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Submission #2647: Kyman's GBC Daffy Duck - Fowl Play in 08:27.35

Console: Game Boy Color
Game name: Daffy Duck - Fowl Play
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Daffy Duck - Fowl Play (U) [C][!].gbc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 08:27.35
FrameCount: 30441
Re-record count: 4583
Author's real name: Kyle L.
Author's nickname: Kyman
Submitter: Kyman
Submitted at: 2010-04-28 20:28:05
Text last edited at: 2012-06-12 18:30:12
Text last edited by: NitroGenesis
Download: Download (2186 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
Daffy Duck - Fowl Play is a nice little platformer for the GBC. Your mission is to blow the crap out of Bugs Bunny with dynamite, while he is flying in an UFO. The time limit in this game is the % meter at the top, sort of like how much life you have left. If you reach 0%, you die.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA rerecording v23-interim svn 190 (should work with every VBA, maybe even VBA-RR v20 if it is cool enough)
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Ignores bonus delays caused by blowing up animals with explosives
  • Runs on air


I started this run about a week ago, and now it's done. This TAS will look like it doesn't use running on air enough, but the strategies are the best possible without taking damage. If you jump 8 times in a row, you get a higher jump. This is used a lot to save time. Each level has four parts, except the 6th. The first three parts in the level are platforming, and then the last is facing Bugs Bunny and trying to steal his treasure while avoiding his projectiles. The last level has 5 platforming parts and a final boss fight.

Stage by stage comments


I jump ice cream because eating it takes 100 or so frames. Hardest part of the run.


I avoid some mouse traps (?) and jump on chickens, run on the guy with a bad posture to get more speed, and then blow his friend up with dynamite.


I do a 8 jump thing to jump all of the boxes. I also avoid rakes and getting one punched by steroid using dogs (?) and then avoid more chickens and rakes.


The first and easiest fight with Bugs. I avoid the mouse trap and the 16 tonne weight, then run to the treasure. Notice how I almost get crushed.


This is the first time I do the running on air move. You can only do this over pits with no ground in them. Jumping gives me extra height on it, allowing me to just avoid the fire.


Probably the most boring part of the run, the 5 billion kilometer dive that I somehow survive (?) Anyways I recommend fast forwarding a bit here.


I jump on water on the first frame each time because it is the fastest way to move. I do one short jump to avoid the electric eel.


Another Bugs Bunny fight. I move forward on the first frame I can without hitting the giant spike ball. I also do a 8 jump so I can avoid the spike ball at the end and get the treasure quickly.


I have to dynamite the icicle here because it would hit me no matter what. Other than that, this part is straight forward.


I do two 8 jumps here to clear the Yetis.


This is just jumping to avoid obstacles.


This fight was hard. It's impossible to get through the 2nd icicle and the snowball, so I had to stop to avoid them. The same situation happened near the treasure.


This part is just jumping to avoid yellow obese zebras and bats.


Some running and monkey bananas. I had to blow up that piranha thing to get by without stopping.


It may seem like I avoid a lot of running opportunities, but blame the yellow obese zebras.


Although it looks like I can just jump the 2nd spider, I have to stop or I will get hurt and waste 100 or so frames.


Not running is faster because of the bouncing boulders and the purple scorpions. It is only faster at the end.


I had to 8 jump the cactus to get by it. I also had to hit the bird to avoid its poop. If I tried to dynamite the bird, it always drops ice cream or fruit, which wastes 100 or so frames.


Blowing up the cactus and 8 jumping the spider is the only strategy that works without stopping. It was faster not to run after because the bats would murder me.


I had to 8 jump the cactus to get over it. Then I threw dynamite and avoided Bugs Bunny's bomb which can't be done optimally without stopping. After that I just ran to the cactus.


Once again, I had to 8 jump the cactus. Then I walked away from the purple scorpion.


I do some jumping up and down stairs, and avoid some arrows. Then I deal with a falling spike ball. It required a stop, I can't jump it without getting hurt.


Same thing as previous spike ball. I had to dynamite the purple scorpion to kill him so he wouldn't hurt me when I went to crawl. I also had to jump that high after the scorpion to avoid eating the pizza. It might look sloppy but it is the fastest way. When I am falling down the pit thing, I have to land on 3 of the sticking out platforms. I do this because if I make one huge jump, when I land there is a really long landing animation. So it is obviously faster to avoid this. Then I stop to avoid the fire.


I stop at the second weight because I couldn't get through it without getting hit.


I avoid the rock and falling platforms. Then I avoid the huge purple bull that runs on two feet. (!?!) After that, I do a big jump and have to sit through the landing animation. This is unavoidable. After that I run to the final battle...


This is a straight forward boss fight. Throw dynamite and jump. I land where the treasure is going to appear and end input.

Ending Thoughts

There might be a few frames in boss fights and in the final world, but I couldn't find them myself.

A good screenshot would be anything where Daffy is running on air.

Thank you for reading and enjoy the run! :)

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