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Submission #3307: was0x's SNES Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars in 2:28:26.17

Console: Super NES
Game name: Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Super Mario RPG - Legend of the Seven Stars (U) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 2:28:26.17
FrameCount: 534370
Re-record count: 34010
Author's real name: J.T
Author's nickname: was0x
Submitter: illayaya
Submitted at: 2011-09-29 05:48:23
Text last edited at: 2011-12-07 17:06:04
Text last edited by: Ilari
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
This run is faster 9843 frames than My previous run.

This emulator can be found here.


Bowser's Keep(1st time)~Mario's Pad


0 frames saved.(Total 0)

Mushroom Way

Better randomness against Hammer Bros.

1 frames saved.(1)

Mushroom Kingdom (1st time)

Skipped a flower from the shop basement and better camera angle when talking to outdoor Toad.

537 frames saved.(538)

Bandit's way

Get 1 flower from Box in Star area and better randomness against Croco.

23 frames slower.(515)

Mushroom Kingdom (2nd time)

Better movement, better randomness bodyguard's movement and lag reduction.

10 frames saved. (525)

Kero Sewers

Bad randomness Big Boo movements and against Belome either.

26 frames slower.(499)

Midas River

Using edge boosts.(Usually Mario's downward velocity in first waterfall section is 8. If you touch certain edge, Mario's velocity is 24 in 1 frame per one touch)

47 frames saved.(546)

Tadpole Pond (1st time)

Better camera angle when stepping on stone.

7 frames saved.(553)

Rose Way~Rose Town


0 frames saved.(553)

Forest Maze

Bad randomness against Bowyer.

1 frames slower.(552)


Better randomness against Croco and Punchinello, optimized the mine cart ride(1:51:38→1:51:33) and skipped buying Lucky Jewel.

870 frames saved.(1422)

Booster pass

Optimized movement.

6 frames saved.(1428)

Booster Tower

Optimized movement. Mario used Masher against Booster instead of one Rock Candy but I couldn't avoid to take Mushroom with good Masher randomness :(

Used Rock Candy instead of Lucky jewel in Knife Guy.

Character's level up is once (before was twice).

1264 frames saved.(2692)

Booster Hill

I got 15 flowers.(Actually, those flower don't matter anyway)

0 frames saved.(2692)


Better randomness against Bundt.

Used B button Defense instead of Lucky jewel.(This means to adjust turn and skip roulette)

542 frames saved.(3234)

Mushroom Kingdom (3rd time)

Optimized movement.

1 frame saved.(3235)

Tadpole Pond (2nd time)

Jumping on stone and Frogfucius house entrance made Tadpoles appear a bit fast.

9 frame saved.(3244)

Star Hill

Optimized movement.

8 frames saved.(3452)

Seaside Town (1st time)

Bought 2 Fire Bombs and Ice Bombs. Moreover, 2 extra Fright Bombs.

2 frames slower.(3450)


Skipped Star Box so no lever ups here.

1391 frames saved.(4641)

Sunken ship

Optimized inputting Password and remained Peach's armor(before was Work Pants) and equipped Zoom Shoes to Peach to be faster than Bowser.

Mario used Masher instead of Ice Bomb.

Used "Fire Bomb" and "Fright Bomb" instead of Rock Candy and Power Blast against Johnny. Characters' level ups were 5 (before were 7).

1413 frames saved.(6054)

Seaside Town (2nd time)

Bad randomness against Yaridovich.

Characters' level ups were 2 (before was 0).

Skipped selling Flower Jar and Box and skipped equipping weapon here.

241 frames slower.(5813)

Land's End (1st time)

Skipped using 400 coins star.

Used Fright Bomb instead of Power Blast and Lucky Jewel.

1211 frames saved.(7024)

Monstro Town


0 frames saved.(7024)

Land's End (2nd time)

Optimized Sergent Flutter's mission(7:10→5:55).

Waited 3 frames for manipulating enemy movement in Bean Balley

97 frames saved.(7121)

Bean Valley

Used Ice Bomb instead of Lucky Jewel against Mega Smilax.

830 frames saved.(7951)

Nimbus Land (1st time)

Optimized movement.

Bad randomness NPC and Birdo.

Used Rock Candy instead of Lucky Jewel against Valentina.

Characters' level up is once (before were 3).

927 frames saved.(8878)

Barrel Volcano

Skipped taking Exp from Corkpedite.

Used Ice Bomb instead of Lucky Jewel against Czar Dragon.

I have to take longer frames against Axem Rengers' breaker beam because even Mario can't stand it :(

1671 frames saved.(10549)

Nimbus Land (2nd time)

Optimized movement.

7 frame saved.(10556)

Bowser's Keep (2nd time)

Optimized movement.

Equipped Zoom Shoes to Geno to be faster Geno than Bowser.

Used Fright Bomb against MagiKoopa to beat in 2 turns and no Super Jump on Boomer. It turns out Super Jump isn't useful for TAS :p

Skipped using Lucky Jewel against Exor.

510 frames saved.(11066)


Re-equipped Zoom Shoes to Peach and no Super Jump against Count Down like Boomer.

I have to use 2 extra Rock Candy against Mad Adder due to low level.

Used B button Defense instead of Lucky Jewel against Mad Mallet and no Super Jump against Manager.

Due to low lever compared with before, I took long time against Mad Adder, Director and Smithy in particular.

1223 frames slower. (9843)

Thanks to

Omega & giangurgolo : The authors of LazyShell(This is the smrpg hacking tool). This made me very easier to plan future equipping and leveling.

Cyghfer : He's a one of top console runner of this game. I learned the usefulness of Fright Bomb and brought me the equip order idea and copied better Ball Solitaire movement.

OGA : He found the edge boosting in Midas Liver.

Mukki: Judging...

Mukki: Accepting as an improvement to the currently published run.

Velitha: Processing...

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