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Submission #3024: arukAdo's PSX Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night "any%" in 13:58.27

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Castlevania - Symphony Of The Night
Game version: USA
ROM filename: SOTN.iso
Branch: any%
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 13:58.27
FrameCount: 50296
Re-record count: 43110
Author's real name: GAD
Author's nickname: arukAdo
Submitter: arukAdo
Submitted at: 2011-02-27 16:02:33
Text last edited at: 2011-11-07 07:59:35
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (15816 bytes)
Status: published
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Preinitialized memory card 1

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Block 1
  Name:         'CASTLEVANIA-1 X-X!V??Q 33%' Filename:     'DRAX00'
  Product Code: 'SLUS-00067'          Territory:    American
  Blocks Used:  1                     Bytes Used:   8192
  Status:       OK                    Icon:         3 frames
  Link Type:    First                 Next Block:   None
Author's comments and explanations:

Through glitches and things, I always win, 'Cause I am the wind


(Link to video)



Using sram enable the following:
-skip all dialogues, roughtly 4:57.
-meet the librarian, since we dont have to listen to its dialogue (over 30 sec normaly), allow to buy stuffs.
-avoid skiping richter with fancy stuffs, just crash trought with wolf and skip his dialogue instead navigating outside castle (several seconds saved)

Speed/Entertainment tradeoffs

The trade is simple, instead of using the wolf trick to access dracula im using boomerang trick, the librarian sell list is extremly shorter on first playtrought, im unsure if boomerangs are avaible directly, but since you would have to listen to the dialogue it doesnt work, you need sram to do that.
Each jump cost 6 boomerangs, each cost 1000$, in this run i manipulate (a lot) the books, they all drop me max money and i get 12'000$ total.
The wolf method takes approximativly 50 seconds overall, and most of that time is spent gathering the money.
The wolf run end 6 seconds faster real time, and is 2 seconds slower in game time, this difference is due mainly to extra menu access/level ups, you can watch it below.

(Link to video)

I think it is very reasonable to say the wolf version is less entertaining, i dont see how watching alucard going back and forth wolf for 50 seconds been more enjoyable.


On the first castle noticably i dont take the cube of zoe, but i drop a bunch of money from the wargs in the begin, then in library things are bit different due to gathering 10'000$ for boomerangs, in clock tower you need to be 28hp to big toss on the ghosts, so it isnt possible anymore, better big toss on flea armor.
Theres vaste improvements in the inverted castle over published movies, the big skull in inverted castle, faster manipulate black panther, drop king stone from imp (allow single cast of medusa on dracula along with better stats), faster manipulate on spectral sword, also its faster to use masamune on shaft.

klmz: Claimed for justice.

klmz: Delayed due to the author's request as well as the fact the author's on-going research on possible improvements. The deadline for this improvement is set on 27th April, 2011 (2011-04-27). Two months are more than enough, and this shall not happen again.

klmz: There was one major trade-off in this movie: to skip the two long sequences wolf-morph-elevation glitch with an alternative glitch that was slower in the end, which would have been even slower if the movie had not started from a predefined save (which rendered this movie impure). Entertainment value is subjective - and in some extense, so is the value of movie purity - but the audience buy that and this movie. Although there were some "known improvements", we have been living with them all along. Accepted as an improvement to the published "any%" movie while obsoleting it.
arukAdo: Im kindly asking the publisher to wait and publish this as 1796M, it was a motivation for me to get this number, as it correspond to the year events take place in the game, in order to avoid setting a precedent like "you can choose your number" we just waited, thanks for helping this movie getting a epic number !
Mister Epic: Waiting for 1795M, I will publish this afterward.
arukAdo: Theres seem to be 3 other runs in the workbench ready for publication, one more and you will be "ready", in order to avoid frustation, and since we all need some rest, maybe you could post the torrent already here and if your away when others publishers clear their runs it wont be a problem.

Mister Epic: I've already uploaded an SD encode to Archive, Dailymotion and RadioKJ.com (the latest is for another mirror), and I'll upload an HD encode for YouTube tonight.

arukAdo: Mister Epic is a epic publisher and made this movie even more epic since we really got the epic number, this was epic, good epic job and thanks so much!

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