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Submission #2943: DarkKobold's Arcade Michael Jackson's Moonwalker "3 Player" in 11:49.83

Console: Arcade
Game name: Michael Jackson's Moonwalker
Game version: bootleg
ROM filename: mwalkbl.zip
Branch: 3 Player
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:49.83
FrameCount: 42590
Re-record count: 4657
Author's real name: K. Thomson
Author's nickname: DarkKobold
Submitter: DarkKobold
Submitted at: 2010-12-19 05:22:41
Text last edited at: 2012-07-28 17:09:31
Text last edited by: NitroGenesis
Download: Download (24158 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - a 3 player arcade game, where you play either a white, red, or black Michael Jackson. If you have problems telling white MJ from black MJ, its ok, he couldn't tell the difference either.

About the Bootleg romset - Currently, the real version does not work in FBA; and it may never work in FBA. This means that my only option to TAS this was the bootleg rom. If FBA ever gets the real version working, I'd suggest it obsolete this version, regardless of time. As far as I can tell, the only difference between the bootleg and the real version is circles around the children.

Also, a warning to any encoders, youtube's Content ID system AUTOMATICALLY flags this video as containing copyrighted material. While they only say an advertisement may appear next to the video, it would possibly make your channel "impure" so host at your own risk.

Level 1 - Bad

This level is actually just the first part of Level 5, which is really dumb. Essentially, you start in the evil bosses lair, and then leave.

Level 2 - Smooth Criminal

This is my favorite level, as Smooth Criminal is my favorite MJ song. You'll also notice that MJ's outfit in the game comes from this music video. About the dancing - there is no audio in FBA in frame advance, and mz disabled slow down in FBAv5, so all dancing to music has to be done in real-time. Hence why it is difficult to do, and I rarely do it. That said, I had to dance to the refrain of Smooth Criminal.

Level 3 - Beat It

The dance kills enemies that would come out of the Alley, as well as the big machine. I also use the dance twice against the boss, to kill all of his turrets, which is faster than trying to fight all of them.

Level 4 - Another Part of Me

Yes, a graveyard level that doesn't have Thriller as the main theme. That drives me insane. Anyway, the dance in the first part of the level makes the helicopter go away faster, which allows me to enter the graveyard sooner. The zombies and such have pretty high health, so I have to line up shots to hit multiples. Also, note that I set the Red MJ up to dance on someone's grave.

Level 5 Bad

The final level, I try and play as much on the elevator as possible. Bad is a really hard song to dance to in a video game. Also, I use dances against the final boss, as it freezes him open during the dance, allowing me to do ~50 damage per dance, and taking him down in one round.

Credits Billie Jean

MJ can turn into a Jet! What can't the King of Pop do?

A Platform to Comment

I don't believe MJ was ever guilty of child molestation. Sure, he had some severe issues. However, he was forced into becoming a performer at the young age of 6. I think his strange obession with children was simply him attempting to recapture a lost youth.

Suggested Screenshot

Mukki: This seems to sync up for me. Judging...

Mukki: Viewer response seems particularly enthusiastic here and rightly so. This is an interesting, albeit very odd, run. Accepting for publication.

Mister Epic: I'm going to encode and publish as planned by DarkKobold and I. This is going to take some days.

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