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Submission #2815: error1's Arcade Street Fighter II - Rainbow Edition ( Rainbow set 1 ) "Playthrough" in 11:11.17

Console: Arcade
Game name: Street Fighter II - Rainbow Edition ( Rainbow set 1 )
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: sf2rb
Branch: Playthrough
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:11.17
FrameCount: 40270
Re-record count: 15500
Author's real name: Isaac Wehmanen
Author's nickname: error1
Submitter: errror1
Submitted at: 2010-08-22 03:45:04
Text last edited at: 2010-08-27 13:03:08
Text last edited by: Flygon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
note that some effects flicker, so they don't look correct at YouTube frame rate

sf2 Rainbow Edition is probably the best known hacked game of all time. It said that in some countries there where more hacked cabinets then normal street fighter II cabinets. It's the name given to all the hacked Street Fighter II: Championship Edition games due to the altered color on the title screen. All the Championship Edition hacks are pretty crazy but this one has some sanity unlike Koryu.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: FBA-RR v0.0.5
  • beat the game
  • show off all the characters
  • combos


Glitches that work in an unhacked Street Fighter II: Championship Edition

  • CPS-1 chains
for some reason in all the cps1 sf2 games, you can link a rapid fire light kick into any punch, if the punch is in a different possession. So for example, guile can link c.lk to s.hp or s.lk to c.hp. The input for this is c.lk, lk+hp or s.lk, D+lk+hp. This is a very well know glitch and easy to do irl, but only a few characters have rapid fire kicks.

  • Jump canceled light attacks
any rapid fire light attack can be canceled by a jump, this lets most characters link a light attack into a jumping attack.

  • Claw bonus stage 3
this happens if you back flip under a barrel, very well known but I had to show it.

  • knockdown cancel
Whenever an knockdown attack hits at the same time as a projectile it will cancel the knockdown. For a normal knockdown like from Ryu's hurricane kick it will leave them in a idle jumping state, but from a sweep it will cause them to remain grounded. I also use this to cancel out the knockdown of Dhalsims Yoga Fire. This is not specific to street fighter II and works in almost every capcom fighting game ( not sf4 tho ).

  • Dhalsim juggle
If Dhalsim is knocked down in the air he is vulnerable for part of it. There are no other juggles in this game, but a similar glitch exists for claw.

  • Red fireball
very very very rarely a hadouken comes out red. It's the same as a normal hadouken in every other way.

Many well known glitches, like Guile's handcuffs and Kens bonus stage freeze were fixed in Championship Edition

Things new to Rainbow Edition

  • you can change characters by pressing start if you are in the standing animation, this makes it infinitely more suited for tasing.
  • you can teleport by holding HP+HK for a second and then letting go when idle, not too useful because you need to be standing a tenth of a second before you can teleport, but can also set up backwards attacks.
  • all special moves can be done in the air, but there are no air special moves.
  • many characters like zangief and Dhalsim have increased walking speed. This leads to some crazy links.
  • the proprietors of many special moves have been changed. Increased speed, makes a projectile, etc.
  • the first frame after a air special move you can do a ground attack or jump in the air. Doesn't work with mashing moves like hhs, lightning legs or moves that become airborne like hurricane kick or dragon punch.
  • no projectile limit.
  • all air normal moves are special cancelable.
  • some charge times are reduced, the one's using punch.

Stage by stage comments


cps-1 chain and sweep cancel in the first round second round, c.mp to cl.hp is a link believe it or not crouching lk to j.hp is a cps-1 chain


Both s.mp and s.lp give a lot of frame advantage. You can't combo after hands, so that j.hk, hands, j.hk isn't an actual combo.


cl.mp is probley the best normal in the game when it comes to speed and frame advantage, due to increased walking speed it becomes really powerful. cl.mp to j.hk is not a chain. The c.mk is meaty because all his other ground normals suck. Blanka has the easiest time getting height. Note that c.hk still needs to be blocked low, even if done in the air. nj.hp has 0 startup.


I wanted to do the knee air throw from a few screens up but decided that would take too long so I did it from just off screen. Guile can do all the cps1 chains. Guile has really good frame advantage on his cl.hk but I didn't end up showing it. SPD can be used in the air but can only grab a grounded opponent.


Fierce DP can cause two hits and the first hit never knocks down.


Her cl.mp and far.mp have a lot of frame advantage and can be strung together forever. Also her cl.lp has enough advantage to link a hp or mp. Note that like hhs, it's imposable to combo after lightning legs. I ended the second round with that delay to avoid causing a dizzy.

Bonus Stage II

player 1 ends with 100 more points because he gets an extra jab in.


Note how only one Guile gets hit. Far lk and c.lp both have 0 recovery, s.mp a bunch of frame advantage combined with his fast walk speed he has a lot of linking options. I also juggle Dhalsim.


the second c.mk at the start doesn't actually combo. cl. mk and cl.mp both give some frame advantage, normally not enough to be useful. With a turbo boosted walk speed and using the fact that c.mk has no start up gives him a few links. I cancel out yoga fires normal knockdown with a cl.mk. Yoga flame is not normally kneed in this game. Cl.hk is the quickest recovering hard attack but has a lot of active frames, so a meaty one give enough time for a teleport.


Psycho crushers don't actually combo. Bison is the one character who hasn't gained anything useful in rainbow edition. He can still link after lk scissor kicks. Just watch this instead http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZpOq-67YHdI#t=1m28s


Like all the grandmasters he has fairly useless normals so I tried to play up his tiger shots and good specials.


Balrog can do cps1 chains with c.lk. He can also link after a lk dash upper in the corner due to his increased walking speed, or a meaty dash upper like normal. Sagat's cpu is a pain, always jumping and throwing tiger uppers, I had to bait him into throwing tiger shots. A cool combo I wanted to do was lp, j. hp, dash upper, j.lp but I couldn't get sagat to cooperate.


rolling attack to c.lp is a real combo. Also c.mp causes enough advantage to connect another one if you are supper close or a walk forward c.lp. The fireballs added make it a lot easier to fully connect rolling attacks. I thought the chip at the end was a cute way to end the input early. Note that for some reason that only works in the left corner and causes the hk to do more damage then if it had hit.

http://a.imageshack.us/img825/2743/sf2rbtas.png http://img541.imageshack.us/i/sf2rbtas2.png/ http://img832.imageshack.us/i/sf2rbtas5.png/ http://img842.imageshack.us/i/sf2rbtas4.png/ http://img90.imageshack.us/i/sf2rbtas3.png/

special thanks T.Akiba, Nki, and WraithCo for frame data

Flygon: Added YouTube module.
Nach: Audience response for this was better than I expected. Accepting as first run for this particular hack.

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