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Submission #2865: jlun2's GBA Densetsu no Stafy in 06:34.6

Console: Game Boy Advance
Game name: Densetsu no Stafy
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Densetsu no Stafy (Japan).gba
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 06:34.6
FrameCount: 23676
Re-record count: 24975
Author's real name: Jesse Lun
Author's nickname: jlun2
Submitter: jlun2
Submitted at: 2010-10-09 13:51:19
Text last edited at: 2010-10-22 01:10:58
Text last edited by: Flygon
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)
Densetsu no Stafy is a Japanese game that features a cute little star named Starfy.

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: VBA22
  • Abuses glitches
  • Aims for fastest time
  • Takes damage to save time
  • Contains Speed/Entertainment trade-offs


Wow, finally, I'm done. This is the 8th version of the any% run, based on Tarby's run. The reason for taking so long was that I found out many tricks and glitches that could save alot of time that Tarby didn't know.

Stage by stage comments

Stage 2:

In order to get to this stage, I had to wait for the first demo to appear, then skip it. Starfy's X position must then be at 130, so when the second demo (the 2nd stage) starts, it'll desync and allow me to take control. I simply exit the stage and skip directly to the last stage.

Final Stage:

The final stage takes place in Starfy's palace/castle. I optimized Tarby's run of this place and had some fun during the auto-scroller.

Ogura 1:

This....This is the most painful boss battle ever. Not only does your position and his affect affect the battle, but also the rng. The rng is responsible for determining where he'll end up after taking damage, and our positions determine whether or not he'll retreat back to his own portal. Sorry for the lack of movement during this and the next two battles, as any input would've advanced the rng. I believe this could be improved, but I can't seem to as of now.

Ogura 2:

This is another hard battle. Starfy has an one-frame oppertunity to attack the boss immediately after reflecting the cannonball. Starafy's subpixel has to be very precise, or it'll fail. Which is why I didn't move much, I had to manipulate Starfy's subpixels, as if it's not correct, even if his position is correct, he'll just bounce back after reflecting.

Ogura 3:

I had to manipulate the boss into shooting beams at me, so I could avoid hitting his eyes twice. This however, means I take damage, but that's ok, as the last attack doesn't kill Starfy. I glitched the boss's graphics during the battle.

Tricks Used:

Faster Acceleration

Hold the direction you want to go for 1 frame before the A button to start swimming 1 frame faster.

Demo Glitch

During the first demo, skip it so that Starfy's Horizontal Position is 130. The second Demo should then desync, allowing players to take control afterwards. The glitch has the following side effects:
  • All methods of transport unlocked
  • All stages unlocked
  • Orange blocks can be broken
  • Ability to get tresure
  • Inability to complete picture book
  • Inability to complete 100% due to above

RNG Manipulation

Pressing any button will change the RNG, which in this run, affects the following:
  • Ogura 1's position after getting hit.
  • Ogura 3's next attack.

The R and L button should be used to advance the RNG, as they do nothing else ingame.

Recoil into Ogura 2

Usually, the battle with Ogura 2 requires Starfy to reflect cannonballs back into his mouth. This will also cause Starfy to recoil. But with subpixel manipulation, there is a one-frame opppertunity to get knocked into Ogura 2 the frame after you hit the cannonball, thus saving time.

Suicidal Ogura

Normally, Ogura will never retreat towards the purple portal he summons. But with careful positioning, you can trick him to doing so, which happens once in the run.

End Boss Battles Quicker

By placing Ogura into coordinates (128,96), the battle will end sooner.

Quicker Ogura 3

If Ogura 3 uses his beam attack, you can attack him as he is vulnerable.

Other comments

Special Thanks:

  • Tarby: For starting it all.
  • Gocha: For his list of memory addresses.
  • applepieman: For his contributions with his well played WIP.
  • Chamale: For his contributions with his well played WIP.
  • Everyone in the Starfy thread: For all their encouragement.

Suggested Screenshot: Frame 20424

Flygon: Added YouTube module.

Mukki: A nice first run of this game. I particularly enjoyed the autoscroller, which is a rare compliment from me. It's unfortunate that this is so boss-heavy as those battles don't do justice to the gameplay potential, perhaps we will get to see a more substantial run in future? In any case, it is great to finally have this series represented here. Accepting for publication.

Flygon: Processing...

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