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Submission #371: nifboy's Genesis Flashback in 23:54.57

Console: Sega Genesis
Game name: Flashback
Game version: USA
ROM filename: Flashback - The Quest for Identity (U) [!]
Emulator: (unknown)
Movie length: 23:54.57
FrameCount: 86074
Re-record count: 3580
Author's real name: Stephen Kalb
Author's nickname: nifboy
Submitter: nifboy
Submitted at: 2004-10-17 04:56:20
Text last edited at: 2004-10-22 07:35:36
Text last edited by: Bisqwit
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Status: published
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Author's comments and explanations:
Flashback is a lot like a sci-fi Prince of Persia, only the controls don't make you want to throw yourself off a cliff. Poor Conrad takes a few blows to the head and rolls around more than a hedgehog, but he gets to bypass much of the game with his magical ability to walk through walls. That doesn't let him completely off the hook, though: He still has to hunt down the credits to buy his way to the second and third levels, and can't do the missions in level 2 out of order. Additionally, enemies have a nasty habit of hitting Conrad when he's trying to walk through a wall, so they have to be dealt with.

Emulator used: Gens v.9


The game screen is divided into sixteen steps, so I don't have to do any pixel-perfect maneuvering. However, there are a lot of options for getting from point A to point B, so I wound up measuring the number of frames it takes to perform a majority of the moves in the game, and used that as a basis for planning the majority of my movement.

Bisqwit: Well explained enough :) Processing this movie.

Bisqwit: Done.

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