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Submission #3308: DarkKobold's DOS Mega Man in 02:23.55

Console: DOS
Game name: Mega Man
Game version: unknown
ROM filename: mm.exe
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 02:23.55
FrameCount: 8613
Re-record count: 2394
Author's real name: K. Thomson
Author's nickname: DarkKobold
Submitter: DarkKobold
Submitted at: 2011-09-30 05:37:03
Text last edited at: 2013-01-02 18:03:10
Text last edited by: Mothrayas
Download: Download (37423 bytes)
Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)

Mega Man PC - the single worst game of the entire Mega Man series. Designer, programmer, graphics and sound were all produced by one man, Stephen Rozner. Here is a TAS. I'm... sorry?

The Order

Sonic is weak to dyno, volt is weak to sonic, and dyno is weak to volt. However, Volt is the only boss I use another boss weapon against. Also, dyno's stage has ants that can't be killed without sonic's weapon, so Sonic first!

The glitches

Perhaps not a glitch, but bosses have no invulnerability - this means they die, very, very fast to any weapon. I found one useless glitch in Wily's stage. If you die at the same time as a boss- before the camera restores to being focused on Mega Man, the camera focus movement gets saved, and loaded when you come back to life- thus, you end up visually inside a wall, but the game plays as normal - the level graphics are just offset.

Image information

Type: HDD, 16 tracks, 16 sides, 63 sectors.

Files table:

Timestamp MD5 Size Name
19900101000000 e279105ded70975f48e6cd250f87b973 1691 /DREAM.DAT
19900101000000 655e6cd494f221a5d51a78f067ebd604 5851 /credits.sta
19900101000000 c542b80163c93425508cfa34ac202d1b 9057 /dyna.bin
19900101000000 2351d8ced157cb70da35c5220125876e 15755 /dyna.blk
19900101000000 023cf41dd0602c4ab1f608eadd6d1c6d 7547 /dyna.frm
19900101000000 f9d9292da48ba1e2ac25ff98e254ca30 4422 /dyna.scn
19900101000000 e3105cd357d5d7e5dfbb251ded531d02 13478 /logo.sta
19900101000000 7cfbf4cd4077094f871c4c8eddf36d0f 14044 /mega.frm
19900101000000 ff9071df5dce52e725ae4cd458989400 155524 /megaman.exe
19900101000000 672024254166e38c2fb010bba8ed5b7c 20349 /mm.exe
19900101000000 c19cad187c6a846a385f0480078d9fb3 10336 /pass.frm
19900101000000 b3fda9ea7ce20e2d46c46d96197b3393 1985 /secur.bin
19900101000000 514083e553e63b43494f2cece144a197 10249 /secur.blk
19900101000000 1f000c5e6d3dd6a6dead254c7c70f7fa 6335 /secur.frm
19900101000000 f8493c6458b1a50214a8fbf3afe21548 1145 /secur.scn
19900101000000 3ddc9803f3fcc69b8b063fb319c53a80 14907 /select.frm
19900101000000 0de5c35abae598e9eb67905af379693b 19911 /skull.sta
19900101000000 f032aaca80c216ba6b185cc215ad8678 8536 /sonic.bin
19900101000000 ed72ffe9c7f2f8ed1373f28162b1c037 23163 /sonic.blk
19900101000000 f9d0e6d379d092f3fa1085d36e8c3be2 7359 /sonic.frm
19900101000000 4ac393aaee5a76acee08d8326bba233c 10630 /sonic.scn
19900101000000 42139ecc80072d3fd6f6376ded5fbc46 10061 /volt.bin
19900101000000 617e5cf9c867f02ba524690cc3f4130a 29842 /volt.blk
19900101000000 f0807c48e61bf9da87265bcd96180a95 11262 /volt.frm
19900101000000 35a38e0c6c1a3b939784b9bbc7513a37 6845 /volt.scn
19900101000000 53bb187787911c73d25d5fc35a83fa1b 12810 /wiley.bin
19900101000000 1a7aec46f83b99080033c3eee2c5b218 26414 /wiley.blk
19900101000000 cc8e9c7406230111db7f5bbc73d2029b 21801 /wiley.frm
19900101000000 2ea9719aa54c256f8614d6368879145d 6047 /wiley.scn
19900101000000 44d094214f372051b3f3fa3836a1963d 16670 /wpnscn.sta

FractalFusion: This game is either not emulated correctly, or not speed-throttled correctly, or the AVI dump cannot be produced correctly. The only result is an unwatchable movie. Thus, rejecting.

adelikat: Unrejecting for reconsideration for publication to the Vault
Nach: Being quite familiar with this game both on a 3x86 16 MHz, and on much later CPUs, this game looks like it's emulated properly to me. The speed-throttling is left up to the user to decide. This seems to be a decent TAS. However the game is utter garbage.

Accepting for vault.

Ilari: Processing...

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