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Submission #3537: arukAdo's PSX Castlevania - Symphony of the Night "E3 Version" in 11:58.82

Console: Sony PlayStation
Game name: Castlevania - Symphony of the Night
Game version: USA
ROM filename: SOTN.iso
Branch: E3 Version
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 11:58.82
FrameCount: 43129
Re-record count: 12207
Author's real name: GAD
Author's nickname: arukAdo
Submitter: arukAdo
Submitted at: 2012-04-01 10:24:32
Text last edited at: 2012-05-30 06:25:52
Text last edited by: arukAdo
Download: Download (8796 bytes)
Status: decision: cancelled
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Author's comments and explanations:


  • Introduce new kind of controversy; JAP acting over USA text to save time! (cutscenes arent skipable, even with sram)
  • Abuse Programming Errors
  • Takes Damage To Save Time
  • Manipulates Luck
  • Emulator used: psxjin (2.0.2)
  • Length:12:00.02 Frames:43129 Re-records:12007

(Link to video)

FractalFusion: Bit 5 of byte 0x0C was set, indicating hack use. Along with the plaintext format, it causes the site to flag many frames as hacked. To clear this, I have cleared bit 5 of byte 0x0C.

FractalFusion: Added branch "E3 Version".

FractalFusion: Judging.

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