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Submission #3418: x2poet's Arcade The King of Fighters 2001 in 07:12.25

Console: Arcade
Game name: The King of Fighters 2001
Game version: World
ROM filename: kof2001.zip
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 07:12.25
FrameCount: 25935
Re-record count: 21242
Author's real name: 陈卓
Author's nickname: x2poet
Submitter: x2poet
Submitted at: 2012-01-04 10:08:51
Text last edited at: 2012-02-15 13:44:31
Text last edited by: Dacicus
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:

(Link to video)


I have done a movie for kof2002,and I cannot show a superplay with it.Because in 2002,player has only 3 power gauge except for death,so it can only show the easy combo.

Now in 2001,the combos are more complex than other KOF games,even most of the combos need framework. You can get full power and show the best combos with any character in 2001. And this time I work on this game and have a try.


  • Manipulate Luck to select the random character(I can decide who I want with TAS)
  • Level-8 difficulty(the highest one)
  • playaround
  • Abusing Glitch what 2001 has only
  • Random Female Character

Main Idea

Some people suggested me use 2-player for showing glitches.I think glitches in 2001 is not better than others just like 97 98 2002. 2001 has very different system that you are able to hit with more chance just like what I show in KULA's play.


This character has only a simple combo,but using KING and XIANGFEI can make a full combo. I hope to use Ralf to support,but I fail.Ralf's support can only make some special charaters to hit just like BENIMARU.


This character can make a combo from the beginning to the AI down.So use IORI and WHIP to support her to delegate the combo.


I like this character the best in 2001 and 2002,it has changeable tactics and need frame work to complete the combo. Using MAI and XIANGFEI support the combo.You can only continue attack when MAI's support make 2 hits.the 3rd hit would make CPU down.But XIANGFEI can make the character up.So this combo can complete.


DAIMON and JOE.DAIMON can support for a long time,you can make 3 hit in this time and DAIMON can make CPU able to attack.


So sorry because LEONA cannot continue RALF's support.


ATHENA has not any combos herself.Only use some skills as Teleport and Phenix Sword to make the hitting smooth.With the support,end the last CPU.


AI manipulation to make the little boss stop movement.If this continue,the time will over and you win.But I don't want to waste a lot of time.So I only show few seconds.And then use the 2 characters MARY(Terry's wife) and ANDY(MAI's husband) from Fatal Fury supporting a combo.


I cannot show a big combo with supporting with no power gauge. So....... Is this the last boss?
Nach: I saw this was just sitting here for so long I'm going to judge it. Please please watch this and give comments.

Nach: I'm sorry on the long wait for a decision.

Initially I compared this run to the other fighting game TASs we've had recently, and this TAS did not measure up. But accurate judging isn't judging how good a run looks against some of the best and most popular runs on the site, but for the game itself, and against an average run on the site.

The run, while it had some repetitive moves in fights, did vary the characters used fight to fight, and they were enjoyable to watch. I'm sure it is possible to make a run for this game even more entertaining, but for a first run of a game, this was quite good. This run also had a spectacular fight in the end with a boss who is in normal play nearly invincible. Watching his AI get exploited, and combo'd to death was a pleasure to see.

The overall audience responses for this game was positive, therefore I'm accepting.

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