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Submission #3454: Bernka's PSX Mega Man X5 "X, 100%" in 59:10.1

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Mega Man X5
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Mega Man X5.bin
Branch: X, 100%
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 59:10.1
FrameCount: 213006
Re-record count: 43590
Author's real name:
Author's nickname: Bernka
Submitter: Bernka
Submitted at: 2012-02-10 01:28:25
Text last edited at: 2012-03-01 13:42:24
Text last edited by: Nach
Download: Download (19422 bytes)
Status: decision: rejected
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Author's comments and explanations:
After a month work,my first 100% run have finished!This run play as X,and he must collect all the items in his world.Will he succeed? In X5,There are some items such as armor parts, additional chips,life up,E tank,W tank,EX tank can get in some stage.But some items only X can get these items but Zero can’t.And choose X in intro stage,X could get a fourth armor right now.

Game Project

  • Aims for fastest
  • Takes damage and uses death to save time
  • Hardest difficulty (xtreme)
  • Gets most items in this game
  • Luck manipulate

About some setting in this game

All the boss has his level,when fight to him,the higher boss’ level,the longer boss’ health.Boss’ level depend on character’s rank and how many hours passed.When you play in each stage,no matter death or not,if you don’t continue or finish a stage,time will pass an hour.After finishing a stage,your character will get a rank.Only 8 boss have their additional chips,and must be 8 level or above,if you defeat such a boss,you can get no only life up or energy up item,but also additional chip.

About this run

This run plays in 59:10,choosing X as all the game process character.X is different from Zero,he is able to destroy more the enemy which obstruct him,but boss battle always spends longer time.

After intro stage,I also open the way access virus stage,fire cannon and let it succeed.

Virus stage has a lot of comment on,I may not describe too much.In virus stage 3(Boss is Zero),there is the most useful armor,called ultimate armor,help a lot in most of boss fight.I also die once to waste an hour,let 8 boss upgrade.This stage is the fastest to die.After defeating Zero,X’s rank is GA,got the ultimate armor from Dr. Light.

Now,all 8 boss are 9 level,I can go to 8 boss’ stage and get the chip items.I may select two kinds of additional chips,but only one kind can be created after two hours.Also I can obtain some devices of Enigma or Shuttle.But I don’t need them anymore.

Mattrex’s Stage

I come here at first,in order to get the Mattrex’s special weapon,Ground Fire.It is helpful on some enemy which weak point on ground.
  • Item:life up,arm parts G(clear)

Grizzly Slash’s Stage

Using Ground Fire to destroy trucks,and proceed with giga attack,take no delay hardly.Life up is on the spike,I have to die once.
  • Item:life up,leg parts F,E tank(clear)


No comment on him, just a bored guy.Also waste a hour.
  • No item obtain.
  • Additional chip complete:buster plus(Plus X’s buster attack,but is invalid for special weapon,it is useless to equip).

The Skiver’s Stage

There are some bombs,destroy them and the way will open.The rest area likes a lift,just stay on it.I do some action for fun.A armor part in somewhere,but I can’t touch it now,will come back later.
  • Item:life up,W tank
  • Additional chip complete:Hyper Dash(The most useful chip, speed up while dashing).
I equip with Hyper Dash.

Duff McWhalen’s Stage

Mid boss come at first,but I can’t destroy it right now.Proceed in the sea,just wait for its weak point appear.For to get the armor part,Duff McWhalen’s weapon is necessary.This setting is very annoying,I must come here again.
  • No item obtain.

Squid Adler’s Stage

X ride a Ride Chaser coming here,it seems very cool.He also puck up all the energy items along the way.These energy items can destroy a door,after the door open,X can get an armor part.After that,there are some shutters,but they couldn’t open unless attack the lock system until it compress completely.Will come here later to get life up.
  • Item:head parts F
  • Additional chip complete:Jumper(jump higher,is useful in some area)
I equip with Jumper.

Axle The Red’s Stage

Use Wing Spiral rise slowly beside spike,get the armor part above.Life up is behind some black boxes,but I can’t destroy them now,so will come again.
  • Item:leg parts G
  • Additional chip complete:W-energy Saver(save special weapon energy)


Defeat him and he will not come again.His weak point is Wing Spiral.
  • Additional chip complete:Quick Charge(charge faster)

Izzy Glow’s Stage

I take a bit damage to get EX tank,use a new trick.Take damage by pressing,be able to get through something such as spike board in this stage.Mid boss is 3 emitter,only the black one could be destroyed,I manipulate the black one under the others,let them rise up faster.
  • Item:life up,EX tank,arm parts F(clear)
  • Additional chip complete:Z-Saber Plus(plus Z’s attack)

Dark Dizzy's Stage

In order to get over a big hole,Wing Spiral is used a lot,and get E tank easily.Take press damage can get through some boxes,get life up with short delay.
  • Item:E tank,life up,head parts G(clear)
All 8 boss are defeated,I can quit at any time.These stage I must come again.

  • Duff McWhalen’s Stage again,get life up and body parts F.Falcon Armor is completed.
  • Additional chip complete:Burst Shot(Shot Charging attack needn’t Charge)
  • The Skiver’s Stage: Dress Falcon Armor.Get body parts G.Gaea Armor is completed.

Additional chip complete:Anti-Virus Guard(Reduce demage from virus)

  • Axle The Red’s Stage:Dress Gaea Armor,destroy black boxes,get life up.
  • Squid Adler’s Stage:Dress Gaea Armor,get life up.
All items are collected!

Final Stage

Boss Rush is in this stage.I have all the special weapon,but I wish not use weakness weapon on each boss,it take too much invincible time.Giga attack is also most useful in this part.Though I have a lot of health,but needn’t take damage at most time.

That’s all.

In-Game Status

  • Play time 27’59

Hunter Rank


Zero SA


  • Mothrayas’ "X,only" run.
  • Angerfist&Atma’s "All stage" run.
  • Zeroblaze777’s "X,100%" video on Youtube.
  • And you who read this text.
Hope you would like it XD.
Nach: This was a very nice run. As 100% is hard to define in this game as certain items are mutually exclusive, basing 100% on a certain characters makes sense. I approve of this branch, and accept this run as a first run for this branch.

FractalFusion: Placing on delayed because of this submission.

Nach: Rejecting, as this run is obsoleted by #3473: Bernka's PSX Mega Man X5 "max item collection" in 54:33.68. Please see my judgement there for more details.

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