of the game, the second yellow Signal appears when the timer is around 93, with other paths he could appear among 3-7 seconds later, which is an important waster. Another example, in the first segment of stage 8, Bear JR appears when you kill Hydrogen, so killing Hydrogen quickly is very convenient.


Some enemies are avoidable, something cool to use when speedrunning:

5.1 In Stage 2, in the first segments, is normal that some bikers jump from their motorcycles to attack you, if you take the right run, they won't appear. In my Speedrun, during that segments I fight just one, which is obligatory I think, however I managed to avoid the rest but required some rerecords. How to avoid them? I think it is pure randomness...

5.2 Also in Stage 2, in the boss segment, if you move to the center of the screen and move backwards in the right way, you'll avoid the second Jet (Tomcat) and Donovans. If you walk past the center, they'll appear.

5.3 In Stage 6, also in the boss segment, if you repeat the same process you'll avoid the three Jets. To me, this process is hardest that the last one.


Sometimes throwing enemies off the screen is not recommendable (especially if they still have a lot of health) because they could be out of your reach and you couldn't hit them comfortably, or just cannot hit them. It may also happen that they can take a long to be visible again which is a waste of time.


What determines the final duration of each segment in the game, is the moment in which you kill the last enemy. Assuming he has low health, the convenient way to finish off him is with the Jumping throw, it is quicker than, for instance, an Atomic drop. With this tactic I managed to save game time nad frames in many parts, one of them the Final Boss. There are other moves that seem to work well as finishers, for instance, the Hammer Punch (with or without jump). In some cases, if the Jumping Throw doesn't kill your opponent, you can knee him once or twice before. Once you finish off the last enemy, you can go back to get health if required, this move is not a waster at all, however it should be done especially in parts where the screen fades out.


In general terms, to me, weapons (knives, swords and pipes) are useless, except when beating Vehelits, the sword in this case is useful to kill it quickly. In the last segment in stage 6, where there are 2 Electras and many minor-health bikers, using a pipe correctly to kill the bikers could result in a non-waster, but I prefer to kill them with Thunder tackles. Along the game, I throw away some weapons to avoid taking them accidentally.

mmbossman: An improvement to a movie from 2004? Yes, please! Nice first submission, Bestiajerules.

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