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Submission #331: FunkDOC's NES Wai Wai World in 34:24.33

Console: Nintendo Entertainment System
Game name: Wai Wai World
Game version: JPN
ROM filename: Wai Wai World (J).nes
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 34:24.33
FrameCount: 123860
Re-record count: 7946
Author's real name: Josh Ballard
Author's nickname: FunkDOC
Submitter: Josh the FunkDOC
Submitted at: 2004-09-22 02:31:19
Text last edited at: 2004-09-26 09:12:46
Text last edited by: Phil
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Hi all, this is the second version of my Wai Wai World timeattack, made with blip's FCE Ultra. FYI, this game is an action platformer starring Konami Man and Konami Girl; they must rescue the six heroes of Konami World, each of whom has been imprisoned in a level. After rescuing one of them, you can immediately use him. These heroes are...

1. Simon Belmont - I don't think this guy needs any introduction. =) His boomerang is an absolute MUST for a timeattack, as you will see in the movie.

2. Mikey - Star of the Goonies movie and games. Is needed to complete one of the stages, as only he can fit through certain passages.

3. King Kong - Konami made a Famicom game called King Kong 2. I don't know anything about it, other than that it was the inspiration for including this character and level. Anyway, his high jump is needed to complete one of the stages, he deals twice as much damage per hit as almost everyone else, and he is needed to perform this game's most significant glitch.

4. Getsufuu-Maden (a.k.a. Fuuma) - Title character in an excellent Famicom game which is quite similar to Zelda 2. He can break bricks with his normal and special weapons.

5. Goemon - The Mystical Ninja himself, known in Japan a long time before he finally reached American shores with Legend of the Mystical Ninja. He can open the boxes with question marks on them (these always contain large hearts), but is not special otherwise.

6. Moai - Most of you will recognize him as an enemy in the Gradius series, but this particular Moai (and his level) come from a FDS puzzle game called Moai-kun (thanks to Blitzwing256 for telling me about this). Very similar to Kong except that his normal attack is extremely slow (though it can break bricks), and he also has higher defense than the rest of the cast.

Other notes:

The character switching is performed with Up+A, and it is very similar to Bucky O'Hare (you can do it at any time). You switch between normal and special weapons by crouching and pressing A.

In order to complete a level, you must find the key (usually done by killing a boss), then use it to rescue the character in that level. Fuuma's stage does not have a key, as just killing the boss unlocks him.

Each of the first 6 levels except Kong's has a hidden exit teleporter. All of these are major timesavers, as backtracking to your starting teleporter is extremely long. Thanks to zim and Blitzwing256 for finding some of these!

I go out of my way to acquire five items which are not necessary to complete the game. Here is an explanation of why I got each of them...

1. Simon's boomerang - Saves mucho time vs. bosses, allows you to speed through levels without fear of dying.

2. Fuuma's shurikens - Major timesaver in Moai's stage. Without them, you would have to use his normal attack to break bricks. This is terribly slow, as you have to be right next to the bricks and slash them one at a time.

3. Cape (Fuuma's stage) - Allows Konami Man and Konami Girl to fly. Used solely to acquire the next item on the list...

4. ...the Gradius Power-Up! Found in Goemon's stage, this baby doubles everyone's attack power permanently. The benefits of this should be obvious to any gamer, especially considering that I only lose about 3 seconds at the most to get it.

5. Rice Ball - The healing item from Hi no Tori, found in Moai's stage. It automatically refills the lifebar of a character who runs out of it, but only once. It is actually not out of the way at all, and it allows me to focus on killing the last boss ASAP without worrying about death.

Now to explain the glitches I utilize in this run...the first two save time, the latter two are just for show.

- Squeeze Glitch: When going through tight passages with Mikey, you can squeeze through them and move forward quickly by switching to another character in the right spots. Only used in Kong's level, gives only a minor speed boost, but it looks cool. Thanks to Quietust for letting me know about this one!

- Wall Climb Glitch: When in the air and next to a wall, switch to Kong or Moai and you'll be stuck inside it. When you switch to another character, you'll jump again; repeat this process however many times you need to jump over the wall. This saves a bit of time in many areas and looks really cool to boot. Blitzwing256 gets my final shoutout in this writeup for telling me about this one.

- Stuck in the Floor Glitch: When you rescue Moai, switch to him as soon as you can and he'll be stuck in the floor for 2-3 frames. Wastes time, but it's a neat little thing I wanted to show off.

- Moai's Frozen Animation Glitch: Seen in the last level. When going down a staircase (maybe up as well, I'm not sure), perform his headbutt as you leave the room. When you enter the next room, he'll be stuck in his headbutt animation. This lasts until you attack with him.

All of these glitches are difficult to perform quickly, except for the last one.

Generally, in this run, my goal was speed first and foremost. I tried to avoid damage as much as possible while maintaining speed, and the end result looks highly impressive due to the difficulty of this game. It took much time and effort to manipulate enemies and item drops the way I did.

There are a couple occasions where I stop to avoid damage. See, there is a healing chamber in your starting area, but I avoid using it because it wastes a lot of time. Hence, these little stops are more than worth it.

One note on bosses: Kong is faster vs. the Moai boss, Simon for all of the others. This is because the Moai boss has a much smaller hitbox than the others and is very mobile, hence the boomerangs don't do all that much to him.

Oh, about the gambling in the Goonies stage...how it works is that you must decide whether the sum of the two dice will be odd or even. Each time you win, your bullet total is doubled (until you reach 1000, which is the maximum). Hence, I picked up exactly 125 bullets beforehand because that means you have to win gambling 3 times. This eats up some time, but far more than makes up for it by allowing you to abuse special weapons without having to stop and kill enemies.

After rescuing all the heroes, you go to a shooter stage which isn't emulated particularly well. All of this is pretty self-explanatory, except for the meteors that I fly through; these actually do not exist, I just do this to show how screwy the emulator is during this part.

After the shmupness, you head to the last level. Not much to say, except that I don't kill the giant flying alien creature because any attempt to do so slows you down in some way. And after killing the last boss, you have to wait for the countdown to begin before leaving his room; otherwise, the boss comes back to life and you have to kill him again.

That's pretty much it, hope you all enjoy this!


Phil: This game looks easy but I will publish it since there are some requests.

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