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Submission #3685: SDR's Arcade Marvel vs. Capcom "Playaround" in 25:37.7

Console: Arcade
Game name: Marvel vs. Capcom
Game version: Europe
ROM filename: mvsc
Branch: Playaround
Emulator: FBA.0.0.2
Movie length: 25:37.7
FrameCount: 92262
Re-record count: 108108
Author's real name: DavidPaz
Author's nickname: SDR
Submitter: SDR
Submitted at: 2012-08-29 07:17:12
Text last edited at: 2012-11-05 12:58:25
Text last edited by: feos
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Marvel vs Capcom released in 1998 for Arcade, 1999 dreamcast and 2000 Playstation titled like Marvel vs Capcom EX edition. This is a continuation of the versus series, however this game brought innovations the ability to summon assist characters and the duo team attack that it allows a player to control both characters on his or her team simultaneously for a brief period of time. The point character of a Marvel vs. Capcom team is an assist character that can be randomly selected before the match began. This character can be summoned a limited number of times in battle to attack the your enemy . With all this feature the game became quite popular between several countries and did and do until today many people take your time with this game. This is the scale of the series versus: 1st X-men vs. Street fighter(1996), 2nd Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter(1997) and Marvel Capcom(1998).

Game objectives

  • Emulator used: Emulator : FBA.0.0.2
  • Game: Marvel vs Capcom(Europe 980112)
  • Player: 1p and 2p
  • Level: Expert
  • Fighters: Normal and secret (Not them all)
  • Stuff: Funny situation glitches and tricks
  • Combos: all levels until limit

I really liked to work in this because this game has a lot variety compared with previous series. I had trouble with desyncs during the all run, it was around 7 to 9 desyncs on each fight. I looked to explore this game with my knowlege to respect of tricks and glitches during each fighting to offer a good run.. In this my run I also looked not stay tied in combos, instead, I was looking for action and constancy during the matches and dedicated more combos versus CPU. I don't used Roll and StriderH. Roll hasn't many variety in your moves there's weak combos and your super combos are similar to the megaman one. Strider Hiryle has nice super and moves and your combos can reach infinite on the corner screen, however, the run there are matches enough, if i were add more a match could be boring watching it. In all the matches, I added some sort of glitch or trick so, if were more one I would have repeat tricks and to avoid repetition, I prefered finished all the sequence match on Chun li and Spiderman vs megaman/war machine. Note: I selected 2x spiderman and 3x venon, simply because this 2 fighters are really glitchy in this game, both char you can to do the glitch called " webglitch" that it happens when you hit the your enemy with a some projectile like "web" and before covered the opponent with this wed just hit in this moment, so you'll get add some move during this moment and the game will give different response. This run arose here: http://mktascommunity.foromotion.net/t9-marvel-vs-capcom-arc


Captain Command throw 100% I was looking in all the fighters a throw that could bring some 100%, similar to the zangief fatal throw on SF2WW game. Well I did a lot attempts and found the same behavior using the CC. The grab the enemy and is lethal. you need to throw you enemy with MK or HK, and using the frame advance do several times this sequence: back+lk,mk and back+hk . If you follow this sequence the captain command won't release your enemy

combo trick: limit the stage This trick is used by the combomakers. you can freeze the stage for you have various points for add more combos only on a screen or part stage... this trick make you move to forward or back without the stage continue. It's very cheap do it. you need just block a super of the your enemy then add a combo on your enemy. If during the combo you travel by side to side, the stage won't give continuity.. so, you'll can add a lot combo. But if you stop of do the trick will be canceled and the stage will give continuity.

Rockman/megaman tricks.. Normally you need let charging your buster about 35s to that when you release it the your opponent will take a damange about 24 hit combo (which more you charging the buster more hit the your enemy will take it). Wel, now if you have been defeated by the web glitch, the game will take it to a charging "infinite", thus allowing it a 100% combo with mega buster.

Hulk rock unbreakable trick: You need of a dual assistance, does a web gltich then with Ryu(Evil ryu form) shun goku tatsu and in the same moment make the gamma crush, the result is the rock never will break.

Well this is more a work and I hope you come to like. That's all

Nach: This TAS was superb. There were plenty of negative comments regarding how the TAS could be better, but despite that, almost everyone with a negative comment still voted yes. Therefore, I am accepting as a first run for this game.
natt: processing

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