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Submission #3388: nitrogenesis's SNES Out of this World in 13:58.85

Console: Super NES
Game name: Out of this World
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Out of This World (U) [!].smc
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 13:58.85
FrameCount: 50331
Re-record count: 4232
Author's real name: ISD
Author's nickname: nitrogenesis
Submitter: NitroGenesis
Submitted at: 2011-12-04 21:30:05
Text last edited at: 2011-12-17 04:31:44
Text last edited by: ledauphinbenoit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
SNES adventure game completed 5203 frames faster then nitsuja's run.

Out of This World TAS by nitrogenesis

I started this run a bit ago when I saw the current TAS. I just did a longplay of the GBA port, and since the original is a 2005 run, I figured why not try to improve it.

Tricks and Glitches

  • In the level where you get the gun, you can pass through walls if you turn around and then quickly jump to the right. It's used to skip through a few walls that normally you have to wait for the friendly alien to open.
  • Sometimes if you skip killing a guard, other guards that would appear won't. This allows me to skip by one part of the game where you drop a green ball on one guard's head.


  • Discovered by Archanflel. Skipping the underwater section! nitsuja heads underwater to disable a laser alarm, but not me! I skip it completely. This saved a lot of time.
  • When you get pulled out of the pit by the friendly alien, he gets caught by some guards and you have to kill one off. nitsuja did this, but he forgot to get rid of the corpse. The friendy alien doesn't move until you get rid of the corpse, so I shoot it too.
  • Some lag is reduced by killing off guards. This game is very laggy so you can't get rid of it all.
  • The movement is better optimized.
  • Some shots are fired not as close to walls to avoid getting pushed back a bit.
  • Some packs of guards are killed faster.
  • After you fall down a pit near the end of the run, you can pull a lever to let a beast lose to kill the guards. nitsuja does but I don't. I make a quick shield and knock out the guards. It is faster to do this then pull the lever.

Possible Improvements

  • Finding a new glitch to avoid dying from heights would allow you to skip a good chunk of the run.

Thanks to nitsuja for his run and Archanfel for some shortcuts and help. Some stuff he said saved time, some didn't.

Enjoy the movie pals.

klmz: Good quality and audience feedback. Accepted as an improvement to the published movie.

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