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Submission #2814: partyboy1a's SNES Road Runner's Death Valley Rally in 19:59.67

Console: Super NES
Game name: Road Runner's Death Valley Rally
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Road Runner's Death Valley Rally (U) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 19:59.67
FrameCount: 71980
Re-record count: 3988
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: partyboy1a
Submitter: partyboy1a
Submitted at: 2010-08-20 23:57:49
Text last edited at: 2010-09-19 18:11:23
Text last edited by: partyboy1a
Download: Download (3016 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Encode of the first submitted movie:

Encode of the second submitted movie: (note: has 48khz sound despite the movie was played with 32khz, read below how I created this) http://www.mediafire.com/file/81gy6k0ey7tkpz4/roadrunnersdeathvalleyrally-tasv2-partyboy1a.mp4

This run plays Road Runner in a fairly fast manner.


Suggested screenshots (the frame number is given in the filename of the image):

You must use the following sound settings for the movie to playback properly:

Some tricks I used in this run

Comments for most of the levels

1-1: The jump after the elevator is almost impossible to perform, you need exactly the right speed for that.

1-2: The platform at the very top must be hit to let it start moving and at the same time, you need to land on it.

1-3: I need to wait for the elevator in that stage, so it would be useless to be faster in the beginning part.

Boss 1: There are "missed shots", and it's possible to do the last hit about 60 frames faster, but they would all go lost due to a frame rule. I tested what happens if you die while the boss is killed - the battle just starts all over again.

Boss 2: If you find a way to avoid one more damage, this one could be sped up.

3-1: Absolutely straight forward, jumping through a cactus.

3-3: The goal line must be passed as slow as possible, so i use "instant stop".

Boss 3: Exactly as fast as in a non-assisted run because of frame rules and boss design. I hope it was at least a little interesting.

4-3: I found that shortcut when I was just playing around a little. You need to be in invulnerable mode while performing it, otherwise you just fall down.

Boss 4: As far as I know, all events at this boss are timer-based.

5-2: I could use a rather large shortcut here. I'm picking up the bird seed because i do have to wait there for manipulating an enemy, and without collecting it, i would lose several seconds later on.

Final boss: Taking damage is way faster than avoiding it because you can also be hit by the explosions.

Hopefully you enjoy this run.
sgrunt: Replaced the submission file with a 16 frames faster version that also addresses a desync.

klmz: The updated submission file can only be played properly with sound frequency set to 32kHz while the original one could be played properly with 48kHz. As a result, I don't think the updated one is superior to the original one. And the author seems to prefer keeping the orignal submission file.

Flygon: The 32kHz file is unpublishable. SNES9x is incapable if producing a 32kHz AVI and it also refuses to operate correctly when attempting to capture an AVI via .kkapture.

Despite any improvements the 32kHz run brings, I believe that it should not be published simply because an AVI cannot be made without screen capture software. Screen capture software shouldn't be used, however, due to the high risks of dropped frames and the such.

Basically... I'm aware my position of Publisher doesn't exactly allow me to do a Judges work, but unless an encodeless Publication is made, SNES9x has fixed 32kHz AVI dumping, or an alternative means of capture can be made, I seriously think that the 48kHz edition should be reinstated.

partyboy1a: The game behaves different on different sound settings. I saved 6 or 7 frames of random lag and 9 or 10 frames for a jump which is impossible to do on the other movie for unknown reasons. I previously had to cut out two jumps as they suddenly became impossible too. I consider the difference as purely emulator-specific. And as no one seems to be able to encode the faster version, I think it should be reverted to the older file. In case of publication, it might be easiest to write it somewhere as a sidenote like this: "There is a slightly faster version available, see submission text for details."

Edit: I figured out a workaround for that: Play new movie in 32kHz, but create a savestate at frame 62450. Afterwards, switch to 48kHz, start AVI recording, play the movie up to this frame, load the savestate and continue. Edit: I created one myself.

klmz: Delayed due to our technical problems. Please be patient while we are looking for a solution.

klmz: Accepted as no problem was seen during my judging.

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