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Submission #3270: Dark Noob's Genesis Mortal Kombat 1 in 11:34.65

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Mortal Kombat 1
Game version: any v1.0
ROM filename: Mortal Kombat (W) (REV 00) [!].bin
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:34.65
FrameCount: 41679
Re-record count: 1069
Author's real name: Milton
Author's nickname: Dark Noob
Submitter: Dark Noob
Submitted at: 2011-08-26 12:00:42
Text last edited at: 2011-12-27 05:51:16
Text last edited by: Ilari
Download: Download (3847 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:
hello staff TasVideos came here today to show you my SAT's a mortal kombat genesis(Mega Drive) my goal was to make one of the fastest times with many bugs, glitches and combos hope you enjoy.

Game objectives

  • Gens_11a
  • Player 1 to 6 buttons
  • playing the hardest level
  • I used 2 cheat enabled activating flag to fight reptile on the bridge
  • kombat blood used to activate the blood,a; b;a c; a, b, b
  • Abusing combos
  • Abusing bugs and glitches
  • Do not take any damage
  • Allow L + R / + U D - not
  • Allow background input - not
  • advanced frame skips frames lag - not


I abused a lot of combos and a bit of glitches and I hope you see like.

Stage by stage comments

  • Fight 1 (Joni cage)

Round 1 I started using a basic combo raiden showing their skills

Round 2 here the same thing just changed the last combo without leaving the cage joni fall.

  • Fight 2 (Kano)

Round 1 here was a goal of making long combos and faster.

Round 2 time to do more combos and a more exciting with a fatality fatality thrown to the ground.

  • Fight 3 (Liu Kang)

Round 1 here only managed to make a combo hit the first of 3 and after using the normal moves.

Round 2 done enough in this round combo without wasting time and without error.

Test your Might just a quick time.

  • Fight 4 (Scorpion)

Round 1 Here I started using the radius of raiden and then used a normal combo.

Round 2 here the following goal: to make the best out of combos as you can and as fast this time round to fight reptile.

  • Fight 5 (Reptile)

Round 1 here against the secret boss fight reptile with scorpion is the name of a palette of green scorpion and sub zero that allows you to use the ninja attacks scorpion and sub-zero in this round just doing the same thing over time combos and faster.

Round 2 same thing the first round with more possible combos and fatality times faster and buggy.

  • Fight 6 (Sub-zero)

Round 1 I did not exaggerated combos in this round but showed the normal skills that can be made with raiden.

Round 2 used here only combos that take more lives and faster gains.

  • Fight 7 (Sonia)

Round 1 much of this round exegerei raiden skills and made several combos.

Round 2 sonia jumped when I took here and did some different combos.

Test your Might no modification.

  • Fight 8 (Raiden mirror match)

Round 1 no change only the combos and the time

Round 2 here than I did raiden fatality and jumped in the corner so I jumped and I was giving punch and finished off with an uppercut.

  • Fight 9 (joni Cage and Kano)

Round 1 cheagou the endurance instead of fighting two players did the same thing I used various combos against the two is more harder and spend more time.

Round 2 nothing changed with various combos and fast times against joni Cage that just did less combos.

  • Fight 10 (Reptile and Cage joni)

Round 1 here reptile fought back with a partner more joni cage of a nasty bug that endurance and their attacks are uncontrolled could only do combos in reptile.

Round 2 strategy used here in two more opponents spending more time joni the cage or other oponenete Ugadi is more difficult to make combos on normal attacks so I was not suggesting he miutes even fatality is buggy.

  • Fight 11 (Liu Kang and Scorpion)

Round 1 this fight against Liu Kang was a bit harder he defended himself did not give me much space to do combos scorpion also was way too in the middle of the screen.

Round 2 liu kang here again I do not many chances to do the combos I've un scorpion buggy combo punches and then giving the push takes life and he is going backwards.

  • Fight 12 (Sub-Zeo and Sonia)

Round 1 here has given me to do a basic combo Sub-Zero but not giving me too many chances against Sonia the same normal.

Round 2 I did not do many combos in this round because I do not Sub-Zero's room for combos but normal attacks or spells on sonia did good combos but usually attacked.

  • Fight 13 (Goro)

Round 1 I started using combos here that derive much goro opponent loses life as a small and it is easier to do combos and win.

Round 2 Here I used a kind of jumping and giving strange combo punch because in only a small pesonagem in the corner to make this combo is heavier and Goro without using a lot of defense so it was easier to do this combo.

  • Final Fight (Shang Tsung)

Round 1 shang tsung this round trying to catch me with your fire and then morph becomes scorpion did only one time many combos faster.

Round 2 Here shang tsung raiden becomes not only was I intending to gain combos faster to make the final.

Good staff is so I hope you enjoyed and sorry for posategem great hope that is enough.

Other comments

If I remember correctly it was 2047, 4908, 5770, 13633, 22033, 27707.

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